Report, Results, Video: Paris World Cup.

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The final pre World Championships World Cup event, saw Georgia-Mae Fenton competing for the third time in three weeks, and Claudia Fragapane return for the first time since European Championships in April.

Saturday was qualifications day, Georgia competed on beam and bars this time. She did have a fall on her beam mount, but it was a new mount today,  an upgrade to the D value Yurchenko onto the end of the beam. I don’t have the full routine available, but The 0.1 penalty suggests she would have gone over time at the end. 11.750 (4.9D, 6.95E).
On bars she went safely through her exciting routine, nearly back to full difficulty now, going from  5.5 instead of a 5.8, but with both bar changes in again, just the Stalder shoot, and the full out to come back. 13.850 gave her third place in qualification, easily into the final.

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Claudia looked great, she competed on bars for the first time in a year, a short routine, and an efficient routine. I’m sure Claudia would likely agree that bars isn’t her strongest, or most favoured piece, she was on and off in eight skills, but still managing 0.3 in connection bonus. Whether she plans to add in more I don’t know, but for a gymnast who isn’t the strongest bar worker, the toe full to immediate double straight dismount is impressive. 12.900 (4.9D, 8.0E)
On beam she had that combination of confident and steady which you always hope to see, she wasn’t awarded full difficulty here, but the flick flick double pike dismount did make a return, and she went into the final in 5th with  13.250 (5.3D, 7.95E)
On floor, strong tumbling combined with everything she learned from Strictly made for a great routine, powerful, entertaining, and well received by the audience. Into the final in first place with 13.800 (5.5D, 8.3E)

Sunday meant finals, and for Georgia it wasn’t to be this time. She did make the complex Ricna half-Ezhova combination, then she then unfortunately came off on her Ricna later in the routine which of course pushed her score down and left her off the podium in 7th with 12.600 (4.700, 7.900). Beautiful lines as ever, and the high E score when taking the fall into account reflection of the quality of her work.

For Claudia an excellent day, and just the weekend she’d have hoped for before the team for Montreal is announced. Five routines, five hits, and two medals.

Starting on beam, she held her nerve well, hitting yet again. She could have had a bigger error or a fall on her standing full, but I admired the grit and determination to stand it up, and bring it back under control with minimal deduction. 5.6 in difficulty today rather that the 5.3 she got yesterday, and along with 7.6 in E score, 13.200 was enough to secure the bronze medal.

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On floor you can’t do any better than having the highest D and E scores, and that’s exactly what Claudia did. Strong tumbling including a stag jump out of her double straight which I don’t think we’ve seen from her before, then the homage to Strictly throughout her choreography where she incorporates many of the different genres of dance she learned this tine last year. 13.900 (5.6, 8.3), the gold medal, and I think it’s safe to say a ticket to Montreal where I very much look forward to seeing this routine on the world stage. She is a potential finalist, and potential medalist from her scores this year.

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Finals Results 

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Qualification Results 


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