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Congratulations to The Academy of Gymnastics, British Team Champions 2016. City of Liverpool finished in second place, and South Durham third.

There were many GB squad members in action today, in the earlier round Seniors Georgia Mae Fenton and Tyesha Mattis for East London, and Gabby Jupp for Sapphire, although no Teal Grindle. Junior squad members Oriel Powell (still an Espoir), Megan Parker, and Taeja  James of City of Birmingham. Also competing for Sapphire was British development squad member Ondine Achampong the current Level 2 British champion who as just entered the Espoir age group, and as such is old enough to compete at the championships.

There were so many routines, far to many to comment on, so here are  few videos and a few descriptions from the notes I made while trying to watch four screens at once!

From the morning session, Tyesha began well on beam, a few wobbles, but all her difficulty for 14.00

On floor Tyesha was competing for the first time since 2014, opening with a full in, she landed badly, and that was the end of her routine and her competition. I can’t imagine how frustrating this was for her, Tyesha is such a talented gymnast, and I very much hope she can recover well, then enjoy a long injury free career to fulfil her potential.

Georgia Mae Fenton in her senior debut was beautiful as ever on floor. She opened with a new two and a half twist, then a double tuck, a little short, and finished with a straight front double twist. No bars today which is her strongest piece, but the 16th highest score on beam.

Also doing well for East London is new Espoir Samanta Katkevica who finished 5th in the combined 2015 level 2 national championships. Samanta did particularly well on vault where she was the equal third highest scorer despite not being senior until 2020.

`The young City of Birmingham team entered their first championships, this is a team that could well take the title in future years, with three national junior squad members competing today, and many talented up and coming gymnasts. They had a mixed day, but with Taeja 4th on vault, Megan 5th on bars, Taeja 7th on beam, and Megan 3rd on floor, you can see the potential here.

Gabby Jupp returned for Sapphire after her warm up at the Welsh Championships a few weeks ago. She placed 7th on beam with a strong routine, just the watered down dismount as she continues her recovery. Gabby placed 8th on floor with a beautiful routine really well presented, the tumbling is coming back, and she just deserves so much credit for fighting back yet again after such devastating injury. In her best result of the day, Gabby then did brilliantly to finish behind Becky Downie and Becky Tunney with the 3rd Highest bars score.

Ondine who also isn’t a senior until 2020 placed 4th on beam behind Becky, Amy and Tyesha, remember the name of this young gymnast, we’ll likely be hearing a lot of her over the next few years.

In the second round, although without British senior squad member Georgina Hockenhull, Park Wrekin fielded two of the British Junior squad, fresh from their efforts at the International Gymnix, Alice Kinsella and Ellesse Oates. Both girls upped their vault scores from Gymnix, then Alice unfortunately came off the bar on her Pak, a repeat of her Gymnix routine. Alice absolutely has this skill, she warmed it up without issue, and I’m sure we’ll see her catch it without issue at the English and British. Ellesse did very well on beam upping her score by 0.4 to take 5th place, and also scored higher on floor, so some very good work for her. Alice placed 6th on beam, and floor, and will be one of the strong contenders for the English and British junior titles over the next few weeks.

Amy Tinkler led the South Durham team, she competed a her DTY for 14.90 and the highest vault score. On bars she fell on the new Tkatchev from the Maloney, but she did seem to have a lot more swing on it today, as well as through the rest of the routine, so she is building nicely here.
On beam Amy took out the standing full, she did warm it up, and I think fell once, and landed the other, so obviously decided to leave it out just for today. The three layouts were absolutely solid though. The tumbles on floor were the same as the American Cup, no issues at all on the double tuck today though, easily round and landed. Highest floor score for Amy today too.

South Durham have some lovely young gymnasts, not everything came off for all of them today, but they are looking good for the future, and the bronze medal for the team reflected this. Leah Greenland on beam particularly stood out, another very young gymnast not senior till 2020, and 7th highest score of the day. Leah finished 4th in the British Level two combined championships 2015, and is a member of the British development squad, so one to watch.

Liverpool had two British squad members, Junior Lucy Stanhope, and Senior Becky Tunney. They of course also have Senior Charlie Fellows, but she wasn’t competing today. Lucy had a mixed day, she vaulted a full twisting Yurchenko, for the 6th highest score, then had a bit of a form issue on her Jaeger on bars, and a late turn on the giant full but everything else was good, and she finished with an excellent dismount for eighth place.

On beam Lucy had a wobble on her full twisting flick, then she had a great save after the flick layout, where I think she usually does another layout, but seemed to catch her foot, and did well to made the flick and keep it on. The rest was solid, and with a little more confidence will be a strong routine for her as she has a lot of good work on this piece.

Becky Tunney is another gymnast on her way back, we saw her at the Osijek grand Prix last year on beam and floor, today she competed four pieces. Full twisting Yurchenko vault, but she did warm up a double. Becky competed her big difficulty on bars, including the  Church to Bhardwaj  combination for the second highest score of the day.  Great to see her back on this piece as she is such a strong bar worker.  Yes she may have run out of steam just at the end, but this is a big routine, and for the first time out, a great effort for 14.40 and the second highest score of the day.

On beam Becky had a fall on her side somi, but made the pike front, the change to change quarter, and the flick tuck. She finished with a change half then double pike dismount. On floor she tumbled whip double Arabian, one and a half to double twist, double tuck, and double pike.

Finally, The Academy fielded three GB senior squad members to take the title. Ruby Harrold vaulted a full twisting Yurchenko today for 13.850, then went for her unique and difficult bar routine, which went well until just at the end where she does a handstand hop change into her double front dismount. She didn’t make the handstand hop, so had to stop and then try it again. The score of 14.150 even with big break is reflective of the quality of a world bar finalist routine.

On beam, opening with the same as she did at world championships, change to split jump, then change half. She then went for a new Illusion turn instead of the front somi (one D for another), where she did have quite a wobble, but managed to keep it on. She also went for a new sissone free cartwheel connection, she didn’t make it today, but an upgrade. Flick layout is still there, as is the change to ring, and today a gainer straight back instead of the double tuck she was using, same value skills, but a change for this year.

No floor for Ruby today, she has a new routine which we will have to wait a little longer to see. Her Academy teammates did well on floor though with Phoebe Turner placing second on the day with 13.90 for two and a half to straight front, triple twist, double twisting straight front, and double pike.

Junior Zoe Simmons landed her big double front, Abi Solari tumbled a full in, one and a half to straight front, two and a half, and double tuck. Epsoir AA silver medalist Amelia Knight had a fall on her front from the one and a half, but did well other than that, and April Maslen although not a high in difficulty really performed her well choreographed routine. The Academy routines are available  here, some great work from this strong team




Becky Downie competed as an individual which is why her scores don’t appear on the lists, this is also why some of the placements I have given are one lower that on the lists as Becky was the actual highest scorer on bars and beam.

Before I get onto bars and beam, excitingly Becky warmed up vault too. No competition, but she did a big straight Yurchenko, a big full twisting Yurchenko, then another big straight Yurchenko. The full twist was very high, very straight, and had plenty of time left for more. Becky always had a great DTY, and it looks like she’s working on bringing it back for this year. With her bars and beam added to that, she’s looking very good.

On beam first, the same splits mount, the front somi to open. Good free cartwheel layout, same excellent extension as we’re used to seeing from her. A new leap series, change to change half, it seems Becky has taken out the C value spin which she didn’t receive credit for at World’s, and replaced it with the D value leap. She changed the series in the middle from spin-free walkover-sissone, to sissone-spin-free walkover, having to pause between the spin and the free walkover, Becky then added a sissone for the 0.1 connection value. Side somi, change to ring which was brought sharply under control at the end, then finishing with a double pike. Clean work as ever from Becky, and should she add the W jump to the front which she does when it’s absolutely solid, she seems to be going for a big 6.3 D score here. 14.650  (6.2 D) today, another big beamer for the GB seniors.

On bars it’s going to be interesting where Becky goes with her routine this year. Today she seemed to go for her 2015 routine, although she missed the Shang from the Chow to high bar, and just moved on to the toe full to the Downie, to the Pak. 15.10 for not the whole planned routine having to count a C instead of the usual F value Shang, and losing the 0.2 in connection value, so a 6.4 D as opposed to 6.9.  Still a very big score, and possibility of a huge one.  I am really hoping to see Becky make the Rio team and hit her biggest routines out there. She is a genuine medal contender on this piece.

Full results


1. The Academy 208.600

Ruby Harrold
Abi Solari
Phoebe Turner
Zoe Simmons
April Maslen
Amelia Knight

2. City of Liverpool 206.450

Jade Stedford
Kelsey Ann Moore
Rebecca Tunney
Olivia Williams
Lucy Stanhope
Ellee Cheetham

3. South Durham 203.000

Amy Tinkler
Mia Scott
Leah Rocket
Leah Greenland
Jade Armstrong
Dena Kirk

4. Park Wrekin 200.400

Alice Kinsella
Ellesse Oates
Isla Warr
Phoebe Nicholls
Georgina Clements
Nicole Coman

5. Sapphire 198.550

Gabby Jupp
Hallie Copperwheat
Ondine Achampong
Lauren Matthews
Megan Splain

6. City of Birmingham 197.000

Megan Parker
Taeja James
Eden Edwards
Oriel Powell
Alissia Barlow
Rachel Fraser

7. City of Glasgow 185.350

Jessica Wright
Ellie Breadner
Cara Kennedy
Megan Morrison
Shannon Archer
Emma Mackey

8. DGC2k 177.400

Rebecca Farningham
Hayley Bell
Rosa Huxley-Holm
Sarah McKenzie
Sofia Ramzen

9. Manx 173.250

Grace Harrison
Emily Dale Beeton
Madison Nicol
Radah Patel
Isabel Hester

10. East London 142.650

Tyesha Mattis
Georgia Mae Fenton
Samanta Katkevica
Claudia Chmielowska

No official AA results, but there is a trophy for the highest scorer, and Amy Tinkler was the recipient.. Scoring 56.55 counting a fall, and watering down on beam, Amy is flying already this year, and is heading for some big AA totals.


TINKLER Amy 14.900 1
CHEETHAM Ellee 14.100 2
KATKEVICA Samanta 14.050 3
TUNNEY Rebecca 14.050 3
KINSELLA Alice 14.000 5
JAMES Taeja 13.950 6
STEDFORD Jade 13.950 6
SIMMONS Zoe 13.850 8
STANHOPE Lucy 13.850 8
HARROLD Ruby 13.850 8
OATES Ellesse 13.800 11
ARMSTRONG Jade 13.800 11
SOLARI Abigail 13.750 13
CHMIELOWSKA Claudia 13.750 13
HARRISON Grace 13.450 15
MASLEN April 13.350 16
TURNER Phoebe 13.300 17
ACHAMPONG Ondine 13.200 18
ARCHER Shannon 13.100 19
KENNEDY Cara 12.900 20
COPPERWHEAT Hallie 12.850 21
BELL Hayley 12.850 21
MATTHEWS Lauren 12.850 21
MCKENZIE Sarah 12.800 24
GREENLAND Leah 12.800 24
EDWARDS Eden 12.700 26
MORRISON Megan 12.700 26
RAMZAN Sofia 12.650 28
SCOTT Mia 12.600 29
BREADNER Ellie 12.550 30
FENTON Georgia-Mae 12.500 31
WILLIAMS Olivia 12.500 31
HESTER Isabel 12.500 31
MACKEY Emma 12.500 31
WARR Isla 12.400 35
FARNINGHAM Rebecca 12.350 36
SPLAIN Megan 12.300 37
NICHOLLS Phoebe 12.300 37
NICOL Madison 12.250 39
ROCKETT Leah 12.250 39
COMAN Nicole 12.250 39
BARLOW Alissia 11.850 42
DALE-BEETON Emily 11.850 42
PARKER Megan 11.700 44
BURNS Nicole 11.450 45
HOLM-HUXLEY Rosa 11.200 46
POWELL Oriel 11.100 47


*Becky Downie 15.10

TUNNEY Rebecca 14.400 1
JUPP Gabrielle 14.150 2
HARROLD Ruby 14.150 2
PARKER Megan 13.700 4
TINKLER Amy 13.300 5
SOLARI Abigail 12.950 6
STANHOPE Lucy 12.900 7
TURNER Phoebe 12.800 8
OATES Ellesse 12.550 9
CLEMENTS Georgina 12.450 10
KINSELLA Alice 12.450 10
WILLIAMS Olivia 12.400 12
SIMMONS Zoe 12.300 13
JAMES Taeja 11.900 14
ACHAMPONG Ondine 11.850 15
MASLEN April 11.650 16
COPPERWHEAT Hallie 11.650 16
POWELL Oriel 11.500 18
BARLOW Alissia 11.500 18
CHEETHAM Ellee 11.400 20
KENNEDY Cara 11.350 21
KIRK Dena 11.350 21
HARRISON Grace 11.200 23
ARCHER Shannon 11.050 24
MATTHEWS Lauren 11.000 25
SPLAIN Megan 11.000 25
WARR Isla 10.800 27
MCKENZIE Sarah 10.700 28
SCOTT Mia 10.600 29
ROCKETT Leah 10.450 30
HOLM-HUXLEY Rosa 10.400 31
GREENLAND Leah 10.350 32
MOORE Kelsey Ann 10.300 33
RAMZAN Sofia 10.200 34
COMAN Nicole 10.100 35
KATKEVICA Samanta 9.900 36
BURNS Nicole 9.750 37
EDWARDS Eden 9.450 38
MORRISON Megan 9.450 38
BELL Hayley 9.150 40
BREADNER Ellie 8.850 41
HESTER Isabel 8.750 42
WRIGHT Jessica 8.200 43
FARNINGHAM Rebecca 7.750 44
PATEL Radha 6.500 45
NICOL Madison 5.550 46


*Becky Downie 14.650

TINKLER Amy 14.100 1
MATTIS Tyesha 14.000 2
ACHAMPONG Ondine 13.350 3
OATES Ellesse 13.200 4
KINSELLA Alice 13.150 5
GREENLAND Leah 13.100 6
JUPP Gabrielle 13.100 6
JAMES Taeja 13.100 6
KENNEDY Cara 12.950 9
HARROLD Ruby 12.800 10
STEDFORD Jade 12.750 11
SIMMONS Zoe 12.600 12
TUNNEY Rebecca 12.450 13
STANHOPE Lucy 12.350 14
FENTON Georgia-Mae 12.300 15
ROCKETT Leah 12.250 16
KATKEVICA Samanta 12.200 17
CHMIELOWSKA Claudia 12.000 18
PARKER Megan 12.000 18
MCKENZIE Sarah 11.950 20
MORRISON Megan 11.900 21
KNIGHT Amelia 11.900 21
MASLEN April 11.850 23
TURNER Phoebe 11.800 24
HARRISON Grace 11.700 25
WILLIAMS Olivia 11.650 26
ARMSTRONG Jade 11.650 26
SPLAIN Megan 11.600 28
COMAN Nicole 11.500 29
CHEETHAM Ellee 11.400 30
MATTHEWS Lauren 11.350 31
NICOL Madison 11.350 31
BARLOW Alissia 11.200 33
EDWARDS Eden 11.050 34
SCOTT Mia 10.900 35
NICHOLLS Phoebe 10.900 35
COPPERWHEAT Hallie 10.700 37
WARR Isla 10.350 38
WRIGHT Jessica 10.100 39
RAMZAN Sofia 10.050 40
BREADNER Ellie 9.950 41
POWELL Oriel 9.950 41
DALE-BEETON Emily 9.800 43
PATEL Radha 9.700 44
BELL Hayley 9.650 45
BURNS Nicole 9.600 46
ARCHER Shannon 9.000 47
HOLM-HUXLEY Rosa 8.350 48
FARNINGHAM Rebecca 8.000 4


TINKLER Amy 14.250 1
TURNER Phoebe 13.900 2
PARKER Megan 13.350 3
TUNNEY Rebecca 13.250 4
SOLARI Abigail 13.150 5
KINSELLA Alice 13.100 6
CLEMENTS Georgina 13.000 7
JUPP Gabrielle 12.950 8
ARMSTRONG Jade 12.900 9
FENTON Georgia-Mae 12.850 10
SIMMONS Zoe 12.800 11
POWELL Oriel 12.750 12
STEDFORD Jade 12.750 12
KENNEDY Cara 12.700 14
JAMES Taeja 12.650 15
ARCHER Shannon 12.650 15
GREENLAND Leah 12.600 17
MASLEN April 12.600 17
MCKENZIE Sarah 12.500 19
OATES Ellesse 12.500 19
KATKEVICA Samanta 12.400 21
KIRK Dena 12.350 22
COPPERWHEAT Hallie 12.300 23
WARR Isla 12.300 23
WILLIAMS Olivia 12.250 25
CHMIELOWSKA Claudia 12.250 25
BARLOW Alissia 12.100 27
SPLAIN Megan 12.050 28
HARRISON Grace 12.050 28
MATTHEWS Lauren 12.000 30
STANHOPE Lucy 11.950 31
EDWARDS Eden 11.750 32
MORRISON Megan 11.650 33
SCOTT Mia 11.550 34
RAMZAN Sofia 11.550 34
BREADNER Ellie 11.500 36
MOORE Kelsey Ann 11.500 36
MACKEY Emma 11.400 38
BELL Hayley 11.250 39
KNIGHT Amelia 11.250 39
ACHAMPONG Ondine 11.250 39
NICOL Madison 11.000 42
FARNINGHAM Rebecca 11.000 42
NICHOLLS Phoebe 11.000 42
PATEL Radha 10.750 45
HESTER Isabel 10.650 46
BURNS Nicole 10.400 47
HOLM-HUXLEY Rosa 9.850 48
MATTIS Tyesha 4.450 49





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