2016 Bill Slater British Junior Team Championships.

If you want to see many of the junior gymnasts that could be making senior GB teams over the next ten years and beyond the Bill Slater Junior teams is a great place to start. This year the completion was held at the G1 Leisure centre in Gloucester, with 29 teams taking part over the two days of competition.

The youngest Gymnasts must turn nine within the year of competition making them British Level 4 gymnasts, the oldest can turn 15 making them second year juniors. This means there is a large seven year age range which obviously will have an effect on the scores and position of many of the teams with much younger gymnasts.

Only gymnasts who did not represent their clubs in the 2016  British Team Championships are eligible, leaving some teams unable to field their strongest espoir and junior gymnasts. The competition works on a 6-5-4 format, and follows the junior FIG code. Clubs may enter more than one team (Provided the limit of entires from separate clubs has not been reached), and are seeded on their results from the previous year, with clubs new to the competition contesting the early rounds on the Saturday, and those who did well the previous year competing on the Sunday.

Congratualtions to Notts ‘A’ who took the title by just under four points, this is encouraging for British teams next year, when it would be great to see these young gymnasts team up with the Downie sisters to contest the British Team title. Europa took the silver, they have a young team of gymnasts age eligible for the British Team championships as of next year, so we shall see whether they choose to move up to that level, or stay in the junior ranks for a little longer. The Academy took the bronze, another strong crop of youngsters coming through for the current British team champions.

2016 Champions Notts ‘A’

Silver medalists Europa

Bronze medalists The Academy

Congratualtions to all gymnast taking part, many will be finished for the year now, however we will see a few of these young gymnasts back in a couple of weeks for the British team championships, including top AA scorers of the day Europa’s Halle Hilton, and The Academy’s Phoebe Jakubczyk.

Top Ten AA 

1= 49.950 Halle Hilton – Europa
1= 49.950 Phoebe Jakubczyk – The Academy
3. 49.700 Ramiyah Kofi – Notts ‘A’
4. 48.750 Rochelle Spencer-Smith – Heathrow
5. 48.200 Scarlett Williams – Notts ‘A’
6. 47.950 Jessica Seager – City of Newcastle
7. 47.900 Laura Cooke – The Norfolk Gymnastics Academy
8. 47.850 Chiara Bunce – Heathrow
9. 47.700 Megan Bridge – Gymmagic
10. 47.400 Rosie Bayliss – Europa

Team Results

Notts ‘A’ 196.850

Caitlin Williams
Isla Lees
Laura Kaletha
Ramiyah Kofi
Scarlett Williams
Thea Dane

Europa 192.900

Amirah Blackman
Annabel Agba
Emily Gibson
Halle Hilton
Madeleine Roberts
Rosie Bayliss

The Academy 186.900

Alice Sumners
Ellie Burgess
Ellie Clements
Lucy Hipperson
Madison Morgan
Phoebe Jakubczyk

The Norfolk Gymnastics Academy ‘A’ 186.150

Annie Young
Eleanor Hayward
Emma Atkin
Emma Hill
Grace Davies
Laura Cooke

Heathrow 185.350

Alia Leat
Chiara Bunce
Karis Jacomelli
Martha Franks
Roshelle Spencer-Smith
Tia Andrews

Warrington 181.250

Bethan Swann
Carly Briggs
Darcy Chesters
Jess Adamson
Lucy Swann
Sofia Rodriquez Mendoza

Cardiff Central ‘A’ 180.500

Carrlisa Alleyne
Ella Gaynor
Isabel Thomas
Lauren Davey
Macey Chapman
Sophie Wickham

Huntingdon 180.250

Anna Jenkin
Elizabeth MacFarlane
Emilyse Birch
Isabella Fleming
Teegan Barnes
Teegan Milligan

South Durham ‘A’ 179.850

Charlotte Moralee
Francesca Ryman
Isobel Gosling
Lydia-May Collins
Mercedes Moore
Olivia Bell

City of Newcastle 179.700

Jessica Seager
Lana Chilton
Laura Nelson
Sophie Heeney
Yasmin Lane
Zoe Wear

Park Wrekin 178.400

Annabel Shaw
Gabriella Williams
Isabella Wheeldon
Laura Beasley
Mia Evans
Tamzin Hughes

Bury Spectrum 177.600

Amelia Richards
Courtney Davey
Danielle Tabios
Eleanor Heath
Lucy Robinson
Maria Whiting

Gymmagic 177.100

Abigail Duckworth
Amy Conway
Eve Hozhobrafkan
Keira Thornton
Megan Bridge
Sophie Moir

Cardiff Central ‘B’ 176.500

Andreea-Emilia Buzdugan
Beth Munro-Morris
Kadie Davies-Jones
Katelyn King
Shauna Purnell
Sofia Micallef

Marriotts 175.800

Amber McCarthy
Caitlin Saunders
Caitlin Seaby
Erika Magpantay
Isla Weir
Maya Grant

The Norfolk Gymnastics Academy ‘B’ 175.800

Alice Tall
Alina Ciausu
Lily Tranfield
Martha Marsh
Miriam Lowe
Sophie Osborne

Tameside 174.700

Eleanor Mills
Emily Hilton
Eryn Sproston
Molly Mcgowan
Thalia Spence

City of Birmingham 173.050

Evie Price
Kelsie Clohessy-Daly
Miriam Allen
Montana Leith-Mulley
Sofia Meadows
Tori Markham

Sapphire 172.800

Amari Freakleton
Lilianna Moring
Molly Jeffries
Nemiah Munir
Phoebe Boyton
Sasha Cherry

Pipers Vale 172.700

Abigail Roper
Emily Roper
Maisie Squire
Millie Finbow
Molly Howland
Unknown Person

Notts ‘B’ 171.650

Beatrice Hill
Isabella Willocks
Jasmine Whitaker
Mika Longin
Olivia Hackney
Summer Rose Hill

Carousel 168.900

Abby Forkner
Ashleigh Barker
Chloee Tomlin
Halle Dawson
Lulutho Ndayi
Molly Simmons

Leatherhead and Dorking 168.55

Cissy Marlow
Helena Vinall
Isabelle Lamb
Isobel Hilliard
Scarlett Cherry

Dynamo 165.950

Ellen Martin
Isabelle Prinsep
Leah Mitchell
Olivia Essex
Tayah Askham
Tiger Weidner

South Durham ‘B’ 165.550

Ellie Potts
Emily Marsden
Hannah Evans
Harriet Gibson
Katie Leadbitter
Lily Neilson

Meadowbank 165.450

Ava Russell
Carly McFadden
Emma Calder
Lucy McFadden
Molly Clark
Oakleigh Robertson

Colchester 165.000

Emmie Beale
Harriet Clifford
Hattie Lowden
Jasmine Morton
Thalia Perry
Vinuki Peries

164.250 Ellan Vannin

Chloe Donnelly
Cody Smith
Keeley Shimmin
Leah Bibby
Lucy Worthington


Ally Booker
Hannah Blake
Jessica Burton
Jessica Rodgers
Niamh Selby
Nina Deery

Full results here: https://www.gymdata.co.uk/events/event-info.aspx?eid=688