2015 School Games Report and Videos Beam Finals


Wales claimed another gold medal in the second half of the apparatus finals, with Maisie Methuen giving another quality beam display to take the title. Maisie showed yet again that she is a stylish, confident and reliable beam worker under the pressure of finals, light in her choreography and leaps, and dymamic in acro skills. She fought well to minimise the loss of balance after her flick layout layout, and the switch ring although not quite there yet at least on the angle of the video, is getting a lot closer,  and is performed with confidence. Maisie works so cleanly, the only real form break came on the new Onodi which perhaps just needs a little more attack and confidence in competition. Full twisting straight front dismount, I imagine we will see the double pike back for her second year as a junior. 13.90, so a completely clean routine would have scored very highly for a gymnast of her age, and another medal to add to her growing collection from beam finals .

Latalia Bevan took the silver with another routine filled with great lines and quality work. I have missed her opening leap series, but as you can see she just lost of balance at the end a little to bring under control. Lovely free cartwheel flick, Latalia has been competing two flicks in this series, but just the one at this championships. I wonder whether it will become a layout, and then two layouts in time. Nice switch ring, getting the foot over the head, and a confident secure double spin. A beautiful floated free walkover into split jump sissone, one and a half twist dismount with a step forward to finish. Like Maise, Latalia works calmly, fluidly,  and confidently on this piece which results in a whole routine performance as opposed to the stop start tentative work we can often see. I was sad not to see the beautiful Y scale through to Penche arabesque, and hope she brings it back as it’s a unique touch to a lovely routine. 13.55 for Latalia, and an interesting 0.5 difference in E score between two of the judges.

Anna Gibson claimed a bronze for Scotland with the highest E score of the day. This young gymnast is still gaining in performance confidence, and there were a fair few pauses, and lack of flow through the routine, but that will come, and her work is full of potential. Great positions on her leaps, and all of her acro has height, attack, good technique, and form. Flick layout, back tuck, free walkover, and a one and a half twist dismount all completed solidly. I will be watching out for Anna especially on this piece at her first Espoir Championships later in the year. 13.050 from one of the lower start values, and a result to be very proud of.

Sophie Scott opened with a nice forward roll pausing in shoulder stand on the end of the beam, she worked through a great first length with change leg to sheep jump very well executed, then a high standing tuck landed bolt upright. Sophie moves confidently along the beam, and has a great range of movement in her work. She has a lovely flick flick layout, smoother and slower that I expected from such a dynamic gymnast, a lovely floating technique. Sophie came out of her free walkover a little flat, but kept the movement going, then had quite a big wobble on her front somi winch did well to hold on to. Change to ring, and a one and a half dismount finished a good routine, 12.70 and 4th place for Sophie.

Jolie Ruckley had a bit of trouble hitting her positions on her opening leaps, particularly the switch half. She then performed a lovely flick layout, and a good attempt at the change ring, but not getting the position she needed to get credited. A beautiful free walkover split jump sissone series, then Jolie fought really well to keep the free cartwheel on the beam. One and a half dismount, and again a routine with great lines from the young Welsh gymnast, just needing that bit more experience her older compatriots have in order to really flow through her routine with confidence. 12.70 and 5th place.

Casey Jo Bell also didn’t quite hit her positions on her opening leaps, but she did then hit her standing pike, with just the small leg lift and the end which she handled well to stop it turning into a larger wobble. A good flick layout, which was high and straight, but could have done with a little more authority on landing, as it was there, and could have been soild. Casey had her lead leg a little low in her switch half, and again didn’t attack the landing. Also the same softness on landing the front somi which was high and inline till the end where she just dropped her shoulder.  A good high double tuck dismount to finish though, 12.6 with a lot of room for higher E scores when the landings are under control.

Laura Jane Core had a few pauses on her press to handstand for the judges to get started on,  then had trouble landing her change leg, and needed to pause to regain balance before going into the split jump W. The W jump might have been added for requirement, but Laura did have a few issues hitting her positions on her leaps. A well performed and solid flick layout was much better, then safely through the high back tuck. A solid change quarter, again not quite getting the positions, but well landed, and a tidy full twist to finish. 12.00 Very well performed acro, just some work to do on the leaps for Laura.

Megan Parker is a beam worker who you want to do really well. Beautiful extension, clean lines, sharp leaps with shoulders down, and arms hitting position, strong acro with impeccable form. Flowing intricate choreography with excellent carriage, and soft arm and hand movements, the whole package is there. Today unfortunately the flick layout layout acro series came off the beam, and Megan took the 1.0 for the fall, but also 0.5 from her D score meaning she finished way down. I’m a bit confused as to where the 0.5 came, it suggests she wasn’t awarded a requirement, and the only one there was an error  on was the acro series, but her feet went on. and the rules say that to be awarded DV the feet must land in the prescribed position.  Perhaps they were harsh on her and decided not solidly enough as she was still moving, but whatever it was, there is still much to enjoy in this routine, and will will see Megan back winning medals on this piece with her beautiful work.