Brits in Action in Arques

Louise McColgan Largs GC 2nd AA juniors 

Three British Internationals travelled to Arques in Northern France to take part in the 20th annual Tournoi International de Gymnastique Artistique du Pas-de-Calais. Gymnasts competed in Senior, Junior, and Age group 1 for the AA, then for apparatus finals the junior and senior gymnasts competed together.

Welsh Gymnast Rebecca Moore of Phoenix won the senior AA with 53.167, taking the top spot on vault with 14.167, and bars with 13.20.

In finals Rebecca placed 6th on vault with 13.367

VT1  5.0 D, 8.6 E

VT2 4.4 D, 8.734 E

Rebecca was 4th on bars with 12.434 (5.1 D, 7.334 E), and on beam with 12.80 (5.3 D, 7.5 E)

Finishing on floor Rebecca took the bronze with 12.967 (5.1 D, 7.867 E)

Senior AA champion Rebecca Moore

Park Wrekin Senior Georgina Hockenhull represented Great Britain competing on bars and beam. Georgie looks to have had a few problems on beam scoring 12.00  (5.3 D, 6.7E) , but qualified second to the bars final with 13.00 (4.8 D, 8.70 E)

In Finals Georgie placed 3rd on bars with 12.667 (6.8 D, 8.067 E)

Park Wrekin team mate, and recent Olympic Hopes Cup winner Alice Kinsella represented great Britain in the junior division competing on Vault, beam, and floor. Alice placed 2nd on vault (13.733), 5th on beam where it looks as though she may have had a few problems (12.60), and = 5th on floor (12.433).

In finals Alice competed on Vault placing 4th with 13.651.

VT 1 4.4 D 8.967 E

VT 2 5 D 8.70 E


GB junior Louise McColgan of Largs represented Scotland, and placed 4th in the team event with Izzy Tolometti of Garioch.


Louise also placed second AA with 51.033, finishing third on vault (13.6333), bars (11.567), and beam (13.033), then second on floor (12.80) in the AA.


In finals Louise placed 5th on vault with 13.384

VT1 4.4 D, 8.667 E

VT 2 5 D, 8.70 E

Louise didn’t have her best outing on bars, as reflected in the E score, and placed 8th with 10.734 (3.8 D, 6.934 E)

On floor Louise placed 4th with 12.934 (5.2 D, 7.734 E)


Also competing for Scotland were young gymnasts Anna Hollins and Casey Morrison in the AgeGroup 1 category. Both girls are Largs teammates of Louise.

Casey recently competed at the British Espoir championships making the vault final and finishing 6th.

Anna recently finished 3rd AA at the Voluntary British Age Group championships in level 2, and placed 6th overall for combined compulsory and voluntary. Anna has also been awarded a place on the 2016 British development squad.

The girls finished in second place in the team event, Kacey finished 2nd AA with 48.467, Anna 5th with 46.50.

Both girls made all finals, on Vault Kacey placed 2nd with 12.851

VT1 4.8 D, 8.34 E

VT2 4.0 D, 8.867 E

Anna placed 3rd with 12.797

VT1 4.8 D, 8.8 E

VT2 4.0 D, 8.8734 E


On bars Anna 6th 10.234 (2.6 D, 7.634 E)

Kacey 7th  9.867 (3.0 D, 6.867 E)

Anna placed 4th on beam with 11.667 (4.7 D, 6.967 E)

Kacey placed 6th with 11.10 (5.2 D, 5.9 E)

Finally on floor Kacey placed 5th with 12.067 (4.8 D,7.267 E)

Anna 6th with 12.034 (4.3 D, 7.734 E)



Full results for Age group 1, junior, and senior can be found here:

Well done to all gymnasts and coaches.