New Floors For 2017 Part 2: Juniors

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*Please note that due to many requests, I have added all of the junior floors whether new or not. I appreciate that for the most part the juniors compete in competitions that aren’t as well covered as the seniors, so many people won’t get to see their routines at all, and would like to.

Following the seniors post which you can find here:

Part two of the new floors for 2017, this time the junior girls. As with the seniors, I have included gymnasts not in the GB national squad, but still qualified to compete at the British Championships. If I have missed any out, please let me know, and I’ll add them in. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have, there are some really lovely routines here, lots of variety in music and style, something for everyone no matter what your favoured genre.
You will notice that some of the routines didn’t go completely how the gymnast would have preferred all the way through, but errors happen, and I have included them as this post is about sharing the choreography and performance of the British Gymnasts, and it would be a shame for people not to see them just because of an error which let’s face it, realistically all gymnasts have to deal with from time to time.

Annabel Agba

Laura Beasley

Emily Bremner

Chiara Bunce (Chiara actually competes for Slovakia now, but still took part in the British Championships representing her home club Heathrow)

Hallie Copperwheat

Kirsty Fowler

Martha Franks

Ella Gaynor

Rosa Holm-Huxley

Karis Jacomelli

Phoebe Jakubczyk

Taeja James

Laura Kaletha

Amelia Knight

Erika Magpantay

Kelsey Ann Moore

Amelie Morgan

Kacey Morrison

Megan Morisson

Nemiah Munir

Phoebe Nicholls

Leigha O’Donnell

Oriel Powell

Alyieana Rahim

Lucy Robinson

Jolie Ruckley

Ellie Russell

Jessica Seager

Mia Scott

Zoe Simmons

Rochelle Spencer-Smith

Megan Splain

Danielle Tabios

Sioned Thomas

Christine Tse

Isla Warr

Scarlett Williams

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    • Hi Howard, I hadn’t added Megan as her floor wasn’t new for this year, however I have reconsidered the junior post now as many people won’t have seen the juniors routines at all yet purely as they often don’t compete in as well covered competitions, and I’m going to add the rest in whether they are new or not.


  1. I love all of these routines and how wonderful to see Ella Gaynor’s full routine- I saw the small bit you posted on Twitter and was wondering who it was!

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