2017 European Championships: Talking Qualifications, Report And Video

Qualifications day today, day one of competition for the British ladies out in Romania, and the opportunity to try to qualify for tomorrow’s AA final, and Saturday and Sunday’s Apparatus finals. The British WAG have been a growing force in European competition for several years now, and today they once again took a step up in terms of strength, and intention on their way to the goal of becoming the strongest European nation.
Lets see how they fared…..

2017 English Championships: Results Seniors.

As with the Espoirs yesterday, again apologies for lack of detailed coverage and reporting here. It is of course lovely to get any coverage at all, but as I said the English Championships are difficult to follow in terms of giving much detail, in that they are a nine way split of a single screen live feed without sound.
Results, and a very little bit of information from routines I did catch.