Report, Results, Video: Senior International Duiven


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As we head toward World Championships. the seniors continue to compete for selection. With only four places available there is everything to play for.

Alice Kinsella, Charlie Fellows, Georgia-Mae Fenton and Phoebe Turner travelled to Duiven in the Netherlands for an international event agains the best of the Dutch gymnasts, as well as top gymnasts from Spain, Israel, Belgium and Egypt. Alice, Phoebe and Charlie competed AA, Georgia just on bars.

On day one the AA was decided, as well as places for apparatus finals the following day. Alice Kinsella won the AA, with Charlie Fellows taking bronze, and great to see her back in international competition after two years.


Alice had a fall on her beam series after the first layout taking her D score down as she lost her bonuses, but otherwise a solid competition. She showed a lovely new floor routine which you can see below in the finals section. Here is her bar routine from the AA, she also debuted her double twisting Yurchenko, so a big upgrade for her.

AA Results

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In finals, Phoebe Turner competed her double twisting Yurchenko for the first time, as well as a handspring front to claim bronze, very well done to Phoebe.

On bars, Georgia went through her intricate routine and hit for 13.733. She’s almost back to full difficulty here after her surgery, and although the video cuts off as she lands, she did punch the air with happiness after she presented, relief joy at performing nearly back to her best when she needed to hit.

I haven’t seen Charlie’s routine go up yet, but if it does it will of course be added. Very happy to see her taking bronze here.

Alice went through clean and tidy for the second day in a row on this piece, she seems to be working her routine more calmly, and with more confidence which is good to see. Comfortable routines are routines that can then be upgraded, and I imagine we shall see some more difficulty coming from Alice here in the not too distant future.

On beam, we don’t have Alice’s routine as yet, but we do have Charlie’s. She went through well, no major errors, and dealt very well with an outbreak of slow clapping halfway through which lasted until the end of her routine!


Finally on floor, Alice took silver with her new routine, as with Amy’s new routine, I like this one a lot as I feel it suits her style of performance well. Good clean twisting as usual from Alice, she really impresses in her twisting elements, legs straight, feet stretched, no crossing should be the norm, but it is unusual enough across the world of elite gymnastics that’s its refreshing when you do see it.


Phoebe’s floor we don’t have as yet, hopefully it will come up so I can add it in.

So another weekend of trial events over, one to go. Have you picked you World Championships team yet?

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Apparatus Final ResultsĀ 

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