Report And Video: Amy Tinkler At The 2017 American Cup.


As with 2016, the first of the British seniors into international competition in 2017 was Amy Tinkler. Having become both an Olympian and Olympic medalist since her last trip to the American Cup, how would Amy fare in her first competitive outing since that wonderful August night in Rio?

Coming in as  late replacement for Rebecca Tunney, Amy clearly wasn’t at her strongest today, but there was a lot of interesting work from her which shows great promise for the year ahead.

Starting on vault, it immediately became clear that Amy wasn’t fully fit today, the strapping on her leg the first indication, but the full twisting Yurchenko confirmed it. Amy has competed the double twisting Yurchenko since 2013, as a hugely powerful vaulter, the DTY was looking set to upgrade this year in competition, and it likely still will, just not yet.  Of course a beautiful full twist from Amy, high and clean for 13.70 (4.6 D, 9.100E) and the highest E score of the day.


On bars, Amy has upgraded within the routine, or at least she has upgraded since we last saw her in open competition. Her routine at the 2016 British championships was out of 5.9 maximum, and today’s was out of 5.5, but remember that routines are 0.5 lower under the new code as the dismount requirement has been removed, meaning this would have been a 6.0 routine under the old code.

The changes were linking the Pak from the Tkatchev where she was taking an upstart handstand in-between, that gives her an extra 0.1 in connection. She also added the Markelov back in meaning she counts another D rather than a B. There was just the full out dismount today, but get the double double back, and this is a 5.7 routine, a very respectable D score for what is her weakest piece, and a 6.2 under the old code. Interestingly, although we only saw Amy compete a 5.9 in 2016, she did compete a 6.3 at closed Olympic trials, suggesting this was pretty much the routine she used but with the double double.

There is tidying to do, the E score reflected that. Legs on the transitions in particular, and the handstands later in the routine to stretch right to vertical to ensure she doesn’t pick up any deductions. Overall string potential here though, and as I say, for the weakest of her four pieces, she’s looking good to battle for those one of two AA spots in the big championships later this year.

13.300 (5.5 D, 7.8 E)


On beam, quite a few changes for Amy. A new mount, she was using the jump to split, but has moved to the change leap on to the end, a C to a D. Just gainer layout to layout today, she looked solid enough, from the angle we get, but either didn’t feel that she was, or decided just to play safe, as she was using the three layouts in training.
A new C+D change leap to W full for 0.1 bonus, then I did wonder whether we would see her leave the standing full today, but she went for it, and unfortunately landed low and a little off line taking her off the beam. Full spin into sissone which is interesting, as there is no connection value there, so it is possibly building to connect to the free walkover which follows.
Another new series, free walkover, split jump, flick to two feet for D-B-B giving her 0.1 for the D+B, and 0.1 series bonus.
Change half, then a triple twist to finish, a tiny bit under rotated, but we’ll forgive her that under the circumstances, and it was very well landed as she’d had a few problems with it warm up.

So 6.0 for this routine, with the third layout as is her usual series, it’s a 6.2. Amy’s routine in Rio where she was reserve for the final was out of 6.2, so would have been a 5.7 under this code, she’s effectively upgraded 0.5 D score. There is room to upgrade a little more too. Again this wasn’t Amy at her cleanest, and she really was hammered here with a 6.566 E score, so even without the fall plenty of room for tidying as she moves forward. Again great potential for some big scores to come on this piece, but she’s going to need to hit those split positions every time as she’s using a mount, two leaps and two jumps that need to hit a full extended split to avoid deduction.

12.566 (6.0 D, 6.566 E)


No floor for Amy today, wise if her leg was bothering her, no point at all in risking the rest of her year for a competition which really isn’t of any great consequence to her long term progress. She tried some upgrades, and hit them all so a very good outing in that respect, and much to be proud of.
She’ll go back to the gym, get back to full fitness, and work on the execution to go with her new work I’m sure. As ever I expect some typically big routines, performances, scores and results from Amy this year once she really gets going, I look forward to seeing her again in a few weeks time at the British Championships.

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