2017 World Championships: Team Announcement




The 2017 World Gymnastics Championships begin on the 2nd of October in Montreal Canada. An individual World Championships this year, meaning that only four WAG may be selected. Congratulations to the following gymnasts who will represent Great Britain at the highest level of competition this year.

The line up will be interesting here, we know that Georgia will compete on bars, and only three gymnast may compete on each piece, so there can’t be three AA gymnasts. It will be Amy, then Claudia or Alice.

Amy Tinkler

3rd Year Senior
Club: South Essex
Coaches: Ross Falsetta, Scott Hann

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 19.45.20

Amy comes into the world championships on the back of a tough first half of the year where she dealt with a serious calf injury including surgery, but has been building back to full strength, and looking much more like her usual self over recent weeks . A senior World and Olympic medalist, a tough competitor, and a gymnast who rises to the big occasion, this will be Amy’s second world championships, having made her debut in 2015.

The Olympic bronze medalist on floor, at the recent Szombathely World Challenge Cup, Amy brought back both her big opening tumbles for the first time in 2017, the full twisting double straight, and the double double. With a 13.900 top score on this piece which she achieved this past weekend, Amy will be hoping to push for a place in the floor final, as well as the AA final where she could place well should she match or better her 55.35 from last weekend’s trial.



Claudia Fragapane

5th year senior
Club: Bristol Hawks
Coaches: Helen Potter, Rory Weavers


Claudia also had a quieter start to her year, returning just on beam and floor, but for me looking far cleaner, more poised and polished that we have previously seen her, which I have really enjoyed.  We did see her back on bars this last weekend in Paris, but are yet to see her vault in competition,  although she has been training her double twisting Yurchenko, so we may also see her go for the AA final in Montreal depending on the line up selection.

At the European Championships in April, Claudia qualified to the beam final, and also to the floor final with the second highest score just behind Ellie Downie. Claudia scored 14.00 on this piece at the English Championships, and most recently won the Paris World Cup floor title with 13.900. Obviously Claudia will also be pushing for a spot in the floor final, where her Strictly influenced floor will I’m sure be very popular with the Worldwide gymnastics fans.


Georgia-Mae Fenton

2nd Year Senior
Club: East London
Coach: Lorraine Atkinson

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 18.43.23

A huge step up for Georgia, in her second senior year she steps up onto the World Stage. Georgia to me is the gymnast who has quietly been improving, upping her difficulty, and has the potential to build into a strong AA gymnast over the next couple of years if her training upgrades are anything to go by. For now, it is her bars she is known for, and her bars she is selected for.

With her clean lines, strong swing, and particularly impressive Ricna half to Ezhova combination, Georgia brings high E scores to go with her difficult work which international judges and audiences will appreciate. Unfortunately this year has brought a string of injuries which have slowed her down, and it should be noted that Georgia has had more of a growth explosion than a growth spurt over the last year, going from the bottom of the GB height order lineup, to the top which can take time  to adjust to. Recent finger surgery slowed the amount of numbers she could put in to prepare for her World Cup events, but she has hopefully has enough time now to be ready to peak at the Championships, and hit to show what a great gymnast she is.


Alice Kinsella

1st Year Senior
Club: Park Wrekin
Coaches: Brett Ince, Christine Still

Alice Kinsella has been the breakout new senior this year, silver AA at the British Championships, and selection for the European Championships where she competed well to make the AA final and finish in 10th place even with a fall on bars. She has been in a transition period with upgrading her routines, we have seen some more difficult work from her earlier in the year when she added a double Arabian,  and a new release on bars, but more recently she has gone back to work she is completely secure with, keeping her focus on hitting these pieces. Alice did however upgrade her vault to the double twisting Yurchenko over the last two weeks, so has impressively upped her AA capabilities here.

I imagine we will see Alice competing for a spot in the AA final where her light, clean, controlled work could see her place well should she be at her very best.




6 thoughts on “2017 World Championships: Team Announcement

  1. I am so looking forward to worlds! Unfortunately with time zones and work patterns I don’t think I will be able to watch much of it live, so thank goodness for the internet!

    Do you know if there is a schedule posted anywhere of the competition?


    • It will depend.
      Nina Derwael of Belgium is also scheduled to compete at World Championships, and both Georgia and Nina use the skill. What happens in this situation is, both gymnasts will submit the skill prior to qualification, the round of qualifications the gymnast is in doesn’t matter, it comes down to whether it is successfully competed or not. Should only one successfully compete it, the skill will be named after them, should both gymnasts catch the skill, it won’t be named after either.
      This happened to Kelly Simm at the 2015 Glasgow World Championships, she submitted and successfully competed the inbar Stadler to piked Tkatchev, but so did Sophie Scheder of Germany, so the skill is in the code, but not named after other gymnast.


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