2017 National Compulsory 4,3,2,1 Finals Preview. Scores From Regional Qualifiers.


The youngest of the British gymnasts on the elite path with take part in their first of two national level competitions this weekend, the National Compulsory finals.

The competition takes place at Fenton Mannor Sports Complex Stoke, with levels four and three on Saturday, and levels two and one on Sunday.

At level four and three, gymnasts compete ‘In Age’. Level four for gymnasts turning nine within the year, level three the year they turn ten. At level two gymnasts will turn eleven this year, and finally level one gymnasts turn twelve. Gymnasts passing compulsory one in age, are first year Espoirs, and may then contest the British Espoir championships at the end of the year. At levels two and one here, gymnasts may also be out of age.

Each compulsory level has specific moves set for each apparatus, as well as the range and conditioning routine designed to test strength, flexibility in both active and passive range, as well as control. To learn more about the compulsory testing system in Great Britain, and which skills are required at each level, see here:


Often at the beginning of a new quad there are significant changes to the compulsories, however there are no changes this year, with the exception of Level 1 beam in that the leap requirement was already in, but the leap values have changed significantly in the new code.

At levels four and three gymnasts compete for their regional teams, made up of the top four gymnasts from the named regional qualifiers held nation wide leading up to the competition, plus one reserve. Only gymnasts achieving the pass mark of 50.00 or over are eligible to compete on these teams. All gymnasts compete all pieces, with the top three scores to count toward the team total. There are medals for the top three teams, and individual gymnasts.

Should a gymnast not qualify in the top five at the regional qualifier, they have the opportunity to compete as an individual providing they have scored 59.00 or more at level 4, and 56.00 or more at level three. Gymnasts listed with an * next to their names have fulfilled this requirement.

At levels two and one gymnasts compete individually for their clubs, for these levels regions do not have to hold a qualifying event, and not all have, so I have not included the scores available in this preview as it would give an inaccurate picture given that many gymnasts would be missing.

Before the competition even gets going, congratulations to all gymnasts competing, to make a national final is a big achievement for a young gymnast, and all should be celebrated.

Lets look at the gymnasts qualified at levels four and three.

Compulsory 4

Compulsory four is our first chance to see the latest generation of promising elites taking their first steps at national level. Obviously all regional qualifiers are different, with different sets of judges, but we can see that there should be a good battle for the team title, as several regions are looking very strong here.


Ellen Symonds – Norfolk Academy 64.450
Ellie Cornforth – Pipers Vale 63.600
Grace Wardley – Pipers Vale 63.400
Madeline Swan – Pipers Vale 61.100
Freya Donohoe – Pipers Vale 59.000

East Midlands

Bethany Rayment – Robin Hood 60.400
Anashe Rugoyi – Retford 60.250
Elsie Marston – Kettering 51.500


Shamiso Ndoro – Europa 63.700
Rielle Sutherland – Europa 63.250
Gracie Easom – Aspire 58.600
Alyaana Thomas-Small – Greenwich 57.700
Jada-Rose Oladele – 54.550


Elise Fisher – South Durham

North West

Gemma Vescovi – City of Preston 62.200
Cherry Passmore – Appley Bridge 60.700
Nikita Peers – The Wire 60.300
Annabel Carling – Sparks 59.800
Fionnuala O’Donnell – Warrington 59.750

*Ava Hodson – SA Gymnastics 59.550


Bonnie McCann – Hamilton 59.807
Phoebe Cameron – Hamilton 59.606
Ava MacFarlane – City of Glasgow 58.607
Emily Shearer – Largs 57.766
Abigail Cochrane – City of Glasgow 57.703


Alica Takanami-Baker – Abingdon 62.300
Sonia Runcianu – Pinewood 61.950
Amelie Bowles – Bulmershe 61.900
Isabella Picotto – De Mond 61.250
Lauryn Connor – Phoenix 60.950

*Emily Croll – Pinewood 59.050

South East

Cheslea Ervin – The Meapa 63.984
Ema Kandalova – Tolworth 62.517
Madison Childress – Woking 61.951
Isla Paul – Tolworth 61.867
Tabitha Lees – Horsham 61.584

*Brooke Stocker – Horsham 60.951
*Farah Rothwell – Woking 59.934
*Charlotte Barnard – Woking 59.884
*Stacey Mapara – Woking 59.501
*Lily Clarke-Moss – Woking 59.017

South West

Poppie Edwards – Bristol Hawks 60.800
Abigail Martin – South Devon 60.220
Maya Jakubowski – Wlitshire 59.170
Alexa Evans – Wiltshire 58.880
Erin Couzins – Fromeside 58.830


Scarlett Lin – Capital 63.300
Mia Belli – Llanelli 59.750
Ella De Vera – Lanelli 57.700
Francesca Braunerova – Swansea 57.600
Hayley Walker – VGA – 57.350

West Midlands

Elizabete Kokorevica – Coventry Empire 60.123
Ruby Robinson – City of Birmingham 59.770
Laura Szabo – Coventry Empire 57.500
Lina Tounsi – Rugby 54.890
Darcie Potten – Rugby 54.207


Maisie Scarfe – Diamonds 54.300
Isla Blair  – Elmfield 52.350
Ella Chippindale – Harrogate 52.350
Mia Bacon – Sheffield Workshop 51.350

Compulsory 3

At compulsory three we see many of those that contested level four return, along with new faces to challenge for the title, as well as put in a strong AA total in the hope of matching their performance later in the year to challenge for the overall British title at voluntary national finals.

The top six gymnasts combined from 2016 at level four were:

1.Madison Morgan – South West (The Academy)
2. Lili Clo Thorp Richens – South (Aylesbury)
3. Sienna Godwin – East (South Essex)
4. Layla Starkie – Wales (Pen-y-Bont)
5. Grace Davies – East (Norfolk Academy)
6. Beatrice Hill – East Midlands (Notts)


Sienna Godwin – South Essex 66.000
Grace Davies – Norfolk Academy 62.800
Alina Ciausu – Norfolk Academy 59.500
Millie Root – Marriotts 57.100

East Midlands

Beatrice Hill – Notts 60.450
Tilly Wright – Robin Hood 54.050
Annabel Ramsay – Wade 52.850


Casey McEnteggart – Europa 62.750
Sophie O’Flaherty – Hendon 62.450
Cienna Kwayie – Europa 60.000
Isabelle Ings – Greenwich 59.950
Darcy Buttler – Europa 59.350

North West

Grace Dickinson – City of Preston 61.650
Aimee Glenn – City of Preston 60.950
Mabelle Dawson – SA Gymnastics 60.550
Olivia Harper – Warrington 60.000
Tiffany Pilnikova – City of Manchester 59.150

*Zoe Prescott City of Liverpool 57.750
*Lexi Wood City of Liverpool 57.250
*Millie McGuire Tameside 56.850


Milli De Ohara – Hamilton 60.707
Niamh Lewellen – Dynamic 59.94
Ellie Heap – City of Edinburgh 57.574
Courtney Dunbar – Dynamic 57.173
Natalie Scott – City of Glasgow 55.87


Lili Clo Thorp Richens – AGA 59.700
Kirsten Jonker – PGC 59.550
Emily Gorman – De Mond 59.150
Rosie Greer – Abingdon 58.750
Lauren Saunders – Bulmershe 56.850

South East

Summer-Louise Nolan The Meapa – 61.751
Madeleine Dodd – Leatherhead and Dorking – 58.967
Allegra Ezekwugo – Tolworth – 54.867

South West

Madison Morgan – The Academy 64.700
Felicity Ayres – Falcons 62.630
Kayleigh Lancey – Falcons 60.600


Layla Starkie – Penybont 62.700
Meliyah Baker – Phoenix 60.850
Ruby Evans – Cardiff Olympic 59.750
Annais Muteba Mundi – CCYC 58.250
Madison Harford – VGA 57.100

*Faye Ross – Swansea 56.000

West Midlands

Julia French – East Staffs 55.090
Zoe Bostock Uttoxeter 50.220
Lydia Mann – Park Wrekin 50.200


Evie Goodbold – Gymmagic 56.400
Leyla Gellan – Gymmagic 56.100
Jessica Burton – Sheffield Workshop 55.950
Gracie Allen – Diamonds 52.700
Jane Howard – Diamonds 52.100

Good luck to all gymnasts competing!

Compulsory 2 and 1

For compulsory two and one, as I say not all regions hold qualifying events, so it wouldn’t  show a clear picture just listing those that did. Instead, lets looks at the top ten overall combined  level three and two gymnasts from 2016,  who have now moved to the next level, and will be hoping to pass compulsory two and one this weekend.

2016 Compulsory

1.Ellie Petriou – South Essex
2. Jea Marchea – Phoenix
3. Ayesha Abdullahi – Appley Bridge
4. Paige Moroney – South Essex
5. Hattie Moat – City Of Manchester
6. Amy Oliver – Valleys
7. Isabelle Mardle – Norfolk
8. Amelie Douglas – Bristol Hawks
9. Mercedes Moore – South Durham
10. Dixie Lindsay – Pinewood

Compulsory 2 2016

1. Sofia Meadows – City of Birmingham
2. Ellie Gargett – South Essex
3. Miriam Allen – City of Birmingham
4. Rosie Bayliss – Europa
5. Isabella Heeldon – Park Wrekin
6. Maddie Roberts – Europa
7. China Mattis – City of London
8. Emma Atkin – Norfolk
9. Ruby Stacey – Plymouth Swallows
10.Summer Rose-Hill – Notts

Good luck to all gymnasts competing!

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