2017 British Championships: Detailed Results British Senior Apparatus Finals.

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Eyes on the recatch, Ellie Downie reaches for the 2017 British senior bars title

Full results form the British senior apparatus finals, hopefully a full report with video to follow, there are some issues with BG score and GYmNet at present, so it will be whenever they are resolved.

I explain the bonus system here:



Ellie Downie took gold with one of the best double twisting Yurchenkos I have ever seen her do, her Lopez didn’t go as well and she took a 0.3 deduction for landing out, but her enormous first vault, and higher difficulty meant she was well clear. Holly Jones vaulted a lovely Yurchenko one and a half, and and tucked Yurchenko full for silver, and Phoebe turner took bronze with a full twisting Yurchenko, and a tuck front half.

Ellie received 0.2 bonus for completely nailing her double twisting Yurchenko into the mat.

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Ellie took her second gold of the day on bars, making her new release today. Georgia took silver, she was lower in D score today, likely given a C rather than a D for her ever so slightly short shoot half, taking her down 0.1, and therefore taking her E+D 0.2 connection bonus away. Becky Downie had a fall on her  own skill, but made her new Gienger, such is her difficulty she can still medal.

Ellie received 0.2 bonus for her double straight dismount

Georgia received 0.1 for her bonus for her giant full being within 10° of handstand, 0.2 for her full out dismount.  At present if you’re looking at BG score, it  lists her with a  0.4 bonus, but this is an error.

Becky received 0.2 bonus for her full out dismount, as did Amy.

Tyesha, Ellesse, and Nicole received 0.2 bonus for their double front dismounts.

Charlie Received 0.2 for her double straight dismount.

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Phoebe Turner took the beam title, with Latalia Bevan finishing second, and Lana Chiltern in third.

Phoebe received 0.2 bonus for her double tuck dismount.

Alice Kinsella received bonus 0.2 for her two and a half twist dismount.

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Maisie Methuen took the floor title, Claudia Fragapane the silver, and Charlie Fellows the bronze.

Maisie received 0.1 bonus for sticking her double pike, and 0.2 for her double twisting straight front dismount.

Claudia received 0.2 bonus for her double pike dismount.

Alice received 0.2 bonus for her double pike dismount

Charlie received 0.2 bonus for her double pike dismount, and 0.1 for sticking it.

Emily  received 0.2 for her double pike dismount

Sophie received 0.1 bonus for sticking her double pike

Ellesse received 0.2 for her two and a half twist dismount

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