Results Scores and Video Great Britain V Holland 03//10/15


With the 2015 Glasgow World Championships, and qualification for 2016 Rio Olympics just three weeks away, eight of the  British senior squad headed to Holland for one of the last opportunities to impress selectors before the final team is announced on the 12th of October.

Kelly Simm, Charlie Fellows, Becky Downie, Ruby Harrold, Claudia Fragapane, Amy Tinkler,  Ellie Downie, and Rebecca Tunney took on the Dutch team, and won the competition with a score of 221.850, to 213.050.

In the AA competition the British girls took the top four spots, with Ellie Downie scoring a British all time high of 57.750  to take the top spot, with Amy taking second with 56.25,  Kelly third with 53.70 after mistakes on beam, and Ruby 4th 53.45 counting a fall on her bars dismount.

A mix of some excellent performances, and some mistakes, three weeks out there is much to be positive about going into worlds, although with beam the starting rotation, we will be hoping for the 14+ performances the girls put in a couple of weeks ago at the British teams/Bill Slater to get them off to a great start.

These are the scores available at this time, should the full results be released I will post them.


Rebecca Tunney – 13.80

Kelly Simm – 13.30

Charlie Fellows – 14.050

Ellie Downie 14.850

Ruby Harrold – 13.80

Amy Tinkler – 14.70


Ellie Downie – 14.70

Claudia Fragapane – 12.90

Ruby Harrold – 13.85

Kelly Simm – 14.45

Amy Tinkler – 13.95

Becky Downie – 14.40 (Becky counted a fall)


Ellie Downie – 14.20

Claudia Fragapane – 12.90

Ruby Harrold – 13.85

Kelly Simm – 12.70

Amy Tinkler – 13.95

Becky Downie – 14.40


Ellie Downie – 14.00

Ruby Harrold – 12.90

Kelly Simm – 13.25

Amy Tinkler – 14.00

There are a view videos available here to watch, hopefully there will be more from over the next couple of days, as the Dutch media team are planning on uploading.

Becky Downie Beam

Becky Downie Bars

Ellie Downie Vault

Ellie Downie Floor

Ellie Downie Beam

Ellie Downie Bars

Claudia Fragapane Bars

Amy Tinkler Vault

Amy Tinkler Beam

Amy Tinkler Floor

Ruby Harrold Vault

Ruby Harrold Floor

Ruby Harrold Bars

Kelly Simm Bars

Kelly Simm Floor