EYOF 2017: AA Final

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Again, I’d have hoped to have brought more to this report, but no live feed, no video, no quick hits, nothing from EYOF at all other than scores.

Taeja came in to the AA for Zoe who was injured in warmup, so disappointing for her having qualified, but she will be back. Very difficult for Taeja too, in at the very very last minute,  having had the disappointment of not qualifying yesterday, then suddenly called to compete with barely any warm up time left.

First rotation, Amelie on vault, good full twisting Yurchenko for 13.700 (4.6D, 9.1E), joint highest E score of the day on any piece. Taeja started on beam, safely through today, neede a little fight for her punch front, but she was not coming off 13.15 (5.4D, 7.75E), and the 4th highest beam score of the day.

Happily a video of Taeja’s beam has popped up!

Rotation two, Amelie to bars, 12.30 (4.2D, 8.1E), finishing with a stuck double tuck, she was again one of the strongest on E score, joint third out of the whole field. Taeja went to floor, disappointed not to make the floor final after yesterday’s fall, redemption today, the top scorer on this piece with 13.350 (5.5D, 7.85E).

Rotation three, Amelie on beam, not quite as strong as her qualifying performance, a little down on both D and E score, but another hit routine for her 12.850 (5.1D, 7.75E). Taeja went to vault, like Amelie a really strong full twisting Yurchenko from her for 13.700, exactly the same as her team mate, and sharing the highest E score of the day.

Heading into the last rotation, Taeja was in bronze medal position, Amelie in seventh. Amelie on floor, 12.700 (4.9D, 7.9E), just a few tenths down from her qualification routine, but very consistent across the board. Taeja went to bars, not her strongest event, and she so nearly got all the way though today, but had to fight for her giant full just before her dismount needing a big arch on her handstand which she managed to pull back. No fall, but it did just take her out of the medals.

So 5th AA for Taeja with 52.500, a very good job under the circumstances, after the disappointment of yesterday, and the last minute call up. She fought today, no falls a great response to a very difficult qualifications result to take when compared to what she knew she was capable of. Disappointment will happen to everyone, it’s how you come back which shows what you’re made of, congratulations Taeja.

Amelie held her spot and finished 7th AA, another strong consistent competition from her, very encouraging to see. With another year left in the junior ranks, she has impressed here, and will really be one to watch when junior Europeans comes round next year. For now she has floor and beam finals yet to come, good luck Amelie!

First to fourth places were split between the team gold and silver medalists Russia and Italy. Ksenia Klimenko took the gold with 54.450, Italy’s Asia D’Amato the silver with 54.450, and Russia’s Vavara Zubova bronze with 52.850. Italy’s Elisa Iorio placed 4th with 52.600.
D score played it’s part here, both Italian girls vaulted double twisting Yurchenko’s giving them 0.8 advantage, Italy’s Elisa and Russia’s Ksenia had huge bars D scores compared to the rest of the field, both Russian gymnasts were a way ahead on beam. Ksenia really won this competition on bars and beam, 0.75 ahead of the second placed bar routine, and both Russian gymnasts 0.75 ahead of the third place beam score.

Hopefully some footage will pop up at some point, it would be nice to see not only the British performances, but those of the Russian and Italian gymnasts.

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