Adrian Stan British Team Championships, Final World Championship Trial


A new event in the domestic calendar for this year, The Adrain Stan British Team Championships. Some may have noticed that the regular British Teams didn’t take place earlier in the year, it was replaced by this new event with a new format which enabled it to be a far larger competition again, reminiscent of what British Teams used to be, in fact even bigger, and therefore able to include many more clubs and gymnasts.

The competition was open to gymnasts of ten and over in the year of competition, so British Level 3 and older. Cubs could enter a maximum of two teams, and some did. The format was 5-4-3, so five in a team, four up on each piece, three scores count. Of course teams didn’t have to have five gymnasts, as long as they had three to count scores, that’s enough.

As well as an overall team champion, there were several options and category of team open for clubs to contest:

A team with with one or more senior gymnast in: This would be considered a senior team regardless of the age of the other team members.

A team with no senior gymnasts: This is considered a junior team.

A team with a gymnast in either development, junior, or senior British national squad: This would be considered a national squad team, there were junior and senior categories for national squad teams.

A team without a gymnast in British national development, junior, or senior squad: This would be considered a non national squad team, again there was a junior and senior category here.

There were also individual AA awards for each category, so plenty for the gymnasts to aim for!

Lets have a look at the winners


Overall British Team Champions

Congratulations to Park Wrekin, overall British Champions 2017. British senior squad members Ellesse Oates, Charlie Fellows, and Alice Kinsella were joined by Isabelle Yip, and British development squad member Isabella Wheeldon.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 22.36.12.png

Senior National Squad

 1   – 153.250 – Park Wrekin 1 
 2   – 150.700 – The Academy A
 3   – 143.000 – Leatherhead & Dorking
 4   – 138.750 – TNAG


No surprise at all that as overall winners, Park Wrekin were the senior squad category champions.  bronze medalists Leatherhead and Dorking with British senior Sophie Scott, British junior Megan Splain, joined by Izzy Hilliard, and Isabelle Lamb.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 21.55.09

Congratulations go to The Academy with British senior squad member Phoebe Turner, British junior squad members Amelie Morgan, Zoe Simmons, and Phoebe Jakubczky as well as Amelia Knight on their silver medal.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 22.48.23.png

Congratulations also to bronze medalists Leatherhead and Dorking with British senior Sophie Scott, British junior Megan Splain, joined by Izzy Hilliard, and Isabelle Lamb.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 22.34.44.png



Junior National Squad

1   – 144.500 – City Of Birmingham

2   – 136.250 – South Durham B

3   – 131.100 – Leeds

In the junior national squad category, City of Birmingham led by British junior Champion Taeja James took the title. Taeja was joined by Oriel Powell, Lucy Lewis, Sophia Cabrera, and British Development Squad member Sofia Meadows.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 23.00.45.png

Silver went to South Durham with British junior squad members Leah Greenland (Espoir) and Mia Scott (junior) joined by Mercedes Moore and Lydia-May Collins
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 23.07.41.png
Bronze went to Leeds Gymnastics club, English Espoir Champion and British junior squad member Shanna-Kae Grant joined by Poppy Wilkinson, Georgie King, Charlie Turner, and Lauren Billingham.
Senior Non National Squad

  1   – 143.850 – Furious 3 Harrow

  2   – 143.300 – Heathrow

  3   – 143.250 – DGC2K

  4   – 140.400 – City Of Glasgow

  5   – 137.200 – Cardiff Central A

  6   – 136.850 – City Of Newcastle

  7   – 135.850 – The Academy B

  8   – 135.800 – Garioch

  9   – 135.250 – Warrington

10   – 132.200 – Gymmagic

11   – 131.450 – South Durham A

12   – 131.050 – Purple Spectrum

13   – 128.950 – Dynamo A

14   – 123.750 – Rushmoor

15   – 121.950 – Colchester B

Congratulations go to Harrow, just three gymnasts on their team, and they managed to take the title here. Nicole Hibbert, Tomique Gibson, and Zoe Harris clearly competing very well to claim gold.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 23.16.21.png

Heathrow took the silver, congratulations to Chiara Bunce, Alia Leat, India Sale, Karis Jacomelli, and Polly Hitchings.
Bronze went to Emily Bremner, well done to Hayley Bell, Olivia Young, Rosa Holm-Huxley, and Sophia Ramzan of DGC2K.
Junior Non National Squad


  1   – 140.950 – Notts

  2   – 138.600 – City Of Manchester A

  3   – 136.550 – Huntingdon

  4   – 134.500 – Park Wrekin 2

  5   – 133.800 – Bristol Hawks

  6   – 133.500 – Berkhamsted

  7   – 131.500 – West Lothian

  8   – 130.250 – Pipers Vale

  9   – 129.550 – The Meapa

10   – 126.800 – Neath Afan

11   – 125.500 – Cardiff Central B

12   – 124.300 – Abingdon

13   – 123.450 – Sheffield

14   – 120.750 – Pink Spectrum

15   – 116.950 – Dynamo B

Congratulations to Notts gymnastics who took the title here with Christine Tse, Thea Dane, Ramiyah Kofi, Scarlett Williams, and Summer Rose Hill.
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 23.35.15.png
Silver went to City of Manchester, Synnove Macpherson, Ellee Cheetham, Abigail Coffey Ella Robinson, and Renne Pullin (who I have a feeling will be moving City of Manchester into the National squad category next year)
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 23.39.15.png
Bronze went to Huntingdon with Emilyse Birch, Saffron Belfon,  Teegan Barnes, and Teegan Milligan.
Individual Results
Individually, Charlie Fellows took the AA senior squad title with 53.100, Alice Kinsella silver with 52.750, and Phoebe Turner bronze with 49.100.
Nicole Hibbert took the non squad senior title, with 50.300, Norfolk’s Laura Cooke took silver with 48.800, and Sofia Ramzan bronze with 47.950.
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 23.48.23
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 23.48.34
In the junior squad category,  Taeja James took gold with 51.600, Amelie Morgan silver  with 49.75, and Zoe Simmons bronze with 49.700. Clearly not the absolute best day for the British junior stars, but still the likely finishing order you would have predicted before the competition.
Chiara Bunce took the non squad title with 48.900, Emily Bremner silver 47.800, and Nicole Coman bronze with 46.350.
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 23.47.20
Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 23.47.04
In the Espoir results, South Durham’s Leah Greenland topped the rankings with 46.450, followed by Norfolk’s Annie Young in silver with 43.550, and Leeds Shanna Kae Grant taking bronze despite having only competed on three pieces. Hopefully Shanna is ok, she’s a big talent, and a big challenger for the British Espoir title in December.
Ramiyah Kofi was actually the highest Espoir scorer of the day with 47.800 giving her the non squad title, Teegan Milligan was second with 46.850, and Alice Sumners third with 46.550.
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 00.09.11Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 00.09.28
In the under 12 category, two of the British development squad members were in action, with level 2 Amelie Douglas scoring 44.300, for gold, and level 3 Madison Morgan competing on three pieces for 31.850
In the non squad category Renne Pullin scored 46.100 for gold, Gabriella Williams 44.250 for silver, and Ivliana Ciausu 44.050 for bronze.
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 00.19.20.png
Finally, today also acted as a final chance to impress selectors for the upcoming World Championships in Montreal. Six gymnasts in all, results as follows:
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 00.36.21.png