2017 British Age Group Championships Preview. Scores From Regional Voluntary Qualifiers.


The British Age Group Championships are to be held 04th – 05th November at the Guilford Spectrum. They are the national level championships for the youngest gymnasts in Great Britain following the elite path. The competition offers a chance to note potential names for future junior and senior national teams, it is also an opportunity for the gymnasts to impress national selectors, as girls from each age group will be named to the British National development squad and be invited to attend national training camps at Lilleshall through 2017.

The gymnasts will compete ‘In Age’ in three categories, Level 4 for 2008 born gymnasts turning nine within the year, Level three for 2007 born gymnasts turning ten within the year, and Level two for 2006 gymnasts turning eleven. There is no national age group final for level one gymnasts, as provided they have passed their compulsory 1, they are eligible for the British Espoir Championships taking place in a few weeks time.

A National Voluntary Champion will be crowned for each level, there will also be an Overall National Champion for each level combining the results from the National Compulsory Levels championships earlier in the year, and the voluntary championships results.

There are rules for each age group in terms of what can be performed, and what cannot. There are specific bonuses available, and certain uncoded elements allowed. There are also specific apparatus set ups for different levels. If you would like to know more about the exact rules for voluntary levels, please refer to my guide to the voluntary system here:


At level four and three, there is a team competition as well as individual. As with compulsory levels, the team is selected from the regional qualifying competitions. These are held in the autumn, and have to be identified as the official qualifier for national finals. The first four gymnasts from each regional qualification will represent their region at national finals, the fifth gymnast is the reserve.
Should a gymnast not qualify in the top four at the regional qualifier, for 2017 any gymnast scoring 47.00 or more at level four, and 46.00 or more at level three is still eligible to compete at National finals representing their club, providing they have a carry forward score from the National Compulsory finals.
Level two is not a team competition, and all gymnasts represent their club rather than their region. There is no regional qualification score required, only that gymnasts have passed compulsory 3.

As I guide to who may be scoring well at the weekend, I have compiled the regional scores from across the country for all three levels. Obviously these were all different competitions with different sets of judges, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Start lists are not up, so whereas this is list of those that finished top of their regions, there may of course have been changes to the actual competing teams.

I tried my best to track down the Yorkshire region scores, but no luck I’m afraid this time.

Level Four

Level four is our first chance to see this age group of girls competing voluntaries at national level.

The top eight from national compulsories earlier in the year are:

1. Shamismo Ndoro – London

2. Sonia Runcianu – South

3. Amelie Bowles – South

3. Rielle Sutherland – London

5.  Laura Szabo – West Midlands

6. Grace Wardley – East

7. Alice Takanami Baker – South

8. Ellen May Symonds – East

Top four gymnast plus fifth placed reserve gymnast from regional qualifiers are as follows, any gymnast in italics has also reached the qualification score of 47.00, and are entitled to compete as an individual, this does not necessarily mean we will see them at national finals, but they have qualified to be there.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 00.44.55
Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 00.45.11
Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 00.45.27

Level Three

Level three gives us a chance to see how those who did so well at level four last year are progressing.

Top eight from 2016 Level 4 national voluntary championships (number in brackets is the overall combined position)

1. Lilli-Clo Thorp Richens – South (2)

2. Sienna Goodwin – East (3)

3. Madison Morgan – South West (1)

4. Layla Starkie  – Pen y Bont (4)

5. Grace Davies – East (5)

6. Beatrice Hill  – East Midlands (6)

7. Alina Ciausu – East (16)

8. Casey Mcenteggaet – Europa (9)

Top eight Compulsory three gymnasts 2017:

1. Sienna Goodwin – East

2. Madison Morgan – South West

3. Sophie O’Flaherty – London

4. Casey Mcenteggaet – London

5. Summer Louise Nolan – South East

6. Alina Ciausu – East

7. Felicity Ayres – South West

8. Ruby Evans – Wales

Top four gymnasts plus fifth place reserve gymnast are as follows, any gymnast in italics has also reached the qualification score of 46.00, and is entitled to compete as an individual, this does not mean that every gymnast will, just that they have qualified to do so.
Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 00.49.50
Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 19.53.27
Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 00.50.25

Level 2

As I mentioned, level two gymnasts compete as individuals rather than teams, the top eight Level 3 voluntary gymnasts from 2016 were, their combined position in brackets :

Top eight from 2017 Level 3 national voluntary championships (number in brackets is the overall combined position)

1. Amelie Douglas– South West (8)

2. Jea Maracha – Wales (2)

3. Mali Morgan – Wales (12)

4. Hattie Moat – North West (5)

5. Isabelle Mardie  – Norfolk (7)

6. Sofia Micallef – Wales (40)

7. Amy Oliver – Valleys (6)

8. Poppy Stickler – Wales (15)

Top six Compulsory Level 2 gymnasts 2017:

1. Poppy Stickler – Capital Academy

2. Jea Maracha – Phoenix

3. Renee Pullin – City of Manchester

4. Hattie Moat – City of Manchester

5. Tomera Hendricks – Europa

6. Amelie Douglas – Bristol Hawks

7. Mail Morgan – Capital Academy

8. Amy Oliver Valleys

Please note, I do not know whether every one of these gymnasts has their pass at compulsory three from their regional qualifier earlier in the year, and are therefore eligible to compete at National Finals. I have also only included results from gymnasts that competed AA at regionals.

It is also worth noting that at this level gymnasts do not have to compete at the regional qualifiers, and not all regions hold qualifiers, so there are gymnasts not listed that I would expect to see at national finals as long as they are not injured.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 00.53.37
Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 00.53.53