EYOF 2017: Team Competition, AA/Apparatus Finals Qualification.



Day one of competition for the British junior WAG out in Gyor, and very much a day of mixed fortunes for these young gymnasts.

Unfortunately no live feed today, there wasn’t one for the MAG yesterday, and following that, quite a few people myself included,  emailed and asked whether there would be coverage today. We were told that yes there would be, that they were planning to get cameras in and on the gymnastics, but that wasn’t the case for whatever reason. Hopefully there will be full coverage tomorrow onward for AA and apparatus finals. With that in mind I’m unable to bring as much detail as I would like, and normally give, but hopefully video will pop up soon enough, and I’ll add it in.

On to the competition….

Russia took gold, and remain unbeaten in European level competition, six years and counting for them. Team title, leading the AA qualification, and seven apparatus final spots, the production line of incredibly strong juniors continues. Italy took the silver, beam proving their tricky piece today and keeping them from snatching the gold, but nevertheless second in Europe, five apparatus final spots, and they’ll have their eyes firmly set on Glasgow with the aim of taking that junior European title next year. Germany took the bronze, Emelie Petz qualifying 3rd AA, 4th on vault, 4th on bars, 7th on beam, and 1st on floor, so a great day for her.

It was 5th place in Europe for the GB girls today, a credible result of course, even an unimaginable result in the still not too distant past, but there will be a little disappointment for them, as they know that the potential was there for the podium finish.
Zoe placed 20th AA with 50.200, she qualifies to the AA final in 17th place though via the two per country rule. She placed 13th on vault, 33rd on bars, 20th on beam, and 12th on floor, and I look forward to seeing her routines from today if any are loaded, or if not hopefully being able to watch her compete tomorrow.
First year junior Amelie in her third GB international qualified in 5th place to the AA final, 12th on bars, 4th on beam where she will compete in the apparatus final, and 5th on floor where again she qualifies to the final, so an excellent day for her, and as many fans only start following the gymnasts when they hit juniors ranks, it came as no surprise that I’ve had more messages about her this year than anyone else so far. An exciting talent for a long time now, clean, classy, poised, elegant, the international judges clearly think so too.
Taeja had a one of those rough days which happen to the best of gymnasts, and that’s exactly what she is, currently the strongest GB junior, and genuinely one of the best junior gymnasts in Europe. What if’s are difficult to take, and it will be difficult for Taeja to take that a team bronze, qualification to the AA, floor, and beam finals in medal positions were hers but for mistakes on skills she is more than capable of. She had a fall on her final tumbling pass the double tuck, a fall on her exceptionally difficult roundoff straight on beam, and an empty swing on bars, three major mistakes today, three full marks off, there are so many ways in which this sport is tough.
What I hope Taeja will be able to take from the what if’s is to accept the disappointment, process it, then  look at what she is capable of, quite how highly she matches up to her peers. In the way that a disappointing Rio experience lit a fire under Ellie Downie, I hope for the same for Taeja, this just one experience of many on the road to what could be an enormous career, it’s all there for the taking, for me she’s one of the ones I watch and think yes, potentially one of GB’s best yet.


Onward to finals, lots to look forward to, well done for today girls, and good luck!

Team Results

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 18.33.25.png


AA Qualification Results

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 19.32.17Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 19.38.05Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 19.38.21


Apparatus Finals Qualifiers 


Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 19.42.39


Note that Elisa Iorio is out of the final due to two of her team mates placing ahead of her, Switzerland’s Leonie Meier gets the spot instead.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 19.45.41.png


Here Romania’s Denise Golgota misses the final due to being the third placed Romanian, Italy’s Asia D’Amato gets the spot.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 19.43.33


Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 19.43.52