Results and Scores GB Juniors International Switzerland

Ahead of the Junior European Championships in just a few weeks time, the British Juniors travelled to Switzerland to take on the Swiss, French, and German junior teams.

For the team competition, the top three scores from each team went towards the total to decide the result. The British team topped the standings, an encouraging result just four weeks ahead of their biggest competition of the year.

1. Great Britain 162. 600
2. France 161.750
3. Switzerland 160.750
4. Germany 158.100




In the individual competition City of Birmingham’s Taeja James won the AA with 54.100

Vault 14.100 ( 5.0 D, 9.1 E)
Bars   13.350 (5.1 D, 8.25 E)
Beam 13.650 (5.3 D, 8.35 E)
Floor  13.000 (5.0 D, 8.0 E)

Megan Parker of City of Birmingham placed second with 53.700

Vault 12.900 (4.4 D, 8.5 E)
Bars   13.450 (5.1  D, 8.35 E)
Beam 13.800 (5.2 D, 8.6 E)
Floor  13.550 (5.1 D, 8.45 E)

Lucy Stanhope of Liverpool placed ninth with 52.900

Vault 13.900 (5.0 D, 8.9 E)
Bars   12.900 (4.9 D, 8.0 E)
Beam 13.350 (5.1 D, 8.25 E)
Floor  12.750 (4.9 D, 7.65 E)

Ellesse Oates of Park Wrekin placed 16th with 51.500

Vault 13.650 (5.0 D, 8.65 E)
Bars   12.900 (4.9 D, 8.0 E)
Beam 11.950 (5.0 D, 6.95 E)
Floor  13.000 (4.9 D, 8.1 E)

Zoe Simmons of The Academy placed 19th with 50.600

Vault 13.500  (5.0 D, 8.5 E)
Bars   11.700 (4.1 D, 7.6 E)
Beam 12.400 (5.3 D, 7.1 E)
Floor  13.000 (5.2 D, 7.8 E)

Sophie Scott of Leatherhead and Dorking competed on three pieces scoring:

Vault 14.200 (5.0 D, 9.2 E)
Bars   13.050 (4.5 D, 8.55 E)
Beam 13.550 (5.4 D, 8.15 E)

Länderwettkampf SUI-GER-FRA-GBR

Individually looking at the top eight on each piece, Sophie took the highest score of the day on vault, with Taeja third.

Megan placed first on bars with Taeja third.

Megan placed second on beam with Taeja fifth, Sophie sixth, and Lucy seventh.

Megan placed first on floor



Well done to gymnasts and coaches, some great results.

Full results here:

I think it’s safe to assume that English junior champion Alice Kinsella and  British champion Maisie Methuen who were absent today have booked their spots on the junior European team, along with Taeja James. The remaining places will be interesting to see, if all of the British juniors were at full strength this would have been a huge fight with so many talented gymnasts to choose from!

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