Full Results 2017 Scottish Championships.


In the first Home Nations championships of the year, the Scottish Championships were held at the Bells Sports Centre Perth, with competition for espoir, junior, and senior gymnasts.

With just over a year until the Commonwealth Games in Australia, Scottish gymnasts will be looking to make a good impression in the hopes of being noted by selectors as potential team members. The first selection period has already begun and will last until September, there will then follow a further selection period lasting until January 2018 before the team is announced.

AA Competition 


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Crystal Lake of City of Glasgow took the AA Espoir title with 46.700, team mate Jessica Wright the silver, and Lilly Roy of Auchterarder the bronze.



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In a repeat of 2016’s top two, the  Junior title went to Ellie Russell of West Lothian, with Park Wrekin’s Isla Warr taking silver.  Laura-Jane Core also of West Lothian took bronze.



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Shannon Archer of City of Glasgow went from bronze last year to take the AA title here, Sofia Ramzan of of Dundee 2K repeated her silver from last year, with  Carly Smith again from City of Glasgow taking bronze.


Apparatus Finals 


The vault title was shared between Lilly Roy of Auchterarder and Crystelle Lake of City of Glasgow, with Lara Storrie also of City of Glasgow taking bronze.

1= 12.400 (12.750, 12.050)Lilly Roy  (Auchterarder)
1= 12.400(12.550, 12.250) Crystelle Lake  (City of Glasgow)
3. 12.325 (12.450, 12.200)Lara Storrie  (City of Glasgow)
4. 12.300 (12.450, 12.150)Millie Redford  (City of Glasgow) 
5. 12.125  (12.300, 11.950) Anna Hollins (Largs)  
6.  12.075 (12.200, 11.950) Jessica Wright
 (City of Glasgow)
7. 11.500 (11.500, 11.500) Rebecca Farningham  (Dundee 2K)
8. 11.375(10.700, 12.050) Lauren McCormack  (West Lothian)

On bars Anna Hollins took the title for Largs, Crystelle Lake the silver for City of Glasgow, and Grace Muir bronze for Hamilton.

1. 10.800  Anna Hollins (Largs)
2. 10.650  Crystelle Lake (City of Glasgow)
3. 10.150  Grace Muir (Hamilton)
4. 10.000  Jessica Wright (City of Glasgow)
5. 9.850  Lilly Roy (Auchterarder)
6. 9.700  Brooke Masson (Garioch)
7. 9.450  Eilidh Gorrell (Hamilton)
8. 8.450  Rebecca Quinn (City of Glasgow)

On beam the title went to Lauren McCormack of West Lothian, with City of Glasgow taking silver and bronze through Sophie Macpheasrson and Mille Redford

1. 12.550  Lauren McCormack (West Lothian)
2. 12.000  Sophie Macpherson (City of Glasgow)
3. 11.600 Millie Redford (City of Glasgow)
4. 11.100 Lilly Roy (Auchterarder)
5= 11.050  Brooke Masson (Garioch)
5= 11.050  Rebecca Quinn (City of Glasgow)
5= 11.050  Jessica Wright (City of Glasgow)
8. 10.600  Crystelle Lake (City of Glasgow)

Floor also went to West Lothian’s Lauren McCormack, with City of Glasgow’s Crystelle Lake taking silver, and Lasswade’s Kirsty Buchanan taking bronze

1. 11.500  Lauren McCormack (West Lothian)
2. 11.400  Crystelle Lake
(City of Glasgow)
3. 11.300 Kirsty Buchanan
4. 11.000  Taylor Richardson
5. 10.850  Anna Hollins
6. 10.700  Lilly Roy
7. 10.400  Rebecca Farningham
(Dundee 2K)
8. 10.050 Sophie Macpherson
(City of Glasgow)



The junior vault title went to City of Glasgow’s Ellie Breadner, with Laura-Jane  Core of West Lothian taking Silver, and Kirsty Fowler the bronze for City of Aberdeen.

1. 12.650 (12.800, 12.500)  Ellie Breadner (City of Glasgow)
2. 12.625 (12.300, 12.950) Laura-Jane Core
(West Lothian)
3. 12.350  (12.450, 12.250) Kirsty Fowler
(City of Aberdeen)
4. 12.300  (12.200, 12.400) Ellie Russell
(West Lothian)
5. 12.250  (12.400), 12.100) Erin Fraser
6. 11.825  (11.950, 11.700) Kacey Morrison
7. 11.750  (11.850, 11.650) Naomi Wright
(Kettering Olympic)
8. 11.700  Anna Cameron (11.600, 11.800) 
(West Lothian)

Largs Kacey Morrison took the bars title, with Ellie Russell taking silver for West Lothian, and Rosa Holm-Huxley bronze for Dundee 2K

1. 11.750  Kacey Morrison (Largs)
2= 11.000 Ellie Russell (West Lothian)
2= 11.000  Rosa Holm-Huxley (Dundee 2K)
4. 10.750  Erin Fraser (Garioch)
5. 10.600  Megan Morrison (City of Glasgow)
6. 10.200  Erin Gallagher (Dynamic)
7. 10.000  Laura-Jane Core (West Lothian)
8. 9.650  Emily Bremner (Dundee 2K)

The beam title went to Kacey Morrison of Largs, with Caitlin Lochhead of Bristol Hawks taking silver, and Emily Bremner of Dundee 2K in bronze.

1. 11.200  Kacey Morrison (Largs)
2. 11.150 Caitlin Lochhead (Bristol Hawks)
3. 11.050  Emily Bremner (Dundee 2K)
4. 10.950  Ellie Breadner (City of Glasgow)
5. 10.250  Laura-Jane Core (West Lothian)
6. 9.650  Naomi Wright (Kettering Olympic)
7. 9.500  Erin Gallagher (Dynamic)
8. 8.500  Ellie Russell (West Lothian)

Floor went to Megan Morrison of City of Glasgow, with West Lothian’s Laura-Jane Core taking silver, and bronze shared between Dundee 2K’s Emily Bremner, and West Lothian’s Ellie Russell.

1. 11.850  Megan Morrison (City of Glasgow)
2. 11.800 -Laura-Jane Core (West Lothian)
3= 11.700 Emily Bremner (Dundee 2K)
3= 11.700 Ellie Russell (West Lothian)
5. 10.750 Kirsty Fowler (City of Aberdeen)
6. 10.650 Rosa Holm-Huxley (Dundee 2K)
7. 10.250 Anna Cameron (West Lothian)



The senior vault title went to Shannon Archer of City of Glasgow, silver to Hayley Bell of Dundee 2K, and bronze to Auchterarder’s Isobel Findlay.

1. 12.825 (13.150, 12.500) Shannon Archer (City of Glasgow)
2. 12.475 (12.750, 12.200) Hayley Bell (Dundee 2K)
3. 11.700 (11.300, 12.100) Isobel Findlay (Auchterarder)

Bars went to Garioch’s Isabella Tolometti, with Sofia Razman taking silver for Dundee 2K, and Cara Kennedy of City of Glasgow taking bronze.

1. 12.000 Isabella Tolometti (Garioch)
2. 11.550 Sofia Ramzan (Dundee 2K)
3. 11.400 Cara Kennedy (City of Glasgow)
4. 11.300 Carly Smith (City of Glasgow)
5. 10.450 Sarah McKenzie (City of Glasgow)
6. 9.250 Daisy Willcocks (City of Glasgow)
7. 9.000 Hayley Bell (Dundee 2K)
8. 4.350 Isobel Findlay (Auchterarder)

Beam gold went to Shannon Archer of City of Glasgow, silver to Sofia Ramzan for Dundee 2K, and bronze to City of Glasgow’s Daisy Willcocks.

1. 12.500 Shannon Archer (City of Glasgow)
2. 12.400 Sofia Ramzan (Dundee 2K)
3. 10.650 Daisy Willcocks (City of Glasgow)
4. 10.400 Isabella Tolometti (Garioch)
5. 9.750 Lauren Thomson (Meadowbank)
6. 9.300 Alice McCorry (Harrogate)
7. 8.250 Amy Chambers (Meadowbank)
8. 7.850 Hayley Bell (Dundee 2K)

The final senior title went to Shannon Archer again, making it  four out of a possible five titles for her over the weekend. Carly Smith took silver for City of Glasgow, and Isabella Tolometti the bronze.

1. 12.750 Shannon Archer (City of Glasgow)
2. 12.400 Carly Smith (City of Glasgow)
3. 11.500 Isabella Tolometti (Garioch)
4= 11.400 Hayley Bell (Dundee 2K)
4= 11.400 Sofia Ramzan (Dundee 2K)
6. 11.000 Amy Chambers (Meadowbank)
7. 10.800 Daisy Willcocks (City of Glasgow)
8. 9.750 Lauren Thomson (Meadowbank)

Congratulations to all gymnasts and coaches.