Number Crunching 2015. British Seniors


Amy Tinkler, Kelly Simm, Ruby Harrold, Claudia Fragapane, Charlie Fellows, Ellie Downie, Becky Downie

The 2015 World Championships bronze medal winning team by Sports Visuals


Following up my number crunching post from half way through 2015 available here:

We have arrived at the end of the year, with all senior competitions done, and I thought it would be interesting to have a look at the highest scores given to the British Seniors through 2015. I have included the top ten scores on each piece, and all around scores.

It will come as no surprise that the World team members fill most of the places, with only Tyesha Mattis who started the year so well taking the British Beam and Bars titles making the list for both pieces, Lisa Mason with her bronze on floor at the British Championships making the floor list, and returning Olympian Becky Tunney sharing the ninth highest score on beam.

Of the three new seniors this year, as I said Tyesha started incredibly well, but has been struggling with injury through the year, and will hopefully return fully fit in 2016. Amy and Ellie however have enjoyed a superb senior debut with The English and British AA titles, a European floor final, a world AA final, and a world team medal (Amy). The first ever AA European medal, two European finals, two world finals, a world team medal, and BBC Young Sports Personality Of The Year (Ellie).

Should all three gymnasts be at their best through 2016 and the Rio selection process, all will make a very strong case for inclusion on the Olympic team.



Highest Scores 2015



1. 15.133 Ellie Downie  World Team Final

2. 15.083 Amy Tinkler  World Team Final

3. 15.066 Ellie Downie  Worlds QF VT1 Double Twisting Yurchenko

4. 14.966 Ellie Downie World Apparatus Final VT1 Double Twisting Yurchenko

5. 14.933 Amy Tinkler Worlds QF, Ellie Downie Europeans QF VT1 Double Twisting Yurchenko

6. 14.866 Claudia Fragapane Worlds QF, Amy Tinkler Worlds AA

7. 14.833 Ellie Downie Worlds QF & Apparatus Final VT2 Lopez, Claudia Fragapane Worlds TF

8. 14.850 Amy Tinkler British Championships AA, Ellie Downie GB v  Holland

9. 14.80 Claudia Fragapane British Championships AA

10. 14.70 Amy Tinkler GB v Holland




2015_European_Artistic_Gymnastics_Championships_-_Uneven_bars_-_Rebecca_Downie_05 (1)

1. 15.233 Becky Downie European Championships Apparatus Final, and Qualification

2. 14.833 Becky Downie Worlds Team Final

3. 14.766 Ruby Harrold Worlds Apparatus Final

4. 14.70 Ellie Downie GB v Holland

5. 14.533 Ruby Harrold Worlds All Around

6. 14.45 Kelly Simm GB v Holland

7. 14.433 Ruby Harrold Worlds Team Final

8. 14.40 Tyesha Mattis  British Championships Apparatus Finals, Becky Downie GB v Holland

9. 14.266 Kelly Simm Baku European Games All Around

10. 14.233 Ellie Downie  European Championships All Around






1. 14.650 Ellie Downie Bill McLoughlin

2. 14.40 Tyesha Mattis British Championships EF, Becky Downie GB v Holland

3. 14.366 Becky Downie  Europeans Qualification

4. 14.30 Becky Downie  Euros Apparatus Finals, Amy Tinkler Bill Slater

5. 14.20 Ellie Downie GB v Holland

6. 14.166 Claudia Fragapane European Championships Qualification

7. 14.150 Kelly Simm Bill McLoughlin

8. 14.133 Ellie Downie Worlds Team Final

9. 14.10 Becky Downie Worlds Qualification

10. 14.00 Kelly Simm, Becky Downie British Teams, Becky Tunney Bill McLoughlin






1. 14.90 Claudia Fragapane British Championships Apparatus Finals

2. 14.733 Claudia Fragapane Worlds Team Final, Ellie Downie Worlds  Apparatus Final

3. 14.633 Claudia Fragapane European Championships Apparatus Final

4. 14.60 Claudia Fragapane Worlds Qualification

5. 14.466 Claudia Fragapane Worlds Apparatus Finals

6. 14.450 Amy Tinkler British Championships Apparatus Finals

7. 14.433 Amy Tinkler Worlds Team Final

8. 14.40 Ellie Downie  Worlds Qualification

9. 14.20 Lisa Mason British Championships AA, Ellie Downie Worlds Qualification, Amy Tinkler Europeans Qualification

10. 14.133 Ellie Downie Worlds Team Final






1. 57.75 Ellie Downie GB v Holland

2. 56.65 Amy Tinkler British Championships

3. 56.623 Ellie Downie Euros AA

4. 56.466 Amy Tinkler Worlds Qualification

5. 56.432 Ellie Downie Worlds Team Final

6. 56.332 Kelly Simm Gwangju AA

7. 56.25 Amy Tinkler GB v Holland

8. 55.898 Ruby Harrold Worlds Qualification

9. 55.550 Claudia Fragapane British Championships AA

10. 55.532 Ellie Downie Worlds Qualifiaction


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