2015 British Espoir Championships Preview


20014 British Espoir Champion Maise Methuen of Phoenix Gymnastics

The British Espoir Championships will take place this week at the Basildon Sporting Village home of South Essex Gymnastics Club. The AA competition is on Friday 5th, with the Apparatus Finals on Saturday 6th.

This competition is for the top twelve and thirteen year old gymnasts in the country, for this year’s competition, gymnasts born in 2002 and 2003  will be eligible. It is the first national level championships for those coming out of the age group system, and for those that have finished compulsories. It is also the first time that gymnasts will compete at this level in a mixed age category.

Gymnasts compete under the FIG junior code of points, with extra GBR bonus and specific penalties applied. Bonus is only awarded for successful performance of the skill/combination as per FIG requirements.

Specific Allowances, Apparatus Bonus/Penalty


Open tuck vaults are permitted:

Open tuck tsukahara  DV 4.40

Open tuck yurchenko  DV 4.20



1.0  GBR penalty for not showing a minimum of 1 cast to handstand without ½ turn (straddle permitted).

A coach (holding the relevant BG qualification) must stand in for all releases and D dismounts and above. Failure to do so will result in the element not being credited DV or CR.

Barred Elements: Dismounts higher than D.

Salto forward with 360°/720° turn

Single salto backward with 180°/540°/900°turn

Dismounts No. 6.407, 6.408,  which are the Arabian double dismounts are of D value, but also barred.


0.5 – For permitted D dismount – awarded in addition to the 0.5 for fulfilling the dismount CR.



1.0  GBR penalty for not showing minimum 1 x 180o split (cross or side split) in leap/jump elements.

Gymnasts may be awarded bonus for a maximum of two out of the following three options:

0.2 – D or above salto/ariel performed in series with dance element.

0.3 – For performing ‘FIG Series Bonus’ – must be completed on the beam for GBR bonus.(FIG series bonus awarded for a series which includes the dismount).

0.3 – Double Spin.




1.0 – GBR penalty for not showing minimum 1 x 180o split (cross or side split) in leap/jump elements.

If less than 3 acro lines are performed the gymnast will receive a penalty of 2.00.

Barred Element: Double front somersault.

0.2 bonus 1 x acrobatic line [2 x different saltos in direct connection]including C salto.

0.2 bonus for 3 x C or above dance elements.


The gymnasts competing will have qualified to the championships through three different routes.  Firstly the gymnasts that are in their second year of competition as Espoirs, those that competed at this level last year, and will move into the junior ranks in 2016.  These are the gymnasts from the 2014 Espoir Championships who are Espoirs again this year. The number before their name indicates the AA finishing position in 2014.

4 Taeja James -City of Birmingham
7 Laura Beasley -Park Wrekin
8 Laura Kaletha – Notts Gymnastics
9 Jolie Ruckley – Cardiff Olympic
10 Zoe Simmons – The Academy
12 Chiara Bunce – Heathrow Gym Club
16 Maisie Lloyd Jones -Portsmouth Gymnastics
17 Ellee Cheetham – City Of Manchester Inst
18 Amelia Knight – The Academy
26 Dena Kirk- South Durham Gymnastic
27 Erika Magpantay -Marriotts Gym Club
28 Courtney Burton – South Durham Gymnastic
29 Meilitsa-Bo Abram-Foester  – Heathrow Gym Club
30 Maia Anderson – Heathrow Gym Club
33 Laura Jane Core – West Lothian Artistic GC
34 Adrienne Emmanuel – Swansea Gymnastics
36 Lana Chilton – City Of Newcastle Gym
37 Megan Morrison -City of Glasgow Gym
38 Ella Ross-Jessop   – Ladywell Gym Club
39 Alice France – Abingdon Gymnastics
40 Alissia Brlow – City of Birmingham


The next route to the championships is for gymnasts that have passed the final Compulsory level, Compulsory 1. The pass mark for this in 2015 was 48.00, the following gymnasts passed Compulsory 1 this year.

L1 In Age Championships May 2015. Gymnasts now eligible to compete as first year Espoirs.

  1    63.400 – Amelie Morgan (Slough)

  2    62.300 – Hallie Copperwheat (Sapphire)

  3    61.450 – Anna Gibson (West Lothian)

  4    61.000 – Oriel Powell (City of Birmingham)

  5    60.850 – Caitlin Williams (Notts)

  6    60.700 – Gypsy Squires (Sapphire)

  7    60.250 – Paige Thomas (Neath Afan)

  8    60.100 – Scarlett Williams (Notts)

  9    59.850 – Tabitha Sheard (Park Wrekin)

10    59.200 – Kacey Morrison (Largs)

11    58.900 – Francesca Ryman (South Durham)

12    58.600 – Marnie Woolrich (Park Wrekin)

13    57.750 – Danielle Tabios (Bury Spectrum)

14    56.900 – Amy Jane Rowe (City of Bristol)

15    56.150 – Eilish Campbell (City of Glasgow)

16    55.400 – Bella Aldridge (Notts)

17    55.100 – Ella Gaynor (Cardiff Central)

18    52.200 – Abigail Jones (Park Wrekin)

L1 Out of Age  *I am not certain of the age of all of these gymnasts, so they may not all still be Espoir Age.

  1    61.400 – Megan Bridge (Gymmagic)

  2    61.200 – Sofia Ramzan (DGC2K)

  3    59.450 – Daisy Gamble (Bury)

  4    59.100 – Abigail Morris (CMIG)

  5    56.350 – Erin Gallacher (West Lothian)

  6    54.000 – Rosa Holm-Huxley (DGC2K)


Level 1 retake September 2015.

  1    58.300 – Christine Tse (Wyre Forest) 2nd year Espoir

  2    55.200 – Mia Scott (South Durham) 1st year Espoir.


The third  route to the Championships is through the challenge cup:

The competition is run according to FIG rules, and is open to Espoir (who compete under FIG junior code), Junior, and Senior gymnasts who are not eligible for the British Championships, in other words, gymnasts who have not passed either the old Elite Grade/Compulsory 2, or the more recently introduced Compulsory 1. There will be gymnasts who have started on the elite path, passing some or even most of the compulsory levels, and gymnasts who have opted to compete at the slightly less rigorous NDP level through age group  development.

Gymnasts who have struggled more at compulsory level, perhaps progressing at a slower pace, but really coming through as they get older, also gymnasts who have taken long periods out through injury meaning they haven’t followed In Age levels,  have the option to qualify for the British Championships by attaining an AA qualification score set for each age category. For 2015 the Espoir qualification score was 46.00. The following gymnasts have qualified:

  1    49.550 – Ellie Clements (The Academy)

  2    47.550 – Karis Haugh (Heathrow)

  3=  47.400 – Annabel Agba (Pegasus)

  3=  47.400 – Roshelle Spencer-Smith (Heathrow)

  5    47.200 – Lauren Matthews (Sapphire)

  6    47.000 – Nemiah Munir (Sapphire)

  7    46.900 – Martha Franks (Heathrow)

  8    46.350 – Jessica Daykin (Wiltshire)

  9=  46.000 – Phoebe Jakubczyk (The Academy)

  9=  46.000 – Emily Bremner (Fife)



I have not seen the start list for the competition, so as yet do not know which of these gymnasts will be challenging for the Espoir title. Here are some videos of a few of the girls from various competitions this year. Good luck to all gymnasts taking part.

Taeja James

Laura Beasley

Laura Kaletha

Jolie Ruckley

Zoe Simmons

Chiara Bunce

Amelie Morgan

Hallie Copperwheat

Oriel Powell

Caitlin Williams

Mia Scott

Ellie Clements