2015 A Few Of My Favourite Things. Floor

In the final review of my favourite routines from 2015, I look back at the floor performances that have caught my eye. Again there are so many that I could have doubled this post, so consider it a small selection!

Claudia Fragapane Bristol Hawks, World team Final

It was a question of which to choose for Claudia such was the quality of her work on floor, and it was a close run thing as to which I went for! In the end, I have chosen this routine as although it was actually her second highest scoring one of the year, I think it was actually her best. As the year progressed, Claudia really impressed by not only growing in consistency with this incredibly difficult new routine, but also by being as clean as we have seen her in her tumbles. Particularly impressive is the work she has put into cleaning up the triple twist. Claudia spoke of having upgrades that she was unable to include due to battling an injury in the run up to worlds, I know I’m not the only person looking forward to seeing what she comes out with next year.


Amy Tinkler South Durham, World Championships Team Final

Amy put it a lot of great performances on floor this year, but none more so than on her 16th birthday when in front of a home crowd she embraced the pressure, and completed this fantastic routine packed full of difficult tumbling, great leaps, and choreographed perfectly to suit her bubbly style, and engaging performance quality. 14.433 was actually her second highest floor score of the year, but for me it was my favourite performance.


Louise McColgan Largs, British Championships Apparatus finals

We are used to seeing beautiful floor performances from Louise, she is a real favourite on this piece for her commitment to quality performance, her projection, and her ability to inject so much energy and personality into her choreography. I wonder whether we will be seeing a new routine from her next year, as she has been competing this one for a couple of years now, although she may wait the extra year till she turns senior. I picked this routine as she showed not only her outstanding performance levels, but also her highest level of tumbling to take the Junior British silver on this piece.


Lisa Mason Heathrow, British Championships Senior Apparatus Finals

Regardless of Lisa’s age, this routine would have made my list, Lisa is an elite gymnast end of, and to put her on the list because she is in her 30’s would diminish her achievement. Lisa took a medal at the British Championships tumbling cleanly, with good form and range on her leaps, and as has been the case throughout her entire career, emphasis on performance quality. Will we see Lisa back at the British next year to fight for medal again, there are many fans of the sport that are hoping we do.


Catherine Lyons Europa, British Junior Apparatus Finals

How fitting that Catherine went back to the piece of music she used as a level four gymnast all those years ago. The piece which brought her to the attention of gymnastics fans all over the world, and made her the most watched of British Gymnasts from such a young age. Catherine may have debuted this routine at the Welsh championships, but we first saw it at the English, and then the British. Touches of the original choreography mixed with the new, it seems to represent Catherine coming full circle thorough the junior ranks where she has done so well. A huge shame she did not get to use it internationally though the year due to injury, as people would certainly have appreciated it. Whether she uses the routine for her senior debut remains to be seen, but as with all of her routines she performed it beautifully.


Ellie Downie Notts Gymnastics, World Apparatus Finals

Ellie simply performed as well as she possibly could have here, she was at her best to make the finals, then bettered herself again in order to move up the rankings into 6th place. Ellie upped her difficulty hugely from the beginning of the year, and performed her new tumbles and connected leaps so well. I get the impression that Ellie surprised herself a little at her success on floor, or perhaps just at how much she was able to up her scores from earlier in the year. All completely deserved, and after Ellie released a little clip of her training a full twisting double layout a few days ago, don’t be surprised if those scores climb even higher throughout 2016.


Latalia Bevan St. Tydfills, Jr International

This is actually a routine from earlier in the year, and Latalia has competed higher difficulty tumbles and leaps, plus a lovely triple spin recently. This is however the clearest version of the routine on video which is why I selected it. It is absolutely beautiful,  I love everything about this routine, I love how it draws the audience in, the quiet, languid, graceful style, Latalia’s fluidity of movement is just lovely, and it’s one of those routines I hope the gymnast never changes. She will change it of course, but hopefully not next year, as it was new for 2015. Latalia has had an very successful 2015, the latter half particularly. She will be pushing for the British junior AA title, and selection for junior Europeans. Just today Latalia uploaded footage of a lovely triple twist on hard floor, that I’m sure we will see in competition soon enough.


Kelly Simm Dynamo, Apparatus Finals University Games

On the back of the World University Games AA title, Kelly took the bronze on floor with this great routine. I feel that Kelly has worked very hard this year on her presentation, her performance level, and cleaning up her tumbling. She also competed a whip full in, as far as I’m aware, the only one being done in the world today.


Jolie Ruckley Cardiff Olympic, British Espoir Apparatus Finals

AA Champion Jolie added the floor title with this great routine, scoring 14.40. There is bonus available for Espoir gymnasts, and Jolie would have been given 0.4 for this routine. Were Jolie to have performed this at junior or senior level, she would have still scored a 14.00 which is a great score for a young gymnast not senior till 2018.


Megan Parker City of Birmingham, School Games Apparatus Finals

Appologies for the terrible recording that for some reason stops for a few seconds in the middle, but I wanted to put the routine of Megan’s on the list as it was her best of 2015. Taking the School Games title against some very strong competition from her Junior British team mates, Megan combines some great tumbling with absolutely beautiful dance. Another young Brit with a real understanding of performance, great fluidity and presence in her work, Megan is one of the juniors I really enjoy watching, and hope to see do very well throughout her final junior year.


Junior Choreography

In a slightly different approach to my other posts, I wanted to include a selection of routines from the junior and Espoir ranks, as I feel that the performance quality here really deserves mentioning. In addition to junior routines I have already mentioned, of the ones I have seen, and I’m sure there are many more, these are the routines that have really caught my eye in terms of the progress being made within British Gymnastics on quality of performance, projection, artistry, and choreographic selection to suit the individual gymnast.
I have put the year each gymnast turns senior in brackets.

Amelia Montague Tolworth (2017)

Sophie Scott Leatherhead and Dorking (2017)

Georgia Mae Fenton East London (2016)

Amelie Morgan Slough (2019)

Maisie Methuen Phoenix (2017)

Erica Magpantay Marriots (2018)

Paige Thomas Neath Afan (2019)

Hallie Copperwheat Sappire (2019)

Taeja James City of Birmingham (2018)

Alice Kinsella Park Wrekin (2017)

Alissia Barlow City of Birmingham (2018)

Frankie Ryman South Durham (2019)

Chiara Bunce Heathrow (2018)