Report And Video, Becky Tunney At The Stuttgart World Cup

Becky Tunney travelled to Stuttgart Germany to continue her comeback at the DBT Pokal  World Cup. Becky competed AA last week at the British team championships, but has been fighting back from injury for a long time now, and is still working her way back to full strength.

She was last at her best this time two years ago when she took the British AA title, then was part of the silver medal winning British team at the European championships. Becky didn’t then compete for about 14 months until September last year when she represented Liverpool at British teams competing on beam and floor only, then again in September when she travelled to the Osijek Grand Prix also competing on just beam and floor.

So one week ago her first AA competition for two years, then back onto the international stage for her second.

Starting on vault, Becky performed her full twisting Yurchenko. A solid enough vault, she was a little staggered going onto the table, but a nice clean twist, and the hop back on landing  for 13.90. Having seen her warm up the double twist last week which just isn’t quite ready yet, Becky is still clearly building here.

13.90 (5.00 D 8.90 E)


On bars Becky received the third highest score of the day, and performed the joint highest difficulty. Hecht mount, stalder half to Jaeger, a little bent armed on the catch, but off to a good start. Next the Church linked to the Bhardwaj combination, so difficult, and so well performed. Becky gets great height on the Church, then holds excellent form on the Bhardwaj throughout. You can pause the video anywhere on the skill, her legs are straight and locked together, and her body line is stretched. Next the impressive three skills linked together, Maloney from low to high bar, Pak back to low bar, then Stalder Shap with half turn back to high again all with really well held form. Giant full straight into the full out, great routine for only her second time out.
Interesting to note that most of the E score detections will have come on the simpler skills here, the short casts and late turns Becky can improve. A great effort after such a long time away.

14.366 (6.40 D 7.966 E)


At the half way point Becky was in equal second place, so a great start from her on the pieces she has just started to compete again.

On to beam, and one of those days where it just didn’t go her way. Opening with the tucked front, she had a big wobble, but managed to bring it under control. The side somi again she had to fight hard, but kept it on the beam. The piked front just a small adjustment on landing, then onto the change leap.
If you’ve never done it yourself, either missing with your foot, or your foot sliding down the side of the beam is always a shocker. It doesn’t matter how many times you do it, it always sends a jolt of adrenaline through the body, it can also really hurt depending on how you hit the beam. If you do it in competition you have to gather yourself, and calm the adrenaline so you can carry on.
Becky showed her competitive experience by remounting and landing her flick to back tuck well. She was short on the split jump and W jump, but made the connection for the requirement. Full spin, then change half, again a little shot on split position, but she had settled well back into the routine. A good double pike to finish, not the routine she would have hoped for, but she dealt with it well.

11.20 (5.10 D 6.50 E)


Finally on to floor. Opening with the whip immediately into double Arabian, in the footage on BG score which is from a different angle, it looks like she didn’t have height and then the rotation in the second somersault today, causing her to land low and count a fall.
Change half, then second tumble a double tuck, well landed without a pace. Change to tour jette half dance passage, then one and a half to double twist third tumble. Becky just lost form at the end of the double twist and took a pace to the side on landing. Triple spin, and finishing with a well landed double pike. A shame about the fall, this is a nice routine well performed, and the audience clearly enjoyed it.
It will be interesting to see how Becky progresses on floor through the year. She has her opening tumble back, not today perhaps, but she had the height and landed it well last week. She has competed a tucked full in since her return, and I would guess she’s hoping to have that in for the second tumble. The one and a half to double was previously a two and a half, so again if she can it will probably come back, then the double pike will stay at the end. One carefully planned step at a time though, the road back for her is a marathon she’s still running, no need for interval sprints.

On the day 12.566 (5.3 D, 7.266 E)


So very much a competition of two halves for Becky today, but another step forward for her as she makes her return. I very much hope she remains injury free from now on, given her talent and capabilities, it will be very interesting to see where she can get to should she get the chance.

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