Results Celtic Cup 2016

The 2016 Celtic Cup was held at Ellan Vannin Gymnastics club on the Isle on Man over the weekend.

The competition is open to Scottish, Irish, Northern Irish, Welsh, and Isle of Man junior gymnasts, who compete in two categories, Juniors for those under 16, and Minors for those under 13.

There is a team event under a 6-6-4 format where all six team members compete, and four  scores count to the team total. All gymnasts are also eligible for the AA, and apparatus titles.

In the Minors competition Scotland took the title with 181.40,  Ireland were second with 173.2 , and the Isle of Man third with 156.7

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In the AA Minors competition Kasey Morrison of Scotland took the title with 46.850, Elisha Gallagher of Ireland the silver with 44.350, aand Anna Hollins of Scotland the Bronze with 44.150.

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The vault title went to Kasey Morrison and Kirsty Fowler both of Scotland with 12.850, the bronze to Elisha Gallagher of Ireland with 12.60

Bars went to Kasey again, with 10.90. Silver to Pretoria Drever of Scotland with 10.20, bronze to Emma Slevin of Ireland with 9.750.

Sophie MacPhearson of Scotland took the beam title with 11.80, Emma Slevin the silver with 11.75, and Reine Temporaza of the Isle of Man the bronze with 11.45.

Kasey finished of a very successful day by taking the floor title with 12.1, Anna Hollins of Scotland took the silver with 11.90, and there was a three way tie for the bronze between Kirsty Fowler, Sophie MacPhearson, and Elsiha Gallagher.


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In the Junior category, the team medals went the same way, with Scotland taking the title with 189.24, Ireland the silver with 186.70, and Isle of Man the bronze with 146.95.


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The AA title went to Casey Bell of Ireland with 50.70, the silver to Meg Ryan of Ireland with 48.50, and the bronze to Isla Warr of Scotland with 48.25.

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The vault title went to Casey Bell with 13.45, the silver to Isla Warr with 13.20, and the bronze to Carly McFadden of Scotland with 13.00

Casey Bell also took the bars title with 12.50, Isla Warr the silver with 12.10, and Sofia Ramzen the bronze with 10.95.

Beam went to Meg Ryan with 12.65, silver to Casey Bell with 12.45, Bronze to Naomi Wright of Scotland with 11.50.

Megan Morrison of Scotland shared the floor title with compatriot Isla Warr, both scoring 12.45. Carly McFadden took the bronze with 12.30

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