Results, Report, Video. Ellie and Ruby at the Osijek World Cup




Ellie Downie and Ruby Harrold travelled to Osijek in Croatia for the World Cup event, another chance to test routines with European selection imminent.


The Osijek Grand Prix as it’s known is an individual apparatus event only, Ellie competed all four pieces, and Ruby competed bars, beam, and floor.

Both girls qualified to finals in every event they contested.

Ellie qualified in first place to the vault final with 14.60 Average.
She qualified for the bars final in equal fourth place with 14.00 (5.6 D, 8.4 E)
The beam final in 6th  with 13.35 (5.8 D, 7.55 E) counting a fall.
Then finally the floor final in first place again, with 14.350 (6.0 D, 8.35 E)

Ruby qualified in third place to the bars final with 14.400 (6.5 D, 7.9 E)
In fourth place to the beam final with 13.650 (5.4 D, 8.25 E)
Then in third place on floor with 13.900 (5.6 D, 8.3 E)

Full qualification results available here:

Click to access Grand-Prix-Osijek-2016.-Žito-Challenge-Cup-Qualifications-Book-WAG-1.pdf

Finals took place over two days,  on  Saturday vault and bars, on  Sunday beam and floor.

Ellie took the vault title with 14.850 Average. Her double twisting Yurchenko was high with a great block, and very clean, as we have come to expect from her. A little off line, and a small hop the only real errors here 14.975 (5.8 D, 9.175 E).
Her second vault the Lopez was again very clean, great block, a little close of the hips coming into land, with a small hop on landing, but great vaulting. So many time we see gymnasts hit the vault off line with legs apart and soft at the knees, Ellie really stands out for the quality of her work here 14.725 (5.6 D, 9.125 E)



On to bars, and Ellie took her second title of the day. For the first time this year she added back in her toe full before her piked Tkatchev into the Pak, not only did this give her the 0.5 composition requirement she had been missing, but she also gained 0.1 in connection value. Working the same routine as late 2015, there is great potential for yet another very high scoring piece for Ellie here.
14.675 (6.3 D, 8.375 E) is one of Ellie’s highest ever scores on this piece so far, and there is room for improvement still. The toe full was quite late, and she was short on two casts. Other than that, good work, and the second highest D score of the day by 0.1.



Ruby is getting her new routine out there, and today it just didn’t totally come off for her. Sometimes it goes like that when you have such hugely difficult new work, the upgrade she has added this year caused the problem. It’s hard to see from the angle, but although she caught the Tkatchev well enough, she definitely didn’t get the lift into the Bhardwaj that she has been getting which suggests the Tkatchev wasn’t quite right for such a huge combination. Fortunately Ruby was ok after the fall, and the rest of the routine was very well done. The double front in particular span like a top and was well controlled on landing. Fourth place with 13.425 (6.2 D, 7.225 E) this routine goes from a 6.6 when everything is connected, so again big scoring potential.



On to Sunday, and beam first. Ruby opened with change leap, paused, then went for the change half. She added the sissone to make sure of the requirement. Good extension and range throughout all three leaps. Nice front somi with a small adjustment, and a step. Ruby had her biggest problem on the attempt at her new illusion turn where she didn’t make it all the way round, and had a large wobble. There were small adjustments on the flick layout, free cartwheel, and change to ring, but all dealt with well. The new gainer full dismount looked stronger again second time out in competition, good work throughout, but a fighting performance needed today, although most importantly kept on the beam. Sixth place with 13.275 (5.4 D, 7.875 E)



Ellie simply performed the best beam I have ever seen her do, and the highest scoring. She was exceptional throughout. Extension, amplitude, accurate, fluid, polished. She even added a split jump from the standing Arabian for good measure. This is the standard of routine we all hope to see in Bern in a few weeks, and of course in Rio in the summer. No British gymnast has scored 15.00 on beam as yet, this was oh so close. 14.950 (6.1 D, 8.85 E) is an outstanding score. Enjoy.



Finishing on floor, Ruby went for her new spin combination the double Y spin into illusion turn for 0.1 connection value, the first spin was a little off vertical at the end today, but it’s as with so much of her work, it’s new and interesting, something different from the norm. The double arabian opening tumble was back, then change to ring through to tour jete full dance passage. Great middle tumble of one and a half to straight front full into sissone beautifully controlled. Ruby also brought back the double twisting straight front for her final tumble, and attempted to add a split jump half from it for D+B 0.1 connection, so is building up again on floor. This new routine suits her so well, strong choreography needs to performed with conviction otherwise the gymnast looks lost, and Ruby directs her attention at the judges throughout.
13.675 (5.3 D, 8.375 E) and equal fourth place. The potential D score for this routine is 5.6 when everything is awarded though, so as I say, building back up.



Ellie opened with one and a half to double Arabian, a small pace to the side, and a little wobble. Great piked double Arabian second tumble, with a tiny hop back. A change to the dance passage she used at the British, where she wasn’t awarded composition requirement, and a good choice it seems for Ellie here. Change to ring through to change full, better than the tour jete half to change half. Third tumble of two and a half to punch front, a little change in order as she then put in the final leap the tour jete half before the double pike final tumble. Already Ellie is settling into this new routine, it was much more polished than at the British, and she took her fourth title of the four up for grabs, with 14.525 (6.0 D, 8.525 E) .




So a fantastic competition for Ellie, I cannot recall another gymnast of any nationality winning all four titles at a world cup event. Her AA score was 59.125 with room for improvement on bars where she was short on two casts, and late on the toe full. There is the opportunity to add the jumps back into to her floor after both double arabians  for another 0.2, and of course the will she won’t she Amanar, which I think as long as she stays healthy, she certainly will. 60 + scoring potential, incredible.

Ruby has added a lot of difficulty to open her 2016 season, and you can see how it is all going to come together as she aims for Rio selection. She had good and not so good bits over the competition, and is still returning to full strength, but it’s all there, and I can’t wait to see her put it all together which I am fully confident she will such is her quality and track record as a gymnast and competitor coming into the big events.

Well done to both gymnasts, and coaches, forward to Europeans we go!

Full Results



1. Ellie Downie GBR : 14.850

2. Tjasa Kysselef SLO : 14.200

3. Rose Kayen-Woo CAN : 13.638

4. Kirsten Beckett RSA : 13.538

5. Ema Kajic CRO : 13.463

6. Sofie Braaten NOR : 13.050

7. Helody Cyrenne CAN: 13.000

8. Dora Szekely HUN : 12.888

9. Jelena Stamenkovic SRB : 12.813



Ellie Downie GBR : 14.675 (6.3 D)

Seda Tutkhalyan RUS : 14.525 (6.0 D)

Natalya Kapitonova RUS : 14.450 (6.4 D)

Rose Kayen-Woo CAN : 13.725 (5.6 D)

Ruby Harrold GBR : 13.425 (6.2 D)

Carolyne Mercer Winche Pedro BRA : 11.800 (5.2 D)

Dorina Boeczoego HUN : 10.775 (5.2 D)

Tzuf Feldon ISL : 10.375 (4.8 D)



1. Ellie Downie GBR : 14.950 (6.1 D)

2. Seda Tutkhalian RUS : 14.650 (6.4 D)

3. Maria Kharenkova RUS : 14.925 (6.3 D)

4. Rose KAyen-Woo CAN : 14.150 (5.8 D)

5. Adela Sajin SLO : 13.925 (5.3 D)

6. Ruby Harrold GBR : 13.275 (5.4 D)

7. Carolyne Winche Pedro BRA : 12.950 (5.1 D)

8. Yana Horokhova UKR : 11.975 (5.7 D)



1. Ellie Downie GBR : 14.525 (6.0 D)

2. Natalia Kapitonova RUS : 14.100 (5.8 D)

3. Yana Horokova UKR : 13.850 (5.4 D)

4. Ruby Harrold GBR : 13,675 (5.3 D)

4. Paula M Rodriguez PUR : 13.675 (5.6 D)

6. Carolyne Winche Pedro BRA : 13.625 (5.6 D)

7. Dorina Boeczoego HUN : 13.500 (5.7 D)

8. Kiristen Beckett RSA : 13.325 (5.3 D)