Videos British Teams/World Trials

2015-09-12 20.57.44

As many videos as I can find from the British team Championships/World Trials/Bill McLoughlin Apparatus Teams  that took place over the 12-13th September.

Kelly Simm Dynamo Vault British Teams 14.00

Kelly Simm Dynamo Bars British Teams 11.70

Kelly Simm Dynamo Beam British Teams 14.00

Kelly Simm Dynamo Floor British Teams 13.80

Kelly Simm Dynamo  Beam Day 2 Trials 14.150

Shannon Archer City of Glasgow Floor British Teams 12.45

Shannon Archer City of Glasgow Bars British Teams 10.10

Raer Theaker Cardiff Central Vault British Teams 14.10

Raer Theaker Cardiff central Floor British Teams 12.40

Raer Theaker Cardiff Bars Day 2 Trials 12.20

Raer Theaker Cardiff Beam  Day 2 Trials 13.80

Lucy Stanhope Liverpool Vault British Teams 13.60

Lucy Stanhope Liverpool Floor British Teams 11.70

Lucy Stanhope Liverpool Bill McLoughlin  13.350

Alice Kinsella Park Wrekin Vault British Teams 13.80

Alice Kinsella Park Wrekin Floor British Teams 12.90

Becky Downie Notts Beam British Teams 12.950

Danusia Francis former GB International from Heathrow Gymnastics Club. Currently competing in USA for UCLA, and looking to compete for Jamaica at Worlds, and Rio 2016





Ellesse Oats Park Wrekin Bars British Teams  12.150

Ellesse Oats Park Wrekin Beam British Teams 12.80

Ellesse Oats Park Wrekin Floor British Teams 12.750

Ellesse Oats Park Wrekin/West Midlands Vault Bill McLoughlin  13.70

Ruby Harrold The Academy Vault British Teams 14.00

Ruby Harrold The Academy Beam 1 & 2 British Teams

Ruby Harrold The Academy Floor British Teams 12.50

Ellie Cheetham Liverpool Beam Teams 12.60

Ellie Cheetham Liverpool Floor British Teams 10.750

Isla Warr Park Wrekin Bars British Teams 10.80

Jade Stedford Liverpool Floor British Teams 12.40

Ellie Downie Notts Floor British Teams 13.40

Ellie Downie Notts Beam Day 2 Trials  14.650

Georgina Clements Park Wrekin Bars British Teams 11.40

Charlie Fellows Liverpool Vault British Teams 13.950

Charlie Fellows Liverpool Beam 2 13.35 (depending on which routine the score went up for)

Charlie Fellows Liverpool Floor British Teams 13.10

Charlie Fellows Liverpool Beam Day 2 Trial  13.60

Rebecca Tunney Liverpool Beam British Teams 13.750

Rebecca Tunney Liverpool Floor British Teams 12.90

Rebecca Tunney Liverpool  Day 2 Trials Beam  14.00

Rebecca Tunney Liverpool Day 2 Trials Floor 12.550

Amy Tinkler South Durham Vault British Teams 14.30

Amy Tinkler South Durham Bars British Teams 13.60

Amy Tinkler South Durham Beam Day 2 Trials 14.30

Laura Kaletha Notts Bill Mcloughlin Bars 11.40