Number Crunching 2015 So Far…….


Somehow we are already over half way through 2015, and find ourselves heading fast toward Glasgow World Championships in October. Selection for world championships is already in progress, as the criteria set out by British Gymnastics states:

The Nomination Panel will take into consideration all performances at International Competitions / BG National competitions / controls / trials and training sessions during the period 28th March – 13th September 2015.
The following trials will also be taken into consideration:
a) World’s Trial – 22/23 August 2015 (Lilleshall)
b) World’s Trial – 29/30 August 2015 (TBC)

The team for Worlds will consist of six gymnasts working a 6-5-4 format for qualification. That’s six in the team, five competing each piece, four scores to count. For team finals, the format is three up, three to count.

I thought it might be interesting to look at the top six highest scoring GB senior gymnasts on each piece and AA so far this year as they head into the main selection period. Initially I thought of averaging scores throughout the year on each piece as well, but it wouldn’t give a very accurate reflection given how varied in number the amount of competitions have been between the gymnasts, for example Tyesha Mattis has competed three rounds of competition in total, and Kelly Simm has competed over ten.  Of course as well as taking into account that some have competed more than others, it must be considered that  Rebecca Tunney and Ruby Harrold have not competed at all, and that we have only seen Tyesha Mattis back on two pieces so far, whereas she will intend to be back on all four. Others are getting stronger as the year progresses, upgrading D scores, and polishing routines for higher E scores. In addition, different competitions produce different levels of scoring of course, but the results do still make for interesting reading.


1. Ellie Downie 14.933 Euros  QF

2. Amy Tinkler 14.85  British Championships AA

3. Claudia Fragapane 14.80 British Championships AA

4. Kelly Simm 14.533 Universiade EF VT 1

5. Raer Theaker 14.10 British Championships EF VT 1

6. Lisa Mason 13.950 English Championships


1. Becky Downie 15.233 Euros EF

2. Tyesha Mattis 14.40 British EF

3. Kelly Simm 14.266 Baku AA

4. Ellie Downie 14.233 Euros AA

5. Charlie Fellows 13.80 FIT Challenge

6. Jade Stedford 13.750 British Championships AA


1. Tyesha Mattis 14.40 British Championships EF

2. Becky Downie 14.30 Euros EF

3. Claudia Fragapane 14.166 Euros EF

4. Ellie Downie 13.891 Euros QF

5. Kelly Simm 13.866 Universiade AA

6. Georgie Hockenhull 13.833 Baku QF


1. Claudia Fragapane 14.90 British Championships EF

2. Amy Tinkler 14.450 British Championships EF

3. Lisa Mason 14.20 british Championships AA

4. Kelly Simm 14.10 FIT Challenge

5. Ellie Downie 13.666 Euros AA

6. Angel Romaeo 13.65 British Championships AA


1. Amy Tinkler 56.65 British Championships

2. Ellie Downie 56.623 Euros AA

3. Kelly Simm 56.332 Gwangju AA

4. Claudia Fragapane 55.550 British Championships AA

5. Angel Romaeo 53.10 British Championships AA

6. Raer Theaker 52.95 British Championships AA

Looking at how many places they take in the top six positions over the events they have contested It would come as little surprise to followers of British Gymnastics that going by scores, Kelly Simm (5/5) , Becky Downie( 2/2), Ellie Downie (5/5), Tyesha Mattis (2/2), Claudia Fragapane (4/5),  and Amy Tinkler (3/5) have been the most successful. The  performance targets for worlds are:

Team final

Two in the top 24 AA final

1-2 apparatus finals

One medal

These six gymnasts have also been the most successful in terms of results, and would be the obvious choice to fill the six places on the world team should all  remain healthy.

There’s a long way to go, a lot of competing and trialling to be done, and a lot can happen in a few months. The British ladies scores are climbing, we’ve had one score go into the true peak of world class 15+ range this year, and a couple come very very close.

The reserve spot is wide open, and of course should any unfortunate injuries occur, or anyone not be hitting in trials and squads, any team spot could become wide open. Who will go will factor on which gymnasts fit best into the team in terms of boosting scores. A strong  floor and vaulter who could also contribute on bars in qualifying would fit well here with the six who are likely to be chosen, although reliable beam workers are always a huge asset. Will Rebecca Tunney be fully recovered from her injuries? Could we see the return of Lisa Mason to the highest level of competition?  Both could fit this scenario to mention just two. Really the strongest all rounder will be the biggest asset, although should Tyesha Mattis fully recover, and be back on all four pieces, the dynamic changes as she will also likely slot into the top six floor, vault, and AA.

Lets hope for a healthy, productive period for all the gymnasts as they prepare to fight for places on the world team.The road to Rio really does start now.