Leverkusen Cup 2016

Second place trophy winners Team England 2: Victoria Ashworth, Isabel Hilliard, Tomique Gibson.

Six of the English squad travelled to Leverkusen Germany over the weekend, to take part in the annual Leverkusen Cup. Split into two teams for the competition, England 1 comprised of Erika Magpantay of Marriotts, Lottie Smith of, Huntingdon, and April Maslen of ย The Academy, England 2 Tomique Gibson of Harrow, Isabel Hilliard of Leatherhead and Dorking, and Victoria Ashworth of Bristol.

England 2 placed second overall with the highest team total on vault, and England 1 placed fifth.

In the AA despite problems on her first piece bars, Tomique Gibson had a fantastic competition on the remaining three pieces and finished in second place.

AA medalists

On individual apparatus Tomique won gold on floor and beam, and bronze on floor, Erika took silver on floor.

Beam medalists

Floor medalists

Congratulations to all gymnasts, a successful outing for team England!


Full Results


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