Bill Slater Junior Team Championships 2015

Bill Slater Teams

If you want to see many of the junior gymnasts that could be making senior GB teams over the next ten years the Bill Slater Junior teams is a great place to start. Youngest Gymnasts must turn nine in the year of competition making them British Level 4 gymnasts, the oldest can turn 15 making them second year juniors. This means there is quite an age range which obviously will have an effect on the position of many of the teams filled with much younger gymnasts.

Only gymnasts who did not represent their clubs at The British Team Championships are eligible, the competition works on a 6-5-4 format, and follows the junior FIG code. Clubs may enter more than one team, and are seeded on their results from the previous year, with clubs new to the competition contesting the early rounds on the Saturday, and those who did well the previous year competing on the Sunday.

In all honesty it was difficult to see anyone beating City of Birmingham A, packed full of talent, this is a team that will likely be challenging for the senior team title in years to come. That they won was no surprise, the ten point margin of victory a testament to the capability of these gymnasts. Congratulations to

Eden Edwards, Hannah Leason, Megan Parker, Oriel Powell, Rachel Fraser, Taeja James


In second place was the equally talented Sapphire A team, yes the gap was a big one, but this team is considerably younger, so again many names to look out for in the future.   Congratulations to

Alyieana Rahim, Gypsy Squires, Hallie Copperwheat, Lauren Matthews, Ondine Achampong


Heathrow took the bronze medal in a very close battle with Notts. Second to fourth place was only 0.4 apart, so a very tight competition among the top teams. There was a drop after fourth place of 8.55, so these three teams were in a group of their own.

Congratulations to Chiara Bunce, India Sale, Madeline Hart, Martha Franks, Polly Hitchings, and Rochelle Spencer Smith of Heathrow.


A big well done to Bella Aldridge, Caitlin Williams, Isla Lees, Laura Kaletha, Ramiyah Kofi, Scarlett Williams of Notts.


Top eight teams:

  1   – 203.100 – City of Birmingham A

  2   – 193.100 –  Saphire A

  3   – 192.900 – Heathrow

  4   – 192.700 – Notts

  5   – 184.150 – West Lothian

  6   – 181.800 – The Acadamy

  7   – 181.650 – TNAG 1

  8   – 180.550 – Park Wrekin.

Full results:

The AA top spot went to Megan Parker, with Taeja James second, and Ondine Achampong third.  Full results can be found here:

Top eight girls with a little information on some of the competitors:

1    52.700 – Megan Parker City of Birmingham A 1st year Junior GB Squad.

 2    52.300 – Taeja James City of Birmingham A  2nd year Espoir GB Squad

 3    49.400 – Ondine Achampong Sapphire A  Level 2  GB Development Squad

 4    49.050 –  Hallie Copperwheat Saphire A   Level 1 GB Development Squad

 5    49.000 –  Laura Kaletha Notts 1st year Espoir GB junior Squad

6    48.750 –   Hannah Leeson City of Birmingham A 1st year Espoir  English Squad

 7    48.150 – Chiara Bunce Heathrow 2nd Year Espoir GB squad

 8    48.050 – Carrlisa Alleyne Cardiff Central

Other British squad girls are City of Birmingham Level 1 gymnast Oriel Powell placing 11th,  Notts Level 1 Scarlett Williams placing 15th, South Durham Level 2 Leah Greenland placing 30th, and Pipers Vale Level 2 Molly Howland placing 22nd.

City of Birmingham also entered three GB development squad members in their B team, all Level 3 gymnasts, so just aged ten by the end of 2015. Miriam Allen Sophia Cabrera  Sophia Meadows placed 34th, 48th, and 51st AA.

No apparatus finals as such, but Megan Parker took three of the four highest scores, with Laura Kaletha coming out top on vault. Many of the younger girls will be in action again in November at the British Voluntary Age Group Championships.

Vault 1:

  1    13.800 – Laura Kaletha (Notts)

  2    13.600 – Taeja James (City of Birmingham A)

  3    13.300 – Eden Edwards (City of Birmingham A)

  4    13.200 – Tilly Allen (Huntingdon)

  5=  13.150 – Laura Glover (TNAG 1)

  5=  13.150 – Carrlisa Alleyne (Cardiff Central)

  7    13.100 – Carly McFadden (Meadowbank)

  8=  13.050 – Faye Baxendale (Vernon Park)

  8=  13.050 – Laura Cooke (TNAG 1)

10    13.000 – Lowri Davies (TNAG 2)


  1    13.450 – Megan Parker (City of Birmingham A)

  2    12.700 – Taeja James (City of Birmingham A)

  3    12.250 – Chiara Bunce (Heathrow)

  4    11.800 – Oriel Powell (City of Birmingham A)

  5    11.750 – Hannah Leeson (City of Birmingham A)

  6    11.600 – Caitlin Williams (Notts)

  7    11.500 – Ondine Achampong (Sapphire A)

  8=  11.150 – Bella Aldridge (Notts)

  8=  11.150 – Rachel Fraser (City of Birmingham A)

10    11.100 – Polly Hitchings (Heathrow)


  1    13.550 – Megan Parker (City of Birmingham A)

  2    13.400 – Taeja James (City of Birmingham A)

  3    13.150 – Madeleine Hart (Heathrow)

  4    13.100 – Martha Franks (Heathrow)

  5=  13.050 – Hallie Copperwheat (Sapphire A)

  5=  13.050 – Chiara Bunce (Heathrow)

  7    12.900 – Jessica Daykin (Wiltshire)

  8    12.750 – Carrlisa Alleyne (Cardiff Central)

  9    12.700 – Anna Gibson (West Lothian)

10    12.650 – Carrie Walker (Abingdon)


  1    12.950 – Megan Parker (City of Birmingham A)

  2    12.700 – Laura Kaletha (Notts)

  3    12.650 – Ondine Achampong (Sapphire A)

  4=  12.600 – Hallie Copperwheat (Sapphire A)

  4=  12.600 – Taeja James (City of Birmingham A)

  6=  12.500 – Megan Splain (Sapphire B)

  6=  12.500 – Carrlisa Alleyne (Cardiff Central)

  8=  12.450 – Laura Cooke (TNAG 1)

  8=  12.450 – Phoebe Jakubczyk (The Academy)

10    12.300 – Ramiyah Kofi (Notts)

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