2017 Olympic Hopes Cup Team/AA: Report, Results, Video.

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Day one of the 2017 Olympic Hopes today, and it was a case of another year, another great result for the young British team.

The team of first year juniors Amelie Morgan, Phoebe Jakubczyk, Sioned Thomas, and Paige Thomas, as well as second year Espoirs Annie Young and Halle Hilton started off on beam, so often the opening piece for British teams.

We weren’t shown Paige (12.300), Annie (11.450), or Phoebe (12.950) on beam, we saw the end of Halle’s routine only, where unfortunately she did touch the beam with her hand on her free cartwheel, she then recovered well, and finished with a double twist for 12.150.

Amelie we did see, and she began her routine with a brand new mount. We have recently seen the Yurchenko on from her has an upgrade, she’s now added a flick layout to the mount, so a nice D-B-C combination and 0.1 for the series bonus. What was also impressive here,  was that having come in off line from the flick and into the layout, Amelie pulled it right back into line while completing the series. I’ve seen her do this before, and this is what great beamers are made of, the ability to adjust and correct while in motion, so as to not only prevent a fall, but to minimise any errors. Another upgrade followed, the change to change half now has a Korbut flick added to the end, and yet another upgrade, free walkover to split jump full.
13.350, the highest beam score of the day, a very impressive opening piece for her.

We also saw Sioned Thomas in action. She started with a lovely punch front mount, then cat leap, change leap to free cartwheel. Flick tuck, then she fought hard on her side on straddle jump to get it back under control. Safely through the rest of her work, and finishing well with a straight front full. For me Sioned has a really lovely light touch to her beam work, and is growing in confidence as she competes. 12.550

On to floor, we missed Sioned (11.600) and Paige (12.00), although in the background we did see Sioned go for a new double front opening tumble, which she over rotated today, but still, a big opening skill for her. We also saw Paige with a double tuck, straight front to full twisting straight front, and a one and a half to punch front, clean and elegant work from her as ever.

We didn’t see Annie’s opening tumble, but she followed with a two and a half twist. She was clean through her leaps, came off the vertical axis on her double spin, but I as far as i can see kept her heel up. Tidy one and a half to punch front to finish, lively and entertaining throughout, good routine for 12.050

Halle’s opening tumble we also missed, she followed with a big clean double pike, then had some trouble on her final tumble the two and a half twist, where she needed a huge pace, and a step out to get it under control. Clean and extended through her leaps, then she does a change leap to a little chassé full into butterfly which I loved. A very expressive performance from Halle as we are used to seeing from her, such a different and enjoyable routine 11.700

Phoebe started her floor with a double wolf turn, then double pike opening tumble with a hop on landing. Really nice range through her leaps here, then one and a half to pike front. Cleanly landed double tuck to finish, good routine, and another enjoyable performance from her. Equal top scorer on the day with 12.950

Amelie the feed jumped about on unfortunately. She has a one and three quarter wolf turn, then two and a half to punch front. We then lost her for a little bit, then saw her come back with a huge double tuck, lost her again, and saw her double twisting straight front to finish. Good tumbling, a shame we missed most of her lovely leaps and expressive dance, but equal first with 12.950, we will see her back again tomorrow for the final.

Vault, unfortunately don’t have any video for you. The feed shot to Halle doing a nice full twisting Yurchenko, but I wasn’t quick enough to grab it. She also did a straight Yurchenko second vault. Amelie 13.500

Phoebe 13.500
Halle 13.350
Sioned 13.100
Annie 13.150
Paige 11.950

Finishing on bars, we didn’t see Halle (11.050) or Sioned (11.200). Annie started with toe on to blind in to a high straddled Jaeger. She was a little lose in the back as she dropped her shoot half onto the bar, but nothing drastic. Good counter rotation on the shoot to high bar, giant full, and a lovely full out to finish for 12.800, into the final as the third highest scorer.

Reigning British Espoir Champion on this piece, Paige was clean and stylish here. Toe on to Maloney, straight back to shoot half linked to Stalder to Stalder shoot to high bar. She didn’t quite get her timing right here on the transition, but dealt with it well, managing to keeping the routine moving. Blind in to big piked Jaeger caught on straight arms, swing half, giant full, then big clean double tuck to finish. 12.750, and into the UB final with room to up her score further.

Phoebe added a Geinger to her bars, which unfortunately came off the bar today. Nevertheless, she went big, bold and committed for the skill, no holding back, exactly what you want to see. She went through the rest of her routine cleanly, we didn’t see a bar change here, so I think the feed missed the start of the routine, as we usually see a Maloney to shoot half from her. 11.550.

Amelie finished a clean AA with Maloney to shoot half, shoot to high bar, blind inmate and a big new piked Jaeger. She hit her casts very well, swung well, and finished with what for her is a very easy looking double tuck which I think we’ll see upgraded again soon enough. 12.650

When everyone had finished competing, the GB team topped the standings, with Hungary in second, and the Czech  team taking bronze.

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  1. GBR 204.00
  2. HUN 201.65
  3. CZE1 186.65
  4. CZE2 178.45
  5. POL 177.55
  6. VIE 176.45
  7. RSA 165.05

Individually, Amelie moved up one place from her 2016 finish to take the  AA title with 52.450, and Phoebe took silver with 50.950 so a brilliant British result. Annie was 6th with 49.450, Paige 8th with 49.050, Sioned 11th with 48.450, and Halle 12th with 48.250.

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Vault, Amelie and Halle are into the final, Annie and Paige are into the UB final, Amelie and Phoebe into both the beam and floor finals.

Full Results 


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