2017 Olympic Hopes Apparatus Finals. Report, Results, Video.

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Day two of the Olympic Hopes Cup, and a full quota of apparatus final spots for the British WAG after their success yesterday.

I don’t have all of the scores at present, and no breakdown scores yet either, hopefully they will go up in the next few days.



Starting on vault, AA champion Amelie up first of the Brits, a lovely high clean full twisting Yurchenko to open, a small hop and step back on landing. Strong, extended,  open straight Yurchenko second vault, very easy for Amelie, and beautifully done. Typical overall clean performance from her, 13.425 average, and the silver medal.

Halle opened with what looks like a very easy full twisting Yurchenko for her. She barely pulls the twist in, and rotates fully. Not even entering the junior ranks until January, I’ll be very surprised if we don’t see a double from Halle before she’s senior in 2020.
Halle also vaulted a straight Yurchenko for her second vault, lovely vaulting from her, 13.275 Average and just out of the medals in 4th.

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Annie was first of the British girls up on bars. She went through well toe on to blind in to high straddled Jaeger. She did then have a short cast, and the following shoot half wasn’t as strong today, its difficult to tell from the angle, but she may not have got it awarded as finishing in handstand. Nice shoot back to high bar, giant full, and the big high full out she does so well. Not as highly scoring today, 12.100, and 5th place on the day.  Safely through in an international final, well done Annie.

Paige was clean and stylish as ever, the only real sticking point in the routine was the Stalder shoot to high bar again today. The rest was excellent, lovely cast to handstand, toe on, Maloney to shoot half to open. Stalder, then the Stalder shoot, her piked Jaeger high, clean, and caught on straight arms, lovely stuck double tuck to finish, and a well deserved bronze medal with 12.850.

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Phoebe went up first of the GB girls on beam, and what a beamer she’s turning in to. Keep your eye on her, she reminds me of Ruby, just quietly getting stronger and stronger, better and better, climbing the ranks. Flick to chest and mount, then the almost impossible, a wolf turn, or actually a double wolf turn that I enjoyed watching! I’ve made no secret of my hatred of wolf turns, I understand why everyone does them, they’re comparatively difficult to deduct, but my god we see some awful ones in the world of elite gymnastics. Well done Phoebe, clean, controlled, I can’t believe I’m saying elegant, but it was. The rest of the routine followed suit, free cartwheel, clean change to change half, flick layout with a tiny adjustment on landing. Split jump W jump, and a very clean one and a half twist to finish. 12.820, and a deserved beam champion.

For Amelie’s routine the feed joins after her mount. Unfortunately she did have a fall there today, unusual for her as she is a very solid beam worker, but the flick on linked to flick layout is a big combination, and its still very new. Cleanly through the also new change to change half into Korbut flick, then the third upgrade, the free walkover to split full, she had a slight pause, and the jump went three quarters round with a big wobble, but she dealt with well. Free cartwheel, double twist dismount, and no not her best, but Amelie not at her best is still very good.  Poised, flowing, sharp work 4th place for Amelie today.

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Finally on to floor, and I could blame it on the feed, but I’d been sat at my computer since  one, hadn’t had any lunch, it was half three and I went to my kitchen thinking I had plenty of time, but just didn’t and missed filming Amelie’s opening tumble. I did see it though, a very well executed two and a half twist to punch front. The rest of the routine I have, double tuck with a controlled pace, then really beautiful change to ring, through to change half. Double twisting straight front linked to stag leap, split jump full, and Amelie’s competition was done. Beautifully expressive dance performed with commitment, a very well deserved floor champion, and a third gold for Amelie with 12.620

The final GB WAG performance went to Phoebe, and her well presented, entertaining routine. Double pike with a hop back to open, change half, then a dance passage of change through to split leap full. One and a half through to pike front, double tuck with a tiny pace, strong routine for 12.050, I’m not entirely sure where she lost 0.9 on yesterday’s score to be honest looking at both routines, she did have a 0.3 penalty, perhaps landing out of bounds on the double pike, but I can’t see the line well enough.  That’s the score that came up though, and a bronze for Phoebe today to finish a very successful competition for her.

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So that’s the competition for another year, the girls will go back to the gym now, Annie and Halle we’ll see in a few weeks as they battle for the British Espoir Championships, Paige and Sioned we will see contest the Welsh junior Champnships, and Amelie and Phoebe we will see next year as all of these talented young gymnasts work towards junior European selection.

Team gold, AA gold and silver, vault silver, bars bronze, beam gold, floor gold and bronze. Well done gymnasts and coaches, a great result.

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4 thoughts on “2017 Olympic Hopes Apparatus Finals. Report, Results, Video.

    • The MAG also did very well:

      Team gold by 20 points

      Pavel Karenjenko Gold AA
      Adam Tobin silver AA
      Raekwan Baptiste bronze AA
      Sam Mostowfi 4th AA
      Matthew Boardman 6th AA
      Korben Fellows didn’t compete AA here

      Adam Tobin – Bronze
      Matthew Boardman – 4th

      Korben Fellows – Gold
      Raekwan Baptiste – 5th

      Adam Tobin – Gold
      Raekwan Baptiste 4th

      Sam Mostowfi – Gold
      Pavel Karenjenko – Bronze

      Raekwan Baptiste – Silver
      Pavel Karenjenko – 6th

      Matthew Boardman – Gold
      Pavel Karenjenko – 4th


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