World Trials Continue, British teams Day 2, Bill McLoughlin National Apparatus Team Championships, Compulsory 2 &1 Retakes

Day two of the action at Fenton Manor Sports Complex saw Many of the GB senior and Junior Internationals return for the Apparatus Team Championships. In this competition the gymnasts compete for their regions as opposed to clubs, with regions being able to enter as many teams as they wish. Most regions enter a single team, this year, North West opted to enter two.
The youngest gymnasts must turn twelve in the year of the competition in order to be eligible to compete.

The structure of the competition is as follows:
5 in a team, (1 to work on each piece of apparatus) plus one reserve
Each team has a ‘JOKER’. The joker can be ‘played’ once – this will double the teams score on that apparatus. The JOKER must be ‘played’ at registration and cannot be changed once the competition has started.

Team medals are awarded, as well as individual apparatus medals.

The team scores were as follows, I have listed the scoring gymnasts from each piece:

North West A 51.450

Charlie Fellows 14.10 Vault Joker

Jade Stedford 12.350 Bars

Lucy Stanhope 13.350 Bars

Sophie Newbury 12.10 Floor

South West 49.840

Abi Solari 11.050 Bars

Phoebe Turner 12.950 Floor Joker

Ruby Harrold 12.70 Beam

Zoe Simmons 13.150 Vault

East Midlands 47.50

Caitlin Williams 10.70 Floor

Jess Coombs  13.60 Vault

Laura Kaletha 11.40 Bars

Becky Downie 12.30 Beam Joker

West Midlands 47.30

Alice Kinsella 11.60 Floor

Ellesse Oates 13.85 Vault Joker

Honour Sheard 11.10 Bars

Isla Warr 10.90 Beam

North 47.050

Amy Tinkler 10.850 Bars Joker

Courtney Burton 12.60 Vault

Jade Armstrong 12.50 Beam

Leah Rocket 11.850 Floor

South 45.225

Carrie Walker 11.40 Beam

Lucy Power 11.70 Floor

Maisie Lloyd Jones 10.250 Bars

Rochelle Flambard 12.80 Vault

North West B

Katie Meadows 13.350 Vault

Kelsey Ann Moor 10.350 Bars

Mercedes Milandinovic 11.20 Floor Joker

Teri Williams 10.250 Beam

Isle of Man 44.30

Grace Harrison 9.750 Bars

Madison Nicol 9.90 Beam

Nicole Burn 12.250 Floor

Rebecca Johnson 12.40 Vault Joker

Doubling the Joker scores, the results were as follows, with the West Midlands able to jump into the bronze medal position, and the Isle of Man jumping up two places to 6th .

  1   – 65.100 – North West A

  2   – 62.800 – South West

  3   – 61.000 – West Midlands

  4   – 59.800 – East Midlands

  5   – 57.900 – North

  6   – 57.250 – Isle of Man

  7   – 57.100 – South

  8   – 56.025 – North West B

For the worlds trialists, there was another chance to try out routines in competition environment, and it was mostly outings on beam today, GB of course start on beam at Worlds (because we always start on beam!) with just Charlie, Becky Tunney, Raer and Amy competing two pieces. Four scores of 14 plus, then Becky Downie and Kelly both also hitting 14 yesterday is promising for a good opening rotation.

Charlie Fellows: Vault 1. 14.10, Vault 2 13.650,

Beam 13.60

Ruby Harrold: Beam 12.70

Becky Downie: Beam 12.30

Ellie Downie: Beam 14.650

Raer Theaker: Bars 12.20

Beam 13.80

Becky Tunney: Beam 14.00

Floor  12.550

Amy Tinkler:   Bars 10.850

Beam 14.30

Kelly Simm: Beam 14.150

The final competition of the day was a chance for  younger gymnasts to pass their Compulsory 2 or 1. Whether the gymnasts had not quite made the pass mark earlier in the year, or were unable to compete at the National Compulsory competition, it was the final chance this year for Level 2 gymnasts to qualify for Level 1 next year, and for level 1 gymnasts to qualify for the British Championships.  Currently the pass mark for Level 2 is 50.00, and Level 1 48.00, although both are changing next year. If you are not familiar with the Compulsory system, you can read about it here:

It was a successful day for all the gymnasts involved, with all managing to score high enough to pass and move on to the next level. Well done girls.

Compulsory 2

1    62.650 – Amelia Thomas (Cardiff Olympic)

  2    58.900 – Teagan Batho (Garioch)

  3    58.500 – Lauren McCormack (West Lothian)

  4    58.050 – Tamzin Hughes (Park Wrekin)

  5    56.300 – Lexie-Mae Neal (Abingdon)

  6    55.350 – Jacinta Brackley (SA)

Compulsory 1

 1    58.300 – Christine Tse (Wyre Forest)

  2    55.200 – Mia Scott (South Durham)