Rio 2016 Team Announcement.

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After all the trials, squads, and controlled competitions, here they are, the Rio 2016 British Olympic team.

I will be doing individual profiles, but for the moment, Congratulations to Becky and Ellie Downie of Notts, and their coach Jo Miller, Claudia Fragapane of Bristol Hawks and her coaches Helen Potter and Rory Weavers, Ruby Harrold of The Academy and her coach Liz Kincaid, and Amy Tinkler of South Durham and her coaches Nicola Preston and Rachael Wright.

A thought for those that didn’t quite make it, many of whom just didn’t have enough time to show they were back to full strength after injury; In 2012 two of the reserves were Becky Downie, and Ruby Harrold. Just because you not an Olympian, doesn’t mean you won’t be.


The team will head to the Olympic village on the 31st on July, here’s to an amazing games for each and every one of them. Ruby, Claudia, Becky, Amy, Ellie; Forever Olympians.