Information, Preview, Start List. 2017 British Espoir Championships.


British Espoir Champions for the last five years, Catherine Lyons 2012 (and 2013 when there were two British Espoir Championships), Georgia Mae Fenton 2013,  Maisie Methuen 2014,  Jolie Ruckley 2015, Halle Hilton 2016.

The British Espoir Championships will take place this coming weekend at the Surrey Sports Park Guilford. The AA competition is on Saturday 2nd, with the Apparatus Finals on Sunday 3rd.

Saturday 2nd December AA Competition

Subdivision 1

Doors Open 15:20
Warm Up 15:10 – 16:25
Competition 16:35 – 18:15

Subdivision 2

Warm Up 17:55 – 19:15
Competition 19:25 – 21:55

Sunday 3rd December Apparatus Finals

Doors Open 10:00
Warm Up 10:45 – 12:00
Competition 12:10 – 14:30

Tickets can be purchased in advance at a discounted rate online from GYMSHOP:

Online ticket prices:
Day passes Adults £10.00, Concession* £7.50, Family (2+2) £30.00
Weekend passes Adult £17.50, Concession* £12.00, Family (2+2) £45.00

Tickets can be also be purchased on the day at full price at Surrey Sports Park.

On the day ticket prices:
Day passes Adults £13.00, Concession* £10.00, Family (2+2) £40.00
Weekend passes Adults £23.00, Concession* £16.00, Family (2+2) £60.00

*Concession for under 16s & Over 65s

This competition is for the top twelve and thirteen year old gymnasts in the country, for this year’s competition, gymnasts born in 2004 and 2005 will be eligible. It is the first national level championships for those coming out of the age group system, and for those that have finished compulsories. It is also the first year that gymnasts will compete at this level in a mixed age category, some will have already had experience of this at the English back in April.

Gymnasts qualify to compete at this level one of two ways, either by passing Compulsory 1, or achieving a score of 45.00 or more AA at the Challenge Cup back in October. There are gymnasts from both routes competing.

Gymnasts compete under the FIG junior code of points, with extra GBR bonus and specific penalties applied. Bonus is only awarded for successful performance of the skill/combination as per FIG requirements.

Specific Allowances, Apparatus Bonus/Penalty


For apparatus finals two different vaults may be from the same group, as long as different number.

Open tuck Yurchenko 3.5D
Open tuck Tsukahara 3.7D

GB Bonus: 0.3 If two different vaults from same group with salto
0.7 If two different groups with salto


1.0 GBR penalty for not showing a minimum of 1 cast to handstand without ½ turn (straddle permitted).
0.5 Full pirouette to fail by <30°

There is no deduction for an upstart after a Shap.

A coach (holding the relevant BG qualification) must stand in for all releases and D dismounts and above. Failure to do so will result in the element not being credited DV or CR.

Barred Elements: Dismounts higher than D.

Salto forward with 360°/720° turn

Single salto backward with 180°/540°/900°turn

Dismounts No. 6.407, 6.408, which are the Arabian double dismounts are of D value, but also barred.


0.2 – Cast to handstand with half turn if half turn is before vertical
0.2 – Double tuck salto backwards if hands not touching legs
0.2 – Double pike
0.2 – Stuck D dismount
0.3 – 3x different root skills
0.5 – Clear pike sole circle to min 45°
0.5 – Invert and invert half
0.5 – For permitted D dismount – awarded in addition to the 0.5 for fulfilling the dismount CR.2016


1.0 GBR penalty for not showing minimum 1 x 180o split (cross or side split) in leap/jump elements.


0.2 – D or above salto/ariel performed in series with coded dance element.
0.2 – Any series min B+B+C (+FIG 0.1)
0.2 – Stuck D dismount
0.5 – Double Spin.
0.5 – D or above dismount

Bonus only awarded within time limit.


1.0 – GBR penalty for not showing minimum 1 x 180o split (cross or side split) in leap/jump elements.
If less than 3 acro lines are performed the gymnast will receive a penalty of 2.00.

Barred Element: Double front somersault, Double Arabian.


0.2 bonus 1 x acrobatic line (2 x different saltos in direct connection) including C salto.
0.2 – 1x acrobatic line (2 different saltos in direct connection including C salto.
0.2 – 2x different saltos with direct connection D+A or more difficult. D salto must contain long axis turn. (+FIG 0.1)
0.2 – 3x C or above dance elements
0.2 – All landings stuck from D saltos
0.3 – If routine has 4 acre lines each containing 1 minimum C value element.

For 2017 we have many of the top top Espoirs from 2016 returning, with three first years in the top six AA last year. Reigning Champion Halle Hilton of South Essex, fourth placed Leah Greenland of South Durham, and fifth placed Annie Young  of Norfolk Academy are all listed to compete. All have become GB junior internationals this year, and all will be looking to finish on the podium. Shanna-Kae Grant of Leeds didn’t have a good Espoir AA last year, but so obviously had such enormous potential, that it was no surprise to see her take the English Espoir title back in April. She too is now a GB international, and will join the fight for a podium finish.
Joining these girls will be several 2017 GB development squad members new to the Espoir ranks this year. Emma Atkin of Norfolk Academy, Ellie Gargett of South Essex, China Mattis of East London, Sofia Meadows of City of Birmingham, Maddie Roberts of Greenwich Royals, and Isabella Wheeldon of Park Wrekin.

There are too many talented gymnasts heading to this competition to name them all, and as ever I am very much looking forward to seeing all of the routines, and how everyone gets on. Espoirs at times works out pretty much the way you expect it to, and at others it completely surprises.

Good luck to all of the gymnasts, to get to this level is a huge accomplishment, enjoy, and have a great competition.

Start Lists

Subdivision 1

Starting on Vault

Lucy Lewis – City of Birmingham
Montana Leith-Mulley – City of Birmingham
Sofia Meadows – City of Birmingham
Sophia Cabrera – City of Birmingham
Emily Roper – Pipers Vale
Maisie Squire – Pipers Vale

Starting on Bars

Annie Young – Norfolk Academy
Emma Atkin – Norfolk Academy
Lily Tranfield – Norfolk Academy
Emilyse Birch – Huntingdon
Saffron Belfon – Huntingdon
Teegan Milliagan – Huntngdon

Starting on Beam

Isabella Wheeldon – Park Wrekin
Isabelle Yip – Park Wrekin
Kitty Scholes-Price – Park Wrekin
Lexie-Mae Neal – Abingdon
Lili-Mae Snuggs – Abingdon
Madeleine Roberts – Greenwich Royals

Starting on Floor

Anna Hollins – City of Glasgow
Crystelle Lake – City of Glasgow
Jessica Wright – City of Glasgow
Millie Mary Martha Redford – City of Glasgow
Rebecca Quinn – City of Glasgow
Taylor Richardson – City of Glasgow

Starting on Rest

Leah Greenland – South Durham
Lydia-May Collins – South Durham
Abby Meadow – Appley Bridge
Nikita Peprah – Appley Bridge
Alia Leat – Heathrow
Leila Bennadi – Heathrow

Subdivision 2

Starting on Vault 

Ellie Gargett – South Essex
Halle Hilton – South Essex
Emily Edge – Bristol Hawks
Roxanne Price – Bristol Hawks
Ruby Stacy – Plymouth Swallows
Darcy Fae Chesters – Warrington

Starting on Bars

Abigail Duckworth – Gymmagic
Keira Thornton – Gymmagic
Ramiyah Kofi – Notts
Summer Rose Hill – Notts
Lillana Moring – Sapphire
Ondine Achampong – Sapphire

Starting on Beam

Alice Sumners – The Academy
Chloe Weston – Swansea
Caitlin Saunders – Marriots
Olivia Gauregui – Capital Academy
Lara Thornton – Phoenix
Shannon Baker – The Meapa

Starting on Floor

Jessica Gadirova – Aylesbury
Emer Hancock – City of Worcester
Honor Rouse – Harrogate
Ellen Armstrong – City of Liverpool
Lauren Sims – City of Liverpool
Gabriella Connolly – Berkhamsted

Starting on Rest

China Mattis – East London
Samanta Katkevica – East London
Shanna-Kae Grant – Leeds
Amira Hojeij – Tolworth

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