Full Results English Senior Championships 2016



Congratulations to Claudia Fragapane who takes the English senior title for 2016.

Claudia scored an AA personal best of 57.60, bettering her previous highest total of 55.50 from the 2015 British by 2.10. Starting on bars, she made the new routine, including the Church-Pak combination, and held the pike position over the bar in the Church. 14.40 is a great score for her on this piece.

On beam she had a fall on the new standing Arabian, and it looked like she went for a tucked full twist from the flick instead of the straight she performed in Glasgow.  I have a note that she did a switch half which would be different or in addition to the change to sheep jump, but I was also trying to keep track of another routine at the same time, so will wait for video to appear to confirm that. Standing full, a wobble on the free cartwheel, and finishing with a great double pike dismount.

Edit: Having seen Claudia’s beam again, she has added the change half which takes the A dance skill she was counting out, and replaces it with a D value skill. Her dance skills are now D,D,C for 1.1 as opposed to D,C,A for 0.8. A different angle on the flick full shows it a lot straighter just with some leg form issues which is why from the angle we got on the live feed a had it as a tuck. It makes more sense, as she can’t do two tuck full in one routine and receive difficulty value for both. The whole routine is now out of a huge 6.9 difficulty.

On floor Claudia went for the same routine as she did in Glasgow, full twisting double straight to open, double Arabian with a big pace, triple twist, and finishing with a double straight with a small pace.

Finally on vault, double twisting Yurcheko which looked much improved from the one she did in Glasgow, and she scored 14.750. Hopefully a video will emerge so we can have a better look.

Amy Tinkler of South Durham took the silver medal with 56.550, again a strong AA total, and just 0.1 off her best from 2015, with I believe no major mistakes (I did miss her bars), but plenty of room for the score to lift further.

Amy started on beam, just a small wobble on the three layout series, free walkover, then the spin. Change half, just the standing tuck today instead of the full twist, and a strong triple twist with a pace back.

On floor, Amy also kept the same tumbles we have seen so far this year, full  twisting double straight really well landed, a step on the full in which has a lot of height and energy in it, I still think she’s going to put the double double here. One and a half to double tuck, and finishing with a double pike with a large step. 13.90 today, she can and will go a lot higher.

Big double twisting Yurchenko, this vault just seems to be getting bigger and straighter this year. She had a large step on landing, and still scored 15.050. It will be interesting to see whether Amy is going for a maxed out DTY or going to produce an Amanar as the year progresses. Either way she will score well here.

I missed Amy’s bars as the feed went down. She scored 13.60 today, and was warming up the same routine as she performed at the American Cup.


The bronze medal went to Abi Solari of The Academy, great result for the new senior. Abi started on vault with a nice handspring front half for 13.70, she has a lovely front full she’s been training , so will improve even  further here.

On bars she swings well although doesn’t have huge difficulty at the moment, but did finish with a lovely double front half dismount.

I had difficulty with the feed for Abi’s beam, and it had gone completely by the time The Academy moved to floor, so wish I could bring more detail. Hopefully there will be video available of both pieces.

Of the guests competing, senior Welsh Champion Rebecca Moore scored a total of 50.20 which would have placed her 5th overall in the standings.


AA results 

1 57.600 – Claudia Fragapane (Bristol Hawks)
2 56.550 – Amy Tinkler (South Durham)
3 51.800 – Abigail Solari (The Academy)
4 50.400 – Phoebe Turner (The Academy)
5 49.600 – April Maslan (The Academy)
6 47.100 – Lottie Smith (Huntingdon Olympic)
7 47.000 – Victoria Ashworth (Bristol)
8 46.250 – Chelsea Court (City of Bristol Centre)
9 45.900 – Polina Poliakova (Pipers Vale)
10 45.750 – Laura Glover (The Norfolk Academy)
11 45.650 – Bree Warren (Baskerville)
12 45.350 – Polly Hitchings (Heathrow)
13 45.250 – Caitlin Dyer (Waveney)
14 44.800 – Emma Adams (Gymstars)
15 44.150 – Ellie Haberfield (The Academy)
16 44.100 – Katie Meadow (Southport YMCA)
17 43.350 – Eden Edwards (City of Birmingham)
18 43.200 – Lucy Moxham (Marriotts)
19 42.800 – Danielle Barnes (Dynamo)
20 41.650 – Rachelle Flambard (Regent)
21 39.900 – Ruby Harrold (The Academy)
22 39.450 – Georgia-Mae Fenton (East London)
23 38.750 – Ella-Mae Jones (Kettering Olympic)
24 36.350 – Emily Cantwell (Rushmoor)
25 34.100 – Caprice Miloro (Loughborough Students)
26 33.550 – Rebecca Whatmore (Loughborough Students)
27 33.200 – Kara Heaton (Warrington)
28 27.050 – Rebecca Downie (Notts)
29 23.450 – Noemi Seminara (Harrow)
30 21.600 – Georgina Clements (Park Wrekin)
31 21.550 – Carrie Walker (Abingdon)
32 11.650 – Carmen Horvat (Loughborough Students)



Of those that vaulted twice, the top average went to Katie Meadow of Southport, the silver to Danielle Barnes of Dynamo, and the bronze to Rachelle Flambard of Regent.

1 13.075 – Katie Meadow (Southport YMCA)
2 12.375 – Danielle Barnes (Dynamo)
3 11.825 – Rachelle Flambard (Regent)
4 11.775 – Bree Warren (Baskerville)
5 11.175 – Polly Hitchings (Heathrow)



Claudia took the top spot on bars having made her new routine.

Becky Downie I missed completely so hopefully someone has filmed.  I know she did have some trouble on her Pak, going into a back hip circle, and having to complety stop. We know Becky is a 15+ bar  worker on this piece. Amy took the bronze, as I mentioned above, I lost the feed after the bar warm up, so cannot comment on how she went.

Ruby Harold placed 4th, but the exciting news is she upgraded here. She now has a Tkatchev straight from the Maloney, and immediately into the Bhardwaj. Fantastic combination, it didn’t fully come off today as she did hit her feet on the floor after the Bhardwaj, but I did see her do it without issue in warm up.

1 14.050 – Claudia Fragapane (Bristol Hawks)
2 13.750 – Rebecca Downie (Notts)
3 13.600 – Amy Tinkler (South Durham)
4 12.600 – Abigail Solari (The Academy)
5 12.100 – Ruby Harrold (The Academy)
6 12.050 – Phoebe Turner (The Academy)
7 11.450 – Polly Hitchings (Heathrow)
8 11.250 – April Maslan (The Academy)
9 10.950 – Lottie Smith (Huntingdon Olympic)
10 10.500 – Victoria Ashworth (Bristol)


Claudia took the beam title despite a fall on her new standing Arabian. Upping her D score yet again by another 0.3 with the new dance element meant she still brings in a big score here even with the error.

Amy and Ruby went though with some errors, but no huge issues, Becky Downie obviously had some trouble here, as again she is a big scoring beam worker.

1 14.350 – Claudia Fragapane (Bristol Hawks)
2 14.000 – Amy Tinkler (South Durham)
3 13.700 – Ruby Harrold (The Academy)
4 13.300 – Rebecca Downie (Notts)
5 13.200 – Phoebe Turner (The Academy)
6 13.000 – Georgia-Mae Fenton (East London)
7 12.800 – April Maslan (The Academy)
8 12.600 – Abigail Solari (The Academy)
9 11.800 – Carrie Walker (Abingdon)
10 11.750 – Victoria Ashworth (Bristol)


Again the floor title went to Claudia, big tumbles, one big pace on landing the double Arabian, but otherwise very clean.

Amy landed her  opening full twisting double straight well, but did have a pace on the rest of her landings including a bigger one on the double pike, so took a few landing deductions today.

Georgia Mae Fenton was stylish as ever to take the bronze. Not the huge difficulty in tumbling, two and a half, double tuck, straight front double twist. Georgia spins really well, and has a double spin with free leg to vertical, and a full spin with free leg to vertical, double spin, back spin combination.

1 14.450 – Claudia Fragapane (Bristol Hawks)
2 13.900 – Amy Tinkler (South Durham)
3 13.550 – Georgia-Mae Fenton (East London)
4 13.050 – Georgina Clements (Park Wrekin)
5 12.900 – Abigail Solari (The Academy)
6 12.700 – April Maslan (The Academy)
7 12.400 – Polina Poliakova (Pipers Vale)
8 12.250 – Katie Meadow (Southport YMCA)
9 12.150 – Emma Adams (Gymstars)
10 12.100 – Lottie Smith (Huntingdon Olympic)


Congratulations to all gymnasts and coaches.