Report, Results, Video: Szombathely World Challenge Cup.


The Second of the September World Cup events saw Amy Tinkler and Latalia Bevan travel to Szombathely Hungary for the World Challenge Cup. For Amy only her second AA competition this year, and for Latalia her first ever GB senior international.

Coverage looked promising initially with a live feed provided, sadly on day one it wasn’t the best, freezing frequently, jumping about in terms of what was shown, and losing sound. For that reason I can’t bring much in terms of qualifications news, we saw Amy stand ready for vault, but not vault, we did see her bars which she went through well, no Markelov on the day, but safely through. We saw her beam mount, then the end section in the background, and missed her floor. Latalia we saw mount with a jump to split, then change leap, and the feed froze. When it came back it had jumped to something else, then jumped back to her later in the routine where we saw free walkover to stag ring jump, double spin, and most of her one and a half twist dismount. We missed the change half from the change leap, and her acro series. Everything shown looked good, piked and elegant as ever from Latalia. She didn’t receive a high E score here so perhaps there was an issue in the part that was missed, even so, she was still reserve for the final. We heard Latalia’s floor music, but sadly didn’t get to see her beautiful routine.

When qualification was completed, Amy had qualified to every apparatus final, including in first place on vault, and second on bars.



The first of the finals was held on Saturday, vault first for Amy, and disappointment here for her as having qualified in first place, she was of course well placed to medal, and really to take the title. She started very well with her double twisting Yurchenko which she scored 14.533 for, a gain of 0.367 on her day one vault. She then had some trouble with the second vault. We haven’t seen Amy vault twice for a long time now, she has been sticking to just the one. In qualification obviously no issues but in the final she ran out twice before her full twisting Tsukahara. When a gymnast vaults one vault, they may have an additional run should they run out, when they are vaulting two vaults, they may have two additional runs, Amy took her two additional runs, but she didn’t vault until the third additional run thus unfortunately voiding that vault.  but she did complete her second vault well, and it’s good to see her going for vault finals once more.

On to bars, safely through her routine again here, she was rightly awarded the same D score as in qualification, but did come down in E score a fair bit. It’s difficult to compare the two routines as the qualification one freezes, and we miss a few skills, hence me not adding it. Her turns were later today, the toe full particularly, and the top out at the end where she then needed to add a long swing before the dismount as she wouldn’t have had enough swing in. 13.000 here, just 0.66 away from bronze.


On Sunday it was time for beam and floor. Beam first, and the first time I’ve seen Amy have an issue with the new mount, where today unfortunately she came off. I do think there was more dynamism and extension, and range through the skill than we have seen previously though, so although it may not have gone according to plan, encouraging improvement there. The rest of the routine went well, this wasn’t Amy at full difficulty, she had a 5.3 D here as opposed to the 6.0 she competed at the American Cup, but there were no other major errors, and the 6.633 E score seemed a little brutal. Yes there were deductions to be taken on her leaps,  and her triple twist dismount, but firm E scoring today for everyone! 11.933 Sixth place for Amy.


Finishing on floor, and we got to see Amy’s new routine today. I really like it, I like the slower start, then change of tempo, I think the style, music, and choreography suites her well. Both big opening tumbles are back for the first time since Rio, the full twisting double straight looked good, she was a little low on her double double, but great to see both in the routine again. The required front tumbling pass, something new for Amy this quad, a straight front to straight front full does look like a place holder, and I suspect it is. Double pike to finish, and the new routine well appreciated by the audience. 13.500 (5.6D, 7.9E) and a bronze medal to take home as she continues the selection process for World Championships. Will we see her there? I believe so. Well done Amy, two AA competitions over two days for the first time in a long time.


Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 16.00.25

Apparatus Final Results 

I’ll add these in when I have all of them in full!

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  1. Do you think the low E score on beam is because they took off 2 full marks – one for the fall on apparatus when her hand touches the beam & another when she comes off?


  2. Have you seen the nominative list for GB’s worlds team- it’s Amy and Alice for AA, Georgia for bars and Claudia for bars and beam. This is likely the team!


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