Cirque du Soleil Casting Opportunities.


Many readers will have been to see a Cirque du Soleil performance, the blend of acrobatics, artistry, and theatre making for captivating viewing. Many with gymnastic backgrounds will know that when finishing with competitive gymnastics, high level gymnasts world wide have joined either the static or touring shows, an opportunity to take their skills into a completely new environment, to continue their love of gymnastics, and expand their repertoire into the world of performing arts with the myriad of opportunity it has to offer.

There are over fifty artists from the UK currently performing with Cirque, among them 2008 Olympian Marissa King from Heathrow Gymnastics, and 2008 and 2012 Olympian Imogen Cairns from The Academy.

Imogen Cairns and Marissa King, from Olympians to Cirque Performers.

I have recently been contacted by a member of the Cirque casting team, to help share information of casting  requirements, and let gymnasts know that there are currently many exciting positions for high level gymnasts available. This is an exciting time to apply to Cirque du Soleil as all candidates will be immediatly considered for positions on shows and projects, not simply added to the databank of potential artists for future needs. Jobs are available now!

Male and female gymnasts may apply, candidates will need to be eighteen years and over, and have competed at a high level nationally or internationally. Having qualified to compete at British Championships through either passing elite grade/compulsory 2 (As this is for over eighteens, compulsory one didn’t exist at the time), or the Challenge Cup  is completely acceptable.

Additional requirements are as follows:

Excellent level of overall fitness including strength and flexibility

High degree of consistency in skill execution

Ability to adapt to new apparatus, environments and group training styles

Willingness to think and work creatively and outside of one’s comfort zone

Expressive, artistic and able to play in front of a large audience

Submissions instructions:

If you meet the requirements above,  applications can be made online here:

You will need:

One head & shoulders photo

One demo video featuring the following elements:
A presentation to the camera (including a face and full-body shot): tell us about yourself your background and your training and competitive experience – 1 minute
Recent competition footage (mention date) – 2-3 minutes;

Male gymnasts: high bar, rings, parallel bars;
Female gymnasts: uneven bars (full routine plus additional skills and dismounts);

Your most difficult tumbling passes on a competition floor, fast track, air mat and/or rod floor – 2 minutes;

Your highest difficulty trampoline tricks (in the bed or mat) – 1 minute;

A dance improvisation: showing how you move, let yourself go. Any style of dance, use the space and use your imagination! – 45 seconds;

A demonstration of your skills in other disciplines, if applicable (e.g. parkour, tricking, tramp wall, dance, slackline) – 2 minutes;

Flexibility (the three splits, bridge, shoulders, pike position) – 1 minute;
Strength (legless rope climb, pull-ups, piked leg lifts) – 2 minutes.

Full application requirements for all gymnastics disciplines can be found here:

You can also join the Cirque du Soleil casting page on Facebook here:

In this athlete to artist video by Cirque du Soleil, Marissa King along with Canadian Olympian Yvonne Tousek-Renne, and Autralian Olympian Shona Morgan talk about performing in ‘Amaluna’ , and being cirque artists.


Look out for an interview coming with Charlie Burrows, GB world and European tumbler, turned Cirque performer, now talent scout.