EYOF 2015: Qualification/Team Final Results and Video


Great Britain’s young team of Georgia Mae Fenton, Lucy Stanhope, and Maisie Methuen had a mixed first day in Georgia, some great performances, and some errors, but overall enough to finish the day in 7th place behind Russia, Belgium, Germany,   Romania, Italy, and France. Although today acted as qualification and team final, with no separate team competition, 7th place is still a team final place, so much to be proud of. Full team results can be found here:

Click to access GAW499900_C73B_1.0.pdf

The girls scored as follows:

  VT 1       VT2                      UB                 BB           FX             AA

Georgia:       12.40                                  13.20             12.30      13.40       51.30

Lucy:            13.850    12.40                   12.20             12.90       12.70       51.650

Maisie:         13.350     13.70                  12.35             13.70       13.00       52.40

There are a few videos available, and Albert from the All Around was live tweeting comments on routines. From the information we have, Georgia had a fall on beam, and her Yurchenko was downgraded from a straight to a pike, she also missed her shoot half to toe shoot connection on bars. Lucy had a big wobble on beam, trouble on her second vault, some short handstands, and late turns on bars, and some landing issues on floor. Maisie had a little trouble on her double pike on floor, but otherwise a good day, she changed her beam dismount back to a front full today.

Lucy and Maisie advance to the AA final, both girls can up their scores, but Lucy in particular has the opportunity to add a considerable amount to her AA total. Maisie qualified to both beam and vault finals, on beam she competed one of the lower D scores, but the second highest E score so excellent clean gymnastics, and the potential to up the D score should she go with the new  double pike dismount there.

Georgia Bars

Lucy Vault

Lucy Bars

Maisie Vault

Maisie Bars

Maisie Beam