Report And Video: Alice Kinsella At The Stuttgart World Cup.


The second of the British seniors into action for 2017 was Park Wrekin’s Alice Kinsella. After a great year where she took the junior English AA title, the junior British beam title, and three junior European silvers in 2016, a World Cup event was a big step up for this young gymnast. This was her first senior competition, her first senior international, and her first event travelling as an individual to represent Great Britain all rolled into one. In addition, she wasn’t the originally listed British gymnast, Alice came in for Claudia Fragapane.
An new and invaluable experience for Alice as she begins the new quad, and her first steps on the road to Tokyo.


Beginning on vault, a full twisting Yurchenko today, she was a little off line, piked down a little, and took a step out for a 0.1 neutral deduction, so not the best she’s capable of, but a strong enough start.
I did wonder whether we would see the double twisting Yurchenko from Alice as she has it on hard landing now, but obviously not quite competition ready yet, so we shall see it later in the year I’m sure.

13.000 (4.6 D, 8.5 E N. Deduction 0.1)



Two upgrades to this routine, both at the beginning. Starting with the Jaeger which she now does in the piked position giving her an E value, she performed it very well. The second skill was a completely new Ricna, another E value skill. It wasn’t to be today, but a great upgrade for her.
I don’t know, but Alice didn’t seem to settle back into her routine after the fall, she was very late on her toe full which she usually links to the Pak, but she put a giant in-between which she paused getting over the bar. The Pak was fine, as was the Maloney back to high bar, but she then struggled a little on the shoot half. Chow shoot back to high bar, toe on and off into double pike dismount which was a little over rotated, but she managed to bring it under control.

Her routine today was awarded a 4.8D, however it is worth noting that this routine when she hits everything will be out of a 5.4 which is a 0.3 upgrade for her from December 2016 when we last saw her in competition. I also think we will see a bigger dismount from her at some point, she has previously used the double straight, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a Van Leuween either.

11.00 (4.8 D, 6.2 E)



Nearly the same routine as we saw in December from Alice, she started well with the flick to chest stand mount, then a well controlled double spin. Tidy through the change to change quarter leaps, she could have done with a tiny bit more lift through to full range, but safely done. Then the  the upgrade, an extra layout added to the free cartwheel layout, and incredibly difficult series, and initially I thought she was on, but she obviously wasn’t quite in line. very difficult, and beautifully clean work though. She was a little flat on her free walkover today causing her to step back, then a fully rotated two an a half twist, just a bit overcooked at the end.

5.1 D Awarded today, without the fall she would also have been awarded a further 0.1 for the C+C two layouts, and 0.1 series bonus. My guess is that we will also see a B value jump linked to the free walkover coming, and a triple twist dismount which would bump her up to an impressive under the new code 5.9 D.

11.833 (5.1D, 6.733E)



Finally on floor, and Alice was one of the British gymnasts that didn’t use a forward salto in her routine, so under the new requirements, needed to come out with something new. A double Arabian for her, the angle isn’t great at all on the video, it looks as though she has plenty of height, but perhaps didn’t get her timing quite right here for landing. She fought hard to stay on her feet, but had to count the fall. One and a half to two and a half twists with a step to the side second tumble, split full through to change half as we’re used to seeing from her. A little short on her triple twist, beautiful Memmel spin, then double pike to finish.
It will be interesting to see whether Alice adds the triple twist to the one and a half as she did at the end of last year giving her another 0.1.

11.266 (5.1 D, 6.166 E)

So not the bet day overall for Alice, but she tried out four new upgrades in her first senior competition, and I for one applaud her for that. She is clearly building for the year ahead, with a lot of new difficulty, and I suspect more to come. We will see her again next week at the British championships, for her second senior event, good luck Alice!

Congratulations go to Germany and Russia’s Olympians Tabea Alt and Angelina Melnikova who took gold and silver respectively, and to new US senior Morgan Hurd on taking the bronze.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 13.15.02