Northern European Championships 2015.


The 2015 Northern European Championships held at the University of Limerick gave a chance to see several familiar names  in action once more. Held over the 19th and 20th of September, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland tested themselves against the best of Northern Europe in team and AA competition on the Saturday, then Apparatus finals on the Sunday.

The Welsh team  would always be tough to beat, even without Maisie Methuen who was called to international duty at the Japan Junior in place of the injured Catherine Lyons.

The team of Commonwealth medalist Raer Theaker, GB junior international Latalia Bevan, soon to be junior international Jolie Ruckley (Jolie has been selected to compete at Olympic Hopes in November), British Senior Bars and Floor finalist, and up and coming Espoir Zoe Simmons  took the gold by over three points with a total of 156.00


Ireland took the silver medal, with World Championship competitor Ellis O’Reilly, and Junior European finalist Casey Jo Bell leading the way.  Nicola Mawhinney and Tara Donnelly  added to the team total, there are no reuslts published for the 5th member of the team, I will add them should they pop up.


Scotland placed 4th with British Junior international Louise McColgan leading the way. Commonwealth Games competitor  Erin McLachlan, and senior gymnast Shannon Archer also competed AA, with school games team member Sofia Razman, and senior Isabella Tolomertti  also contributed to the team total.


Full team results

team result

Latalia Bevan topped the  AA, taking her second AA title in a couple of weeks after her success at the school games. Ellis O’Reilly took the silver for Ireland, and Jolie Ruckley added another medal for Wales with the bronze.


For the Apparatus finals there was more success for Latalia Bevan with another two golds to add to her collection, this time on beam and floor. Keep an eye on this young gymnast, she is elegant, very clean,  and improving rapidly. Jolie Ruckley took silver on bars, with Casey Jo Bell taking the Bronze. Ellis O’Reilly took silver behind Latalia on beam, and Louise McColgan took silver back to Scotland behind Latalia on floor.


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Thanks to the wonderful Full Twist for videos from apparatus finals

Jolie Ruckley Wales Floor

Latalia Bevan Wales Floor

Louise McColgan Scotland Floor

Latalia Bevan Wales Beam

Rebecca Moore Wales Beam

Ellis O’Reilly Ireland Beam 

Grace Harrison Isle Of Man Beam

Ellis O’Reilly Ireland Floor

Louise McColgan Scotland Bars

Jolie Ruckley Wales Bars

Casey Bell Ireland Bars

Ellis O’Reilly Ireland Bars

Shannon Archer Scotland Vault

Casey Bell Ireland Vault