EYOF 2017: Apparatus Finals Results, Report, Video.

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Two apparatus finals for first year junior Amelie Morgan of The Academy today at EYOF. In her first major international, and third ever international, Amelie continues to prove that she is a strong competitor unfazed by the big occasion, and repeatedly able to bring her best.

Beam first, qualifying to the final in 4th place, Amelie held her nerve incredibly well in this strong field. Yurchenko mount, flick flick layout with a small adjustment needed, but quickly and firmly dealt with. Change to change half, well connected, just a little short on split in the change half. Split just half side on giving her the one difficulty value higher for the different entry, free walkover to split jump, then free cartwheel, both safely negotiated, double twist with a hop back, and such an impressive routine. It wasn’t so much that Amelie hit her skills without major error, it was the way she attacked her routine which shows so much promise. She works confidence and fluidity, the routine keeps moving, she is purposeful and precise through her choreography and linking movements. There is no going though the motions, nothing timid about her performance alluding to nerves. This is what you want to see from beam workers, them in control of the beam, not the other way round.

A bronze medal, wonderful result, and a really promising beamer. GB always needs reliable, confident beamers who can produce under pressure, Amelie Morgan, not senior until 2019 already looks like she can be just that.


Beam done, and floor next for Amelie. Again another hit performance, ten routines in three days, and no major errors. Not quite as strong a performance as got her in to the final, she lost 0.3 on D score here (turning leaps have to be so exact for full credit), but still an expressive, elegant, and classy floor.
Double Wolf spin to start, then two and a half twist to punch front linked to a sissone opening tumble. Amelie went for the split leap full, then a nice high double tuck with just a small pace second tumble. Change to ring through to change half leap passage, handspring two and a half twist to stag leap final tumble, then a split jump full to finish.

Amelie held her fifth place qualifying position to end an excellent Games, what enormous potential she has as she heads back to the gym to begin preparation for junior European’s next year.


Full apparatus finals results

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