Full Results GB – ITA- GER Junior International 21/05/16

All photos Georgia Urbani
In their final competition before European championships, the British Juniors headed to Carpiano Italy to take on two teams of Italian juniors, as well as a team from Germany.

It was a closely fought competition, with the British team of Alice Kinsella, Maisie Methuen, Taeja James, Lucy Stanhope, Megan Parker, and Sophie Scott doing very well to come out on top, and take the victory by just 0.150 over the Italy B team.



Team Results

1. Great Britain 215.650
2. Italy B 215.500
3. Italy A 215.200
4. Germany 203.950


In the individual competition, Alice Kinsella came out on top with a personal best AA score of 54.800. Even more encouragingly, this was a low floor score for Alice, as she regularly scores 13.50 – 13.75 on this piece, so is looking very good as a potential 55+ gymnast going into junior Europeans putting her among the very top juniors this year.


Lots of really good performances, but also the potential to improve even further. Maisie had a fall on floor, and was nearly a whole mark down on her best. BUT that huge double tuck she’s had that’s looked ready to upgrade was replaced by the new double Arabian. it didn’t come off for her on the day, but it’s absolutely ready. Again at her best Maisie could go 55 + so very exciting for Europeans.  Taeja doesn’t look to have any major errors, but had a 0.3 penalty on vault, and was a little lower on beam than when she is at her very best. Megan, and Sophie suffered falls on beam, and Lucy as we can see had a problem on floor, and although she didn’t fall on beam, was down from her usual scores on this piece.

Although though a great result for the girls, as I say they can score even higher. Going in to Junior Europeans, Russia is coming in with the higher D scores by quite a way, and should they hit there is then going to be a battle for the silver and bronze between Great Britain, France, Romania, and Italy. Can this new team of juniors equal the 2014 team and take the silver medal? They are certainly capable.

AA scores 

1) Alice Kinsella GBR 54.800
2) Giogia Villa  ITA 54.600
3) Martina May ITA 54.200
4) Martina Basile ITA 54.100
5) Maisie Methuen GBR 53.750
6) Taeja James GBR 53.550
7) Maria Vittoria Cocciolo ITA 53.500
8) Sydney Saturnino ITA 53.350
9) Asia D ‘Amato ITA 52.900
10) Catherine Cereghetti ITA 52.700
11) Sara Berardinelli ITA 52.550
12) Lucy Stanhope GBR 52.100
13) Francesca Noemi Linari ITA 51.850
14) Giulia Bencini ITA 51.800
15) Julia plates hardt GBR 51.800
16) Megan Parker GBR 51.750
17) Isabelle Stingl GER 51.350
18) ELISA IORIO ITA 51.250
19) Kristina Iltner GBR 51.050
20) Bernadetta Ciammarughti  ITA 50.050
21) Helene Sha fere GER 48.500
22) Anudari Platow GER 48.150
23) Sophie Scott GBR 39.150

Full results



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