2015 World Championships Glasgow. Scenes from from Qualification.


Photo by Jeff Holmes

At the end of day one, after a fantastic team performance, Great Britain sit in second place in the team standings.


While we wait till tomorrow for final positions to be confirmed, a selection of photos of the British ladies in action from British Gymnastics, Sports2Visuals, Inside Gymnastics, and John Cheng.

A full report with video will follow at the end of qualifications.


Amy Amy1 Amy2 Amy3 Amy4 Amy5 Amy6 Amy7 Amy8 Amy9 Amy10 Amy11 Amy12 Amy13


Becky1 Becky2 Becky4 Becky5 Becky6 Becky7 Becky8 Becky9 Becky10


Claudia1 Claudia2 Claudia3 Claudia4 Claudia5 Claudia6 Claudia7 Claudia8


Ellie1 Ellie2 Ellie3 Ellie4 Ellie5 Ellie6 Ellie7 Ellie8 Ellie9 Ellie10 Ellie11 Ellie13 Ellie14 Ellie15 Ellie16 Ellie17 Ellie18


Kelly1 Kelly2 Kelly3 kelly4 Kelly5 kelly6 kelly7 Kelly8


Ruby1 Ruby2 Ruby3 Ruby4 Ruby5 Ruby6 Ruby8 Ruby10 Ruby11 Ruby12

Comforting, cheering, congratulating, celebrating. A true team.

sisters teamCelebrate2celebrating

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