2016 British Championships Junior Apparatus Finals

The British junior apparatus finals took place on Sunday morning, alongside disability finals, and the first half of the men’s masters finals. A great experience for these young gymnasts being out in such a busy area for the first time. Twelve British Championship medals up for grabs, lets see how they fared.




Sophie Scott of Leatherhead and Dorking took the title with 13.775 average. 14.175 for her first vault, a very clean full full twisting Yurchenko with 9.175 E score, so very well performed. Sophie used the straight Yurchenko for her second vault, (juniors can use two vaults from the same group) again a good vault, high and stretched with the pace on landing for 13.375 with 8.775 E score.


Maisie Methuen took the silver with 13.712 average, her first vault the handspring pike front half scored 13.925, she was a little low in the chest on landing, and took a hop back, which stopped her going over 14 as she often does with this vault. For her second vault Maisie performed the pike front without the half turn, a very high clean pike somersault, but Maisie hit the vault a little to the side, so was off line coming off, landing within the area but off direction for 13.50


Lucy Stanhope took the bronze with 13.60 Average. A good full twisting Yurchenko to start with for 13.875. A few form faults she can tidy up to get it over the 14 mark, but a good vault. A nice straight Yurchenko for her second vault, holding the shape well, with a small hop back for 13.325.


Taeja James placed 4th with 13.512 average. Taeja performed the hardest vault of the competition, her new straight Tsukahara with full twist. The code doesn’t differentiate between Tsukaharas and Kasamatsu vaults as yet, hence referring to it as a Tsukahara, although it is a Kasamatsu. 13.25 today, a bit short in distance and on landing which caused her to come off to the side, so plenty for the E jury to deduct, but still very impressive. A nice full twisting Yurchenko second vault with a hop back for 13.775. Taeja was one of only two gymnasts to perform her vaults from different groups, so looks to be preparing to challenge for finals when she turns senior in 2018.

Megan Bridge placed 5th with 13.475 average. A full twisting Yurchenko which was lovely in the air, but she just didn’t lift her chest to land for her first vault 13.650. Second vault a really high stretched straight Yurchenko, but not quite getting a solid landing in so 13.30 with an 8.9 E which would have been over nine should she have landed more securely.

Zoe Simmons placed 6th with 13.450. Handspring pike front half to open, clean in the air with a pace to the side for 13.50. Zoe lacked a little height and distance here which kept her score down a little, but she is a very tiny gymnast. Second vault the tuck front half, good clean vault, straight down the centre, and just the pace on landing for 13.40.

Ellesse Oates placed 7th with 13.412 average. Good height on her handspring piked from half, but very low chest on landing costing her, 13.475. Good height again on the second vault, handspring piked front, just not able to bring it under control on landing, with a large then a smaller step. 13.350.

Lana Chilton placed 7th with 12.75 average, and was actually awarded the exact same score on both her vaults. A piked Yurchenko with a pace for the first vault, then a very well performed and stuck tucked Tsuk for her second.



Megan Parker took the bars title with 13.225 (4.9 D, 8.32 E). Megan is very clean with great leg extension and toe point. Hecht mount, toe half to forward giant into a good high Jaeger. Shoot half, toe full on the low bar connected to the shoot back to high bar. Nice full out dismount with a small pace. A bit short on some of her casts, but really lovely work.


Ellesse Oates took the silver with 13.175 (4.9 D, 8.28 E). Ellesse is also very clean on this piece, legs always extended and locked together, toes stretched which makes her work stand out. Lovely clean Ginger to start with, giant full to Pak, top turn shoot back to high bar. A lovely double front to finish, and she rightly looked very pleased with her performance.


Lucy Stanhope took the bronze with 13.075 (4.8 D, 8.28 E). Lucy is another clean bar worker, really stretches her swing out through the shoulders to maximise it. Very nice piked Jaeger, she was a little short on the clear circle to handstand, and late on the toe full, but very good shoot half then immediate shoot back to high bar. Nice blind in to high stuck double front, Liverpool have yet another strong bar worker coming through.


Sophie Scott placed 4th with 12.875 (4.2 D, 8.68 E). A very well performed routine from Sophie, good Jaeger, shoot half right into handstand, really good giant full right on top of the bar, and a clean double tuck dismount.

Maisie Methuen placed 5th with 12.75 (5.2 D, 7.55 E). The highest D score for Maisie, she started very well, great toe full right in handstand, toe on, Maloney to high bar into the clear circle into the Tkatchev. Good shoot half to handstand, Maisie then hit her feet on the mat coming under the bar which is what brought her score down. She completed the rest of the routine well, finishing with the full in.

Chiara Bunce finished 6th with 12.40 (4.4 D, 8.0 E). Lovely first cast to handstand then into the Tkatchev, a little tentative going into the shoot half, and a little short in  handstand on the skill. Shoot back to high bar and another good cast, nice giant full, blind in to one and a half twisting flyaway.

Taeja James placed 7th with 12.00 (5.1 D, 6.9 E). Taeja fell on her Jaeger, then really started the routine again, going from the blind in, then into the Jaeger again, this time making the skill. Toe on, then a nice Tkatchev, upstart handstand, shoot half to low bar. Shoot to high bar, nice giant full connected to the full out.

Zoe Simmons placed 8th with 11.6 (4.2, 7.4). Zoe is not quite as strong on bars as she is on her other pieces, she was a little late out of the opening stalder, then didn’t get the height or swing out of her Tkatchev. Zoe hasn’t yet got a bar change in her routine, she had a bit of trouble on her clear circle to handstand just losing tension in her back, but brought it back well. The giant full she turned well on top of the bar, a little loose in the back again, but well completed. Great double front to finish.



Alice Kinsella took the beam title with 13.30 (5.6 D, 7.8 E, 0.1 pen).  After a disappointing AA competition it was great to see Alice take the title. Flick to chest stand mount, a tiny wobble on the double spin. Change to change quarter with excellent extension and range. The free cartwheel layout which caused her problems in the AA she kept on the beam today, there was an adjustment, but she dealt with it well. A wobble on the free walkover, and unlike the English Championships, she wasn’t attempting it from the sissone here, but again no fall. The footage cuts off after the free walkover, but she finished with a good two and a half twist


Amelia Montague took the silver with 13.15 (5.2 D, 7.95 E). A small wobble on her jump to split mount, good flick layout, and a nice free walkover which she attempted to join to the split jump sissone. Free cartwheel, then beautiful change leap which she is working toward connecting to a Y scale spin. She linked the two skills, but not quickly enough here, lovely combination though. Amelia pitched forward a little from the double spin, then finished with a good two and a half with a large pace. At the moment, the video isn’t available to share with you which is a huge shame as she is so clean, so extended, has extra amplitude, beautiful choreographic touches, and brings her fantastic performance quality from floor onto the beam. You can see the routine at

India Sale took the bronze with 12.60 (4.6 D, 8.0 E). Nice change leap to split leap to start, flick layout with a wobble, but quickly controlled. Really good and well controlled side somi, free cartwheel, and a one and a half twist with a small hop to finish, great result for her.


Megain Splain placed 4th with 12.425 (4.8 D, 7.62 E). Change leap to W jump to start, flick layout well controlled. Nice back tuck, change leap with quarter turn. Megan had a big wobble on the front somi, but fought well to keep it on. Double tuck to finish.

Maisie Methuen placed 5th with 12.025 (4.9 D, 7.12 E) Highest qualifier Maisie wasn’t able to compete to her best here, way down in difficulty from her usual D scores, she missed the change leap to sissone connection at the beginning, so added a W jump to the sissone for the connection. Maisie fell on her first layout, so no flick layout layout series. A good attempt on the change to ring, and the free walkover linked to sheep jump today, but wouldn’t have been awarded either. A tentative landing on the Onodi, no huge problem though. Just the double twist dismount this championships where she usually uses the two and a half..

Taeja James placed 6th with 11.40 (5.4 D, 6.0 E). Like Maisie, she was not at her best here. Flick to chest stand, wolf turn, change to change half not quite hitting her positions on either leap. A fall on the handstand layout layout series, but a good punch front. Nice sissone to W jump, and safely through the free cartwheel today, just s small adjustment. Taeja then fell on her side somi, but finished with a nice two and a half twist.

Ellesee Oates of  was 7th with 11.35 (5.2 D, 6.15 E). Ellesse had a large wobble after her sheep jump which she had tried to link to the change leap. Safely through the flick layout, but there were form issues. A fall on the free walkover, Ellesse recovered well to land her side somi, and finish with a double tuck.

Sarah McKenzie placed 8th with 11.00 (4.5 D, 6.5 E).Sarah started well, jump to handstand, nice change leap, solid back tuck. She had a lot of power on the flick layout so it was still moving when she came into land, but she got it under control. Lovely high split jump to W jump. A small adjustment on the free walkover, full spin, then unfortunately a fall on her free cartwheel. Straight front with full twist to finish.



The floor title went to Zoe Simmons with 13.50 (5.2 D,  8.3 E). Fantastic routine from this young gymnast new to the junior ranks. Double front without a hint of a cowboy , joined directly to the stag leap, very impressive. One and a half to pike front second tumble, change side leap with the added half turn. Straight front full chassse to change half leap, then a well choreographed section directly into the  tour jete half to sissone. Lovely two and a half twist with a great landing to finish. Great routine from Zoe, fun music and choreography well selected to suit her style, good performance and projection, very well deserved British title for her.


Maisie Methuen took the silver with 13.375 (5.0 D, 8.38 E). Lovely change to ring through to split full with a nice full turning hop coming out of it. Gymnasts will often hop out of leaps as it means they won’t get downgraded should they not quite get the rotation in. More often than not they’re not particularly well done, more practical than aesthetic, but Maisie’s was lovely with arms held in ring, and a developpe out. It’s these little details that impress. Big double tuck to open, a couple of steps back on landing. Double pike, again lots of height, a little shuffle back on landing. Change leap with three quarter turn, nice double spin, then third tumble handspring straight front full twist to stag leap which was very clean. Finishing with the handspring straight front double twist with a step, another lovely routine from Maisie, also beautifully choreographed and presented.


Taeja James took the bronze with 13.325 (4.9 D, 8.42 E). High double tuck to open, straight front to full twisting straight front with a hop second tumble. Hope full through to tour jete half dance passage, change half into the corner, then straight front to straight front full. Double L spin which she wasn’t quite about to get all the way round, then a really good two and a half to finish. It’s very clear that all of her work here is well within her capabilities.
Great to see another well choreographed and presented routine, the three medalists couldn’t be more different in styles, and each routine suited each individual gymnast so well.


Alice Kinsella placed 4th with 13.10 (5.4 D, 8.0 E, 0.3 pen). Good Memmel spin, just a tiny hop round at the very end. One an a half to two and a half opening tumble which she did very well. Fully rotated and well landed triple twist, just a bit low in the chest on landing. I liked the tour jete full to change half dance passage, Alice covered a large area of the floor, and incorporated some fitting choreography between the leaps, there are nice touches throughout the routine. She had a bit of trouble on the double pike, scurrying backwards out of it, and then had to take two jumps back from her double tuck, also both landings affecting her E score.

Megan Parker placed 5th with 13.050 (4.7 D, 8.45 E 0.1 pen). Megan is just beautiful on floor, her grace, poise, fluidity, extension, and commitment to performance in addition to the detailed and intricate choreography make for such a lovely routine to watch. At the moment she is a little lower on difficulty meaning she wasn’t able to challenge, but such potential. Triple twist to open, a tiny bit short, the change to change half, beautiful toe point throughout. Double tuck second tumble, couple of small steps on landing, and a little low in the chest. Very nice Memmel spin, and a tidy double twist to finish.

Ellesse Oates placed 6th with 12.775 (4.8 D, 7.98 E). Good double spin, very high one and a half through to double twist opening tumble. Change to tour jete half nicely done, and a neat split jump full. Two and a half twist which was well done, but needed a large step to control it, double tuck with a pace to finish. A lively new routine for Ellesse, and it suits her very well.

Lana Chilton placed 7th with 12.525 (4.7 D, 7.92 E). Good double spin from Lana to start, then a tour jete half. Double pike opening tumble, with a large pace which took her out of the area. A well landed double twist second tumble, then change to ring through to change half dance passage. Two and a half twist with a pace to finish. Nicely performed routine from Lana, a little more confidence and projection in her dance would really highlight some of the very nice choreography.

Amelia Montague finished 8th with 12.175 (4.7 D, 7.48 E). Like Megan, Amelia is working from a lower D score, but has such beautiful quality in her performance, that I hope very much she is able to increase her difficulty in time. Double pike with a tiny hop to start with, then one and a half to straight front, well performed with just the hop on landing. Tour jete half, then unfortunately Amelia fell attempting the straight front double twist which was an upgrade from qualifying. Absolutely lovely change to ring to ring leap, Amelia went for the Memmel spin, but was likely only credited with the one and a half here.