2017 European Championships: Notes And Video, Podium Training.


WAG podium training took place in Cluj Napoca today, with Georgia and Claudia going in the first session, and Ellie and Becky in the second. For those that have asked, remember that this is an individual championships, hence the gymnasts not rotating as a team, rather in two different groups, this is the same every other year.

In the first group Claudia went on beam and floor as we have seen from her so far this year. She looked great on beam from the clip that was posted, very strong standing Arabian, this skill has looked really impressive from her this year, she was also clean and solid through both the flick straight, and the standing full. I don’t know which dismount she went with, so we shall have to wait until qualifications to see whether she has kept the double twist for now, or added in the triple.

Floor we didn’t see, but reports suggest a very good routine. Full twisting double straight stuck, double Arabian with a jump connected, double straight, double pike.

Great podium training, looking strong, clean, and well prepared for competition!

Georgia did not train on bars here, there was no word as to whether she vaulted which was the first piece (and training footage showed her looking as though the aim was AA here), but the report was she injured herself in warmup. Whether that was general warmup (more unlikely I know) or bars warmup wasn’t clear, and at posting there is nothing confirmed. What is confirmed is that Alice Kinsella is on her way to Romaina now, so an announcement either way is expected.

Becky and Ellie went in session three where they will start on bars. Both looked good here, defending UB champion Becky going through well, just pausing after the Stalder from the toe full which she will usually use as an entry straight into the Ricna. She added the Ricna afterwards, it would have just been a case of being slightly off there. The new Gienger from the Maloney looks very strong, she’ll be aiming for the bar final and a shot at retaining her title.

Becky UB

Ellie went through without issue, she looks strong and confident on bars this year, in fact she looks strong and confident everywhere, exactly what you want to see from a gymnast with a genuine chance of the AA title.

Ellie UB

On beam, Ellie had a fall on her huge standing Arabian but went through the rest well including the new split leap to free cartwheel, and used the two and a half dismount. She then did the Arabian again without issue.
Becky had a wobble on her free cartwheel layout, but kept it on, she did the new change to change half to back tuck series, linked her free walkover nicely to the split jump, safely through her change ring and side somi, double pike to finish.

On floor, Ellie hit her new double double, then her one and a half to double Arabian, There have been reports that she did the piked double Arabian at the end of this pass, and we shall see, but I think it more likely not, this is a set pass for her, and as I said in my report from the British, I think we’re more likely to see the piked double Arabian at the end of the routine in time, as it looks set as a three tumble routine.

ETA: Now that a video of Ellie’s floor has popped up, we can see than she did indeed use the one an a half to double tuck.

On vault we saw the big double twisting Yurchenko and Lopez from Ellie, both high, powerful  and well performed as we are accustomed to seeing from her.

So podium training done, MAG qualifying tomorrow, then an eight o’clock UK time start for us viewers on Thursday for session one of WAG qualifiers.

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  1. Thank you! I am sad to hear Georgia is injured again, though. Do you know if the BBC will be showing the AA final on Friday? I am working all day, and I’d like to watch it before I check the results so it would be good to either record it or watch it on iPlayer without knowing the result.


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