Results Compulsory 2 and 1 Qualifier 10/09/16

Isabelle Yip of Park Wrekin topped the Compulsory 1 standings.

The second Compulsory 2 and 1 qualifier of the year took place at Lilleshall over the weekend, with Compulsory 2 gymnasts getting the opportunity to pass their grade so that they are able to move on to Compulsory 1 in 2017 and qualification to the British Espoir Championships. For Compulsory 1 gymnasts, a pass means they have now completed the Compulsory system, and are now fully elite level gymnasts and eligible for the British Espoir Championships in December, a huge achievement.

Compulsory 2

The pass mark here is 53.00 and all gymnasts achieved the required mark. Congratulations to:

Maisie Squire – Pipers Vale 57.750
Kirsty Buchanan – Lasswade 57.100
Abigail Duckworth – Gymmagic 56.400
Darcy Chesters – Warrington 56.300

Compulsory 1

The pass mark here is 54.00, and five gymnasts achieved their compulsory one. Congratulations to:

Isabelle Yip – Park Wrekin 61.750
Leah Greenland – South Durham 60.750
Crystal Lake – City of Glasgow 59.800
Lucy Robinson – Bury Spectrum 57.550
Jacinta Brackley – Crewe and Nantwich 54.250

Special mention to Leah Greenland of South Durham who passed her compulsory 1 with flying colours in the morning, then competed representing the North region at the Bill McLoughlin National Apparatus Team Championships in the afternoon!