2016 Welsh Championships and Welsh Open

This weekend saw the Welsh Championships take place, as well as the Welsh Open. There were several Great Britain squad gymnasts in attendance, although also two notable absences from the Welsh team.

Juniors Latalia Bevan (back) and Jolie Ruckley (hamstring) unfortunately had to miss the event due to injury.  Both also had been selected to represent Great Britain at the Gymnix International in Canada next week, but  unfortunately will also miss out on the trip while they recover.  I’m wishing both talented young gymnasts a speedy recovery, and I hope to see them both back at full strength for the British Championships in a few weeks time.


On to the competition!




In the Welsh senior event, only three gymnasts competed. Rebecca Moore and Hana Davies competed AA, taking gold and silver respectively, It was also great to see British Senior gymnast Raer Theaker return to competition following elbow injury then surgery in November.

Rebecca was also the top scorer on all four pieces in this event.

1. MOORE Rebecca  Phoenix Gymnastics 53.966
2. DAVIES Hana Llanelli Gymnastics 48.432
3. THEAKER Raer  Cardiff Central 11.666

In the open event, three British Senior squad members were in action, Sapphire’s Gabby Jupp, and The Academy’s Phoebe Turner and Abi Solari.

The all around results were the same as they were in the Welsh only Event, with Rebecca and Hana taking the top two spots. Chelsea Court of City of Bristol took the bronze

1. MOORE Rebecca 53.966
2. DAVIES Hana  48.432
3. COURT Chelsea  48.065
4. WARREN Bree  43.332
5. TURNER Phoebe  37.166
6.MASLEN April  36.399
7. JUPP Gabby 26.966
8. SOLARI Abi  25.133
9. THEAKER Raer  11.666

On vault Warren Bree of Baskerville School of Gymnastics look the title, with Rebecca Moore and Chelsea Court in silver and bronze. Please note that scores are for two vaults averaged, with Rebecca and Chelsea only vaulting once hence the lower score.

1. WARREN Bree  12.216 (12.90. 11.933)
2. MOORE Rebecca   7.033 (14.066, 0.00)
3. COURT Chelsea  6.983 (13.966, 0.00)
4. MASLEN April 6.766 (13.533, 0.00)
5. DAVIES Hana 6.666 (13.333, 0.00)

On bars Gabby Jupp of Sapphire took one of two golds on both pieces she competed, Abi Solari of The Academy and Rebecca Moore took silver and bronze respectively.

1.  JUPP Gabby Jupp 13.433
2. SOLARI Abi 13.233
3. MOORE Rebecca 13.100
4. TURNER Phoebe 12.133
5. COURT Chelsea 12.066
6. DAVIES Hana 11.666
7. MASLEN April 11.600
8. WARREN Bree 7.966

On beam Gabby took the top spot again, followed by Rebecca Moore, then Phoebe Turner of The Academy.

1. JUPP Gabby 13.533
2. MOORE Rebecca 13.500
3. TURNER Phoebe 12.200
4. SOLARI Abi 11.900
5. THEAKER Raer 11.666
6. MASLEN April 11.266
7. WARREN Bree 11.200
8. DAVIES Hana 11.033
9. COURT Chelsea 10.033

Finally on floor, Rebecca Moore took the title with 13.30, followed by Phoebe Turner, then Hana Davies.

1. MOORE Rebecca 13.300
2. TURNER Phoebe 12.833
3. DAVIES Hana 12.400
4. COURT Chelsea 12.000
5. WARREN Bree 11.266


IMG_2350 (1)

In the Junior category, British junior squad member Maisie Methuen took the AA Welsh title, and every apparatus. Maisie also topped the standings overall and on each piece when adding in the scores from the open competitors, so a completely dominant performance from her here today.  Her score of 54.198 AA with a relatively low beam score for her stands her in good stead as she heads out to the Gymnix International in Canada to represent Great Britain.

First year Junior, and vault bronze medalist from the December British Espoir Championships Zoe Simmons took the silver, and Olivia Rabiotti took the bronze.

Welsh Jr AA

  1. METUEN Maisie  Phoenix Gymnastics 54.198
  2. SIMMONS Zoe The Academy 49.633
  3. RABIOTTI Olivia  Somersault GC 48.598
  4. ALLEYNE Carlissa  Cardiff Central 46.166


In the open category, Megan Splain of Sapphire stepped into the bronze position with 49.098, Megan Bridge of Gymmagic placed 5th with 46.998, and Ellie Clements of The Academy competed two pieces to place 7th with 22.833. New junior, British squad member, and reigning AA British Espoir silver medalist Amelia Knight of The Academy only competed on bars, and looked to have a few problems there scoring 10.733, way below her capabilities. No information as yet as to whether she was injured here, hopefully not.

On Vault Maisie Averaged 13.999 for the top score, with Megan Bridge of Gym Magic second,  and Zoe Simmons third.

1. METHUEN Maisie 13.999 (13.966, 14.033)
2. BRIDGE Megan 13.466 (13.766, 13.166)
3. SIMMONS Zoe 13.383 (12.90, 13.866)
4. SPLAIN Megan 6.683 (13.366, 0.00)
5. ALLEYNE Carlissa 6.550 (13.10, 0.00)
6. RABIOTTI Olivia 6.433 (12.866, 0.00)

Maisie topped the bars scores, with Olivia Rabiotti second, and Zoe Simmons third.

1. METHUEN Maisie 13.933
2. RABIOTTI Olivia 11.666
3. SIMMONS Zoe 11.500
4. SPLAIN Megan 10.866
5. KNIGHT Amelia 10.733
6. BRIDGE Megan 10.366
7. ALLEYNE Carlissa 9.500

Maisie again topped the beam standings, although given her scoring capability on this piece, looks to have had a few issues, or perhaps a fall. Megan Splain was in second, and Zoe Simmons third.

1. METHUEN Maisie 13.266
2. SPLAIN Megan 12.866
3. SIMMONS Zoe 12.733
4. CLEMENTS Ellie 12.133
5. RABIOTTI Olivia 11.933
6. ALLEYNE Carlissa 11.033
7. BRIDGE Megan 10.633

Finally on floor, Maisie again achieved the highest score, Carlissa Alleyne second, and Zoe Simmons third.

1. METHUEN Maisie 13.033
2. ALLEYNE Carlissa 12.533
3. SIMMONS Zoe 12.500
4. BRIDGE Megan 12.233
5. RABIOTTI Olivia 12.133
6. SPLAIN Megan 12.000
7. CLEMENTS Ellie 10.700




In the Espoir category, Paige Thomas of Neath Afan took the title in the Welsh championships, with Amelia Thomas of Cardiff Olympic taking silver, and Isabel Thomas of Cardiff Central bronze. Paige took the vault and floor highest scores for the Welsh girls, and Amelia the beam and bars.

Womens Espoir Welsh – All Around

1. THOMAS Paige 47.965
2. THOMAS Amelia 46.766
3. THOMAS Isabel 44.432
4. GAYNOR Ella 42.865

The open event saw two of Sapphire’s  gymnasts top the standings, second year Espoir Hallie Copperwheat, and fist year Espoir Ondine Achampong. Hallie placed 4th on floor in December’s British Espoir Championship finals, and followers of British age groups will know that Ondine has won the last two combined British Championships in her age group, and is very much one to watch as she moves into the Espoir ranks. It seems that Ondine may have had some trouble on beam today, possibly even two falls looking at her score compared to her usual level.

Womens Espoir Open – All Around

1. COPPERWHEAT Hallie 50.199
2. ACHAMPONG Ondine 48.198
3. THOMAS Paige 47.965
4. MATTHEWS Lauren 47.299
5. THOMAS Amelia 46.766
6. THOMAS Isabel 44.432
7. GAYNOR Ella 42.865
8. HANCOCK Emer 42.699
9. WILLIAMS Kiera 41.732

On vault Hallie took the top spot, followed by Ondine, then Paige Thomas. Every gymnast vaulted just once in this age group.

1. COPPERWHEAT Hallie 13.133
2. ACHAMPONG Ondine 13.033
3. THOMAS Paige 12.866
4. MATTHEWS Lauren 12.70
5. WILLIAMS Kiera 12.566
6. THOMAS Isabel 12.333
7. GAYNOR Ella 12.166
8. THOMAS Amelia 11.70
9. HANCOCK Emer 11.40

On bars Ondine was awarded  the highest score, then Hallie, then Lauren Matthews also of Sapphire.

1. ACHAMPONG Ondine 12.333
2. COPPERWHEAT Hallie 11.866
3. MATTHEWS Lauren 11.100
4. HANCOCK Emer 9.233
5. WILLIAMS Kiera 7.733

On beam Hallie again took the top spot with Lauren Matthews second, and Emer Hancock of City of Worcester in third.

1. COPPERWHEAT Hallie 12.500
2. MATTHEWS Lauren 11.666
3. HANCOCK Emer 10.900
4. ACHAMPONG Ondine 10.366
5. WILLIAMS Kiera 10.300

Finally on floor, Hallie again took gold with Ondine in silver, and Lauren Matthews in bronze.

1. COPPERWHEAT Hallie 12.700
2. ACHAMPONG Ondine 12.466
3. MATTHEWS Lauren 11.833
4. HANCOCK Emer 11.166
5. WILLIAMS Kiera 11.133


Congratulations to all gymnasts and coaches, we will see some of these gymnasts next at the British team Championships in just under two weeks time.