Scenes From Rio 2: Podium Training

Yesterday saw the British team take to the Olympic Arena for podium training. There was no streaming available, but a little info did emerge. Seemingly it was mostly a successful outing for the team, with a few errors to be ironed out before qualification on Sunday, it sounded very much like podium training for Glasgow 2015 in that respect. Podium training is a chance for the gymnasts to test the equipment, and familiarise themselves with the podium and area, with the opportunity to then make necessary adjustments before competition.

In upgrades news, Ellie has added her Patterson dismount  (The double Arabian) back in on beam. Claudia linked her standing full to a W jump, and also did a W half which she hadn’t used thus far this year. Amy did her standing full on beam.
Amy also did a triple twist on floor, but there was no confirmation as to whether she did the single skill, or added to the one and a half twist she usually opens with on that tumble. I would imagine she did the one and a half to triple, as her previous one and a half to two and a half/double tuck was C+D+0.1 connection value for 0.8, the triple alone is an E for 0.5, and the one and a half to triple is C+E+0.2 connection value for 1.0.

There may have been more, but these are the bits I know to be true.

On to the photos! I’m going for slideshows as there will be so many pics over the course of Rio that I thought people might enjoy them more than scrolling. If you’d prefer individual images though, please let me know.

In rotaion order as the team will compete.


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All Images by Alex Livesey via Getty Images, or UEG.