Junior International GB – Italy – Germany – Brazil



Today saw a team of Great Britain’s juniors take on Italy, Germany, and Brazil at  in a four way international held at  Pipers Vale Ipswitch. The team consisted of most of the nation’s top juniors, and was another outing to hone routines before EYOF at the end of the month. No official announcement has been made as yet as to the EYOF team, earlier this week an online article  (http://www.kentonline.co.uk/gravesend/news/teenage-gymnast-selected-for-european-39783/ ) named Georgia Mae Fenton, and on the same day Liverpool Gymnastics Club announced Lucy Stanhope’s selection. No confirmation on the third team member as yet, but the official full team announcement from British gymnastics won’t be long.

Today the team consisted of:

Georgia Mae Fenton – East London

Lucy Stanhope – City of Liverpool

Alice Kinsella – Park Wrekin

Maisie Methuen – Phoenix

Latalia Bevan –  St. Tydfils

Abi Solari – The Acadamy

In a very tight competition, the British girls did fantastically well to edge out the German team and take the gold medal, with Italy taking the bronze.

 1   GBR – 212.500

 2   GER – 212.150

 3   ITA     – 211.800

 4   BRA – 208.250

In the Individual competition Georgia finished 3rd overall with with strong scores on bars and beam also placing her first and second on those pieces. 13.95 on both bars and beam today also would have placed her in top 6 senior scores so far this year.

Beam started with a beautiful valdez-flick-layout, followed by a section of Georgia’s trademark beautifully presented intricate choreography. Free walkover-W jump, a Y spin showing excellent range, then another lovely section of flowing dance to fulfill the sideways movement requirement. Double spin which she bought under control well after a wobble, change leap-sissone, and a free cartwheel all completed with excellent form. Double twist to finish, without the wobble this would have been a routine scoring over 14 such is the precision and quality in Georgia’s work.

On vault Georgia performed her straight Yurchenko well for 12.65. On floor she had a control issue coming out of the lovely Memmel spin which opens her routine, then little trouble with her landing on her first two tumbles under rotation on the double tuck causing her to pitch forward, and ever so slight under rotation, but plenty of momentum on her front double twist causing her bounce forward in the direction she would have continued twisting. As ever, lovely leaps with great extension and hit positions, as well as attention on presentation and performance throughout the whole routine.

Latalia Bevan placed  =8th in the AA competition, taking 4th place on beam, and 9th on floor. Excellent split full to open, then tumbling a high stuck double pike with just a little low chest on landing. Handspring front full, not as difficult as she has been here, as she has used the back two and a half, but well performed.  Oh, fouettes, how Pokopayeva! Latalia is a beautiful dancer, a really calm, soft, fluid style which draws you in as opposed to emoting outward, very effective. One and a half to punch front, and finishing with a double twist. No Memmel turn today, just the single, but there is a huge amount of impressive work here. For me when you see a gymnast performing their skills optimally E score wise, especially tumbling with legs absolutely locked together throughout, it is far more impressive than a gymnast going for higher difficulty with a myriad of minor form faults cancelling out the D score. Latalia’s middle tumble was a perfect example of this.

On beam Latalia shows the same calm, fluid style. Opening with a change leap to ring leap (maybe with the front leg a little low, it’s hard to tell on the video.), she follows with an beautifully smooth free cartwheel flick flick. A good attempt at the switch ring, and a nearly flawless double spin, free walkover which looks like she intends to connect to the split leap-sissone, but not quite coming off today. Just before her dismount, a really nice shallow Y scale through range into a Penche arabesque, not hugely difficult, but very effective. Double twist to finish, great routine from this first year junior.

Alice Kinsella placed =8th with Latalia, 6th on vault, and 7th on bars. On floor she was a little short on her opening double pike having not strongly set it on take off, but tumbled well through the one and a half to double twist. It was great to see her really control the Memmel turn in to back spin, and the two and a half twist was well round, just the pace needed on landing. Alice could do with a little more attack on her leaps, she has the range there and the power, but doesn’t lift through the foot on the floor meaning she doesn’t have the time in the air she needs to hit full position. Often when gymnasts are tiny they can hit the leaps they need, when they grow, and more difficult leaps are required, it is sometimes necessary to go back through technique to get them really lifting. There are some nice choreographic touches to this routine, but perhaps Alice didn’t sell it quite as much today as she has in the past, most notably at the school games. Still, a steady routine in general, with no major issues.

On beam Alice mounts with the flick to chest stand, debuted by Natasha Nolan of Dynamo many years ago, but becoming very popular now. Alice almost got through her double spin, just losing alignment as she slowed the rotation causing her to wobble and need to grab the apparatus to stay on, but she absolutely wasn’t coming off! A nice split leap to change leap, a little under split, but steady and well flowing. Good free cartwheel, and then flick flick layout where it might be the angle, but she looked off on the second flick, and if so, did hugely well to bring the layout in line and land firmly. Free walkover, then switch half with again the same  issue with hitting the split position. The two and a half dismount was a bit off to the side from take off, but nevertheless well performed, and well rotated. Double spin aside, Alice is a strong solid beam worker.

Alice has a nice swing on bars, she opens with a good toe on half into a Jaeger caught fully stretched. A bit late on the toe full today, but a great shoot half landing right in handstand. I particularly like how neutral her head stays in her longswings, so fundamental to good bar work, but so often overlooked. Double straight to finish, there is a lot of potential here.

Maisie Methuen finished in 11th place AA, largely due to two falls on beam which would otherwise seen her place much higher. Hugely promising on this piece, Maisie started with a change leg-sissone, then fought for the landing on her flick layout layout. For a first year junior this is a big combination, and Maisie performs it with great form and amplitude.  Free walkover with a little pause before the sheep jump, a bit of work needed on form on the jump to minimise deductions. Change leg to side, then a dropped shoulder on the front somi taking her off the beam. The new double pike dismount didn’t come off today, but this is very impressive work for a gymnast that doesn’t turn senior till 2017.

On bars Maisie does a lovely flighted toe on shap, and a big Tkatchev. Other than the shoot half where she hits handstand well, there are a few short handstands through the routine. She finished with a good blind in, fwd giant to a late top out, but then an excellent giant full. Stuck full out to finish, room for improvement in a few areas form wise, but improving with each outing.

Maisie has an excellent block on vault, lifting high into her new pike front half first vault, and pike front second vault. Her sixth place finish well deserved here.

On floor, Maisie continues to grow into her new routine, there are parts you feel she is really comfortable with and the natural performance is there, and parts that are still coming, and she is still thinking through the dance. Her leaps are excellent, strong technique,hit positions, excellent form, and completely under control. Superb handspring straight front double twist, handspring full twist to stag jump, and a high double pike to end complete her tumbles, and I suspect we shall be seeing an upgrade to the opening double tuck first tumble reasonably soon.

Lucy Stanhope placed 15th AA.  On beam she opens with an impressive full twisting flick, then continues with a flick layout layout. Unfortunately today the first layout was offline meaning the second took her away from the beam. Another junior with this strong combination though.  A wobble on the free walkover, then into the change to change 1/4 which didn’t hit position, but was well held. Good attempt at the switch ring, and finishing with flick to one, flick to two, one and a half twist which was very well executed. Not everything went hr way on this piece today, but Lucy is a very good beam worker in the making.

With a high, stretched, well flighted full twisting Yurchenko Lucy vaulted into second place on this piece.

Abi Solairi finished 17th AA. At the moment only her bars are available, where she opens with an impressive  toe on shap into uprise to  clear circle to handstand, then into a Tkatchev.  Abi hits her handstands very well throughout the routine, and finishes with a really high well performed double front.

Well done girls. great results.

Full results:

Individual AA Rankings:

  1    54.600 – Martina Maggio (ITA)

  2    53.600 – Rebecca Matzon (GER)

  3    53.300 – Georgia-Mae Fenton (GBR)

  4    52.850 – Carolyne Mercer (BRA)

  5    52.450 – Sara Berardinelli (ITA)

  6    52.250 – Carina Kroell (GER)

  7    52.200 – Tabea Alt (GER)

  8=  52.000 – Latalia Bevan (GBR)

  8=  52.000 – Alice Kinsella (GBR)

10    51.700 – Francesca Noemi Linari (ITA)

11    51.550 – Maisie Methuen (GBR)

12    51.150 – Lina Philipp (GER)

13    51.100 – Thais Fidelis (BRA)

14    51.050 – Desiree Carofiglio (ITA)

15=  50.900 – Karoline Carniero (BRA)

15=  50.900 – Lucy Stanhope (GBR)

17    50.300 – Abigail Solari (GBR)

18    49.800 – Nicole Simonato (ITA)

19    49.600 – Caterina Cerechetti (ITA)

20    49.150 – Vitoria Custodio (BRA)

21    49.050 – Letícia Dias Gonçalves (BRA)

22    49.000 – Luana Silva (BRA)

23    47.200 – Amelie Foellinger (GER)

24    24.800 – Florine Harder (GER)


  1    14.050 – Martina Maggio (ITA)

  2    14.000 – Lucy Stanhope (GBR)

  3    13.950 – Carolyne Mercer (BRA)

  4=  13.900 – Desiree Carofiglio (ITA)

  4=  13.900 – Tabea Alt (GER)

  6=  13.750 – Francesca Noemi Linari (ITA)

  6=  13.750 – Thais Fidelis (BRA)

  6=  13.750 – Alice Kinsella (GBR)

  6=  13.750 – Maisie Methuen (GBR)

10    13.600 – Abigail Solari (GBR)


  1=  13.950 – Georgia-Mae Fenton (GBR)

  1=  13.950 – Rebecca Matzon (GER)

  3    13.700 – Florine Harder (GER)

  4    13.650 – Martina Maggio (ITA)

  5    13.450 – Carina Kroell (GER)

  6    13.350 – Carolyne Mercer (BRA)

  7=  13.300 – Desiree Carofiglio (ITA)

  7=  13.300 – Alice Kinsella (GBR)

  9    13.200 – Maisie Methuen (GBR)

10    12.950 – Sara Berardinelli (ITA)


  1    14.100 – Tabea Alt (GER)

  2    13.950 – Georgia-Mae Fenton (GBR)

  3    13.750 – Thais Fidelis (BRA)

  4    13.600 – Latalia Bevan (GBR)

  5    13.500 – Rebecca Matzon (GER)

  6=  13.450 – Lina Philipp (GER)

  6=  13.450 – Martina Maggio (ITA)

  8=  13.250 – Sara Berardinelli (ITA)

  8=  13.250 – Carolyne Mercer (BRA)

10    13.200 – Karoline Carniero (BRA)


  1    13.750 – Thais Fidelis (BRA)

  2    13.450 – Martina Maggio (ITA)

  3    13.350 – Nicole Simonato (ITA)

  4    13.300 – Francesca Noemi Linari (ITA)

  5    13.200 – Rebecca Matzon (GER)

  6    13.100 – Carina Kroell (GER)

  7    13.050 – Desiree Carofiglio (ITA)

  8    13.000 – Sara Berardinelli (ITA)

  9=  12.950 – Karoline Carniero (BRA)

  9=  12.950 – Latalia Bevan (GBR)


Photo courtesy of Lorraine Atkinson.