New Floors For 2017 Part 1: Seniors

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Never let it be said I’m always prompt with my posts, approximately three months after I meant to load these and put this out, here are all of the senior floors for those with new routines in 2017 for you to enjoy. I have included gymnasts not in the GB national squad, but still qualified to compete at the British Championships. If I have missed any out, please let me know, and I’ll add them in. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have, there are some really lovely routines here, lots of variety in music and style, something for everyone no matter what your favoured genre.
You will notice that some of the routines didn’t go completely how the gymnast would have preferred all the way through, but errors happen, and I have included them this post is about sharing the choreography and performance of the British Gymnasts, and it would be a shame for people not to see them just because of an error which let’s face it, realistically all gymnasts have to deal with from time to time. 

Carrlisa Alleyne

Shannon Archer

Latalia Bevan

Megan Bridge

Lana Chilton

Laura Cooke

Hana Davies

Ellie Downie

Charlie Fellows

Claudia Fragapane

Nicole Hibbert

Izzy Hilliard

Maisie Methuen

Rebecca Moore

Sophie Newberry

Leah Rockett

Sofia Ramzan

Sophie Scott

Lottie Smith

Carly Smith

Lucy Stanhope

Isabella Tolometti

Phoebe Turner

4 thoughts on “New Floors For 2017 Part 1: Seniors

  1. Great post! I have watched a couple but will spend the weekend watching all of them!
    Do you think Ellie will add another tumbling pass at some point or stick with the three?

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    • My personal opinion is that for world’s this year, the routine will stay as a three tumble routine, but that Ellie will add a jump out of her middle tumble when it feels right, and upgrade her final tumble bringing back her piked double Arabian.


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